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Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

Procedure for EPF Registration – A Step by Step Guide

The Indian government will continue to pay employee and employer contribution towards EPF account of employees for the month of August. The scheme has been rolled out for the benefits the enterprise holding up 100 employees, where 90% of the workforce avails the monthly salary less than INR 15,000/. The contribution rate is still poised […]

Know the Procedure for availing Shop and Establishment License

Anybody who owns a shop for commercial purposes needs to avail shop and establishment license in their respective states. The period of 30 days is allowed by the authority to complete the registration process from the commencement of business. The applicant who seeks such a license must furnish the application for the same along with […]

Advantages of EPF Registration that worth your attention

EPF is a sort of secure investment that benefits the individual in the longer run. It typically supports the salaried class category who often struggle to procure ample fund for their post-retirement life. If you haven’t been registered to EPF yet, then probably you are making a big mistake. In this blog, you will become […]

How to avail new FFMC license: Step by step guide

There are many individuals out there who want to engage with the forex trading business for plenty of reasons. The authorized money exchanger, aka AMC, is an RBI-driven entity that provides currency conversion services to the individual coming from abroad. These entities worked under the influence of RBI-guidelines and treated as an FFMC license holder. […]

5 Actionable Strategies to secure your finances amid COVID-19

The financial year 2020 started with an outbreak of COVID 19 that hampered the world economy to a great deal. Due to this pandemic, millions of professionals have been lost their job or routed back home on unpaid leave. By this time, at least one thing has been cleared to all of us that we […]

An Outlook on Revocation of FFMC License

FFMCs are the RBI-approved entities that conduct money changing activities in India. Their job is to purchase foreign exchange from the individuals visiting the country and sell it for specific purposes, such as converting foreign currency into Indian rupees and vice versa. No person shall conduct forex trading activities without a valid FFMC license issued […]

Guide on Objectives behind allowing FFMCs Business

Overseas individuals, tourists who come to India, often struggle to support their financial activities due to inadequate funds. And the funds they possess are of no use unless it is being converted in the Indian currency. And that’s where the FFMC comes into the play. They are the only registered entity in India who can […]

A Deep insight on Stamp Duty on LLP Agreement

This article will brief you on everything about LLP Agreement & Stamp Duty Rates across India. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a separate legal entity that operates under the provisions of the law. Due to legal status, LLP can sue or can be sued by others. During the LLP registration process, the partners/applicant comes across […]

An Outlook on Benefits, Types and Procedure of FFMC License

FFMC License is reserved for those entities that deal with activities of forex trading. The RBI governs the money changing activities in the country and regulates FFMC License. As per section 10 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, the money-changing activities are limited to the authorized entities governed by the regulation of RBI. Here […]

A Complete Overview of LLP Registration for Foreign Directors

A private limited company remains the top choice for most of the NRIs and non-resident Indians who intend to make an investment in India. Private limited companies encourage 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) via automatic route for different sectors. Even though the incorporation cost of a private limited company is significantly lower than LLPs, dealing […]

Documents Required for Society Registration in India

Society is an alliance of volunteers that works for a charitable cause. Societies were usually set up and registered for the upliftment of charitable activities such as culture, sports, education, art, music, etc. These societies typically operate as per the procedures given under the Society Registration Act. Thus, this act is a legal body that […]

A Complete Guide on Annual Filings for Limited Liability Partnership

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) must ensure the periodic filing of the tax return to avert penalties and ensure compliance with the law. Unlike a private limited company, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is less vulnerable to stringent compliances. However, it doesn’t give the implication that LLP has no obligation to address. In case of violation, […]

Know the Advantages offered by Society Registration

A society is a group of enthusiastic volunteers that acts jointly for the charitable cause. Society is built to develop knowledge of the specific community and works for the upliftment of various fields such as fine arts, science, and literature. Apart from that, Society also serves the following purpose: Founding libraries where it is required. […]

Minimum Alternate Tax: Things you need to know

Minimum Alternate Tax comes under the Indirect Tax category. MAT was deployed by the government to control the organization’s urge to make a high profit by averting tax liabilities due to any exclusion. There are several types of taxes in our taxation system applicable to individuals and companies. The Indian government is putting their best […]