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Bis Certification

BIS-Certified Water Purifiers–Why it matters?

dateJan 03, 2024
timeReading Time: 9 Minutes

The Bureau of Indian Standards, the national organization for standardization and grading in India, offers BIS cert...

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Bis Certification

BIS Certification for Nuts And Bolts

dateSep 01, 2023
timeReading Time: 8 Minutes

The Indian economy is the fastest-growing in the world and possesses the qualities needed to compete with the bigge...

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BIS Registration

BIS Certification for Cotton Bales: Ensuring Quality and Compliance

dateJun 28, 2023
timeReading Time: 12 Minutes

In the global textile industry, cotton is one of the most widely used natural fibers. The quality of cotton plays a...

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BIS Registration

BIS Certification for High Ankle Tactical Boots with Pu Rubber Sole

dateFeb 27, 2023
timeReading Time: 4 Minutes

BIS Certification is mandatory for products that fall under the “Compulsory registration scheme”.  It also enc...

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Music License
BIS Registration

What is BIS Certification in India?

dateFeb 05, 2020
timeReading Time: 3 Minutes

BIS certification is one of the largest schemes in the world. Bureau of Indian Standard, the National Standard body...

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BIS Registration

How to Obtain BIS Certification in India?

dateDec 20, 2019
timeReading Time: 6 Minutes

Every product requires an authenticity mark to legitimize its purity. You must have seen in advertisements that the...

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