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Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj Tyagi
About Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

What is the Process of AIF Registration in India?

The term ‘alternative investment fund’ (aka AIF) regarded as a vehicle established  for raising fund from multiple investors with an end goal to invest these funds into assets for the sake of high return. In a laymen term, an AIF is regarded as an investment that differs from traditional investment avenues.  In this blog we […]

What are the Legal Obligations for Running a Food Delivery Application in India?

Food Delivery Application is gaining popularity in the Indian market due to its widespread reach and unparallel convenience. The popularity of these platforms is increasing every passing day, which allows more start-ups to step into this business domain. As the name suggests, Food delivery application works on an online channel that allows customers to place […]

Impact of NBFC on the Vehicle and Housing Loan Sector in Recent Times

In the past few years, the Indian economy has encountered innumerable banking frauds done by bigger organizations, which in turn creates the liquidity crunch in the financial sector. The government has continued to tighten the existing compliances to curb such fraudulent activities. However, that measure has hindered the ability of financial houses to grant easy […]

Growth of Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) in an Indian Perspective

Alternative Investment funds (AIF) in India are witnessing exponential growth since their inception in 2012. The number of investors in this sector is increasing every passing day. In this article, we would unfold some facts regarding the growth of Alternative Investment funds from India’s perspective. An Overview of the Growth of Alternative Investment Funds in […]

Shop and Commercial Establishment Registration: Everything You Need to Know

A Shops and Commercial Establishment registration renders a legal platform for the businesses to work in a specific state & to open a current bank account. Countering legal obligations[1] such as periodic inspection become considerably easier after obtaining this certification. In short, a shop or establishment registration can ensure the well-being of your business from […]

Factors You Need to Analyze for Selecting the Right Business Structure

One has to follow a long to-do list to set up a new business entity. As you gain control over the business part, we would like to shed some light on one crucial aspect i.e. selecting the right business structure.   Selecting the right structure from various forms can be an intimidating task for anyone. But […]

Legal Obligations Related To the Director’s Removal in a Company

In view of the Company Act, a shareholder holds the right to remove the director from an organization before the expiration of his/her tenure, except appointed by the Central Government. Removal needs filing of same with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), RoC examines every removal with utmost care. An organization might, by ordinary resolution, remove […]

Factorizing the Current Scenario Underlining the Trends & Investments in NBFCs

NBFC is a growth-oriented sector that contributes heavily to the country’s growth. But in the past few years, this sector has encountered plenty of challenges owing to tight government compliance and evolving technology. In this blog, we will unfold some fact, given the current scenario regarding trends and investments in NBFCs. A Generalized Overview on […]

Do you Know the Cost of Registering a Company of Your Choice?

The cost of registering a company in India depends on various factors. One of the primary factors is the authorized share capital with which you want to register your company. If you wish to register your entity with fewer requirements, then the registration cost will be less. The cost of the company registration tends to escalate […]

NBFC DSA Registration: Documentation and Process for becoming Direct Selling Agent

The term “NBFC DSA Registration” implies the registration of an individual who undertakes tasks as a referral agent for banks and NBFCs. However, in rural areas, these personals are being regarded as Business Correspondent. The primary job of a Direct Selling Agent is to identify the potential clients for NBFCs or Banks they represent. Moreover, […]

Important Aspect of ISO Certification that Every Manufacturer Needs to Remember

In manufacturing, quality control plays a crucial role in maintaining a proper & successful operation. When it deteriorates, the goods or products tend to show it. Consequently, this would lead to the deterioration of the customer base and the company’s reputation in the target market. It also hampers those consumers’ needs because the goods you […]

How to Sell a Registered Trademark via Trademark Assignment?

Yes, anybody can sell the registered trademark via Trademark Assignment. However, such actions are subjected to certain legal process, and in this blog, we will going to discuss the same. The 21st century was started in the age of globalization and technological evolution. There is no denying that entrepreneurs in the current era finding it […]

A Complete Overview on the Types of Directors in the Privately held Organization

Privately held companies are being referred to as an independent legal entity. The director looks into the matter of these companies by managing all the imperative dimensions. In addition to that, the director is liable to keep the company in line with the existing compliances; the Board of Directors (BOD) represents the private limited company. […]

An Outlook on Director’s Liability in the Privately Held Organization

The Director in the Private Limited company primarily handles the internal and external matters that affect the entity in one way another. As per the legal framework, when an incorporation certificate is awarded to the company it transforms into a legal entity. It possesses a distinctive identity when compared to its owners, members, and shareholders. […]

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