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Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

How to Download GST Registration Certificate?

GST Certificate is a must-have requirement for every taxpayer that comes under the provisions of the GST Act. As soon as the GST registration is availed, the taxpayer needs to display it on their office premises from where he/she is conducting its business activities. Downloading a GST certificate isn’t a tedious task at all. In […]

A Complete Overview on GST Registration for Service Tax Holder

A taxable person under GST is a person involved in business activities in India and is registered under the GST Act. Any individual involved in the trading of taxable goods and services is treated as a taxable person. Here the term “person” refers to a company, AOP/BOI, HUF, individuals, or a government-based corporation. Entities required […]

Step by step guide on how to check GST Registration Status

The advent of the online portal has made the GST filing procedure easier and seamless. Those looking to migrate to this tax reform should mandatorily opt for GST registration in the first place. To serve this purpose, the taxpayer needs to fill up the online application on the GST portal. The submission of such an […]

Know how Taxpayers can cancel GST Registration!

Cancellation of GST registration isn’t a daunting task anymore for the applicant, as the online GST portal gets the job done in a few clicks via newly embedded features. GST bought vast improvements over the old tax regime. The implementation of GST discouraged tax leakage and sorted out the complexities of the previous tax reform. […]

GST online Registration Process: A Complete Guide

In the absence of GST registration, the supply of goods and services lures substantial penalties. Being registered under GST, means that you are eligible for collecting taxes from the customers. Thus, if you wish to avoid penalties, you need to get registered under GST as soon as possible. This blog will provide all the necessary […]

Actionable Strategies to avoid GST Registration

GST or Good and Service Tax are a consumption-based tax levied on the supply of goods and services. Moreover, GST is also known as a multi-stage tax that is charged at every stage production chain, i.e., from raw material purchase to the sale of the product. GST is a destination-based tax levied at the stage […]

A complete overview of GST Registration for Service Providers

The more complexities have been squeezed out from the GST rules for registration in the 23rd GST Council Meeting. This blog will render detailed information concerning the turnover limit for service providers to obtain GST registration and the penalties. Turnover Limit concerning Service Providers Like other business categories, all the service providers must obtain GST […]

Step by Step Guide to Change GST Registration Details

In this article, we will provide the step by step guide to change or update GST Registration details. Human-errors are apparent even with the less technical tasks, and GST registration is no different here. There are instances when a taxpayer makes a mistake while entering their info for GST Registration. Thanks to the updated GST […]

How NGO and CBO differ from each other?

NGO stands for a non-governmental organization, aka non-profit organization. Meanwhile, CBO is an acronym for community-based organizations. They work on the identical ground and share a common motive- the welfare of society and the people. The world has been plagued with a string of problems w.r.t social, economic, spiritual, and emotional. These organizations support the […]

GST Registration Documents: A Complete Checklist

A taxpayer seeking GST registration implies obtaining GSTIN from the relevant authority to collect tax and avail tax credit on his inward supplies. In this article, we will provide every bit of detail regarding documents required for GST registration. GSTIN, aka GST registration number, is a unique 15-digit number furnished by the tax authorities to […]

An Outlook on Registration Mistakes made by Startups

Whether it’s a question of attending an important meeting or completing a vital project, every employee needs to complete all the tasks on a predetermined time to ensure 100% efficacy. Violating such a requirement either kick you out of a job or left you baffled and unsatisfied. Setting up a business is still a dream […]

What are the Roles, Scope & Differences in SHG and NGO?

NGO and SHG are the types of organizations that take stand for people’s rights. An NGO carried out its operation on a broader spectrum, whereas SHG serves the society on a small level. Every system and society is afflicted with certain flaws, and these organizations take the initiative to mend them with proactive strategies. NGO […]

Public Limited Company: Documents and Registration Process

A public limited company is a pool of volunteers that can be formed by seven or more persons. It follows separate legal protocols apart from its members—a minimum of seven members required to establish a public limited company. However, when it comes to maximum bandwidth, there is no limit to that. This blog cum guide […]

A Guide on GST Benefits for Small Businesses & Start-ups

GST was implemented in the country to alter the complicated tax framework. India’s government rolled out this tax provision with a slogan of “One Nation One Tax” to make the compliance procedure more transparent, seamless, and intuitive. This article pays attention to GST’s brighter aspects and briefs you about the benefits it offers to Start-ups […]