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Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj Tyagi
About Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

Corporate Logos on Face Masks: An Effective Brand Approach

A Corporate logo is an identity to a business, and it helps in garnering a new customer base. Apart from that, it also communicates the values and purpose of a business to the target consumers. A strong logo can ensure the widespread reach for a company in a given market. The COVID 19 has pushed […]

Validity of FSSAI License: Everything you Need to Know

FSSAI is the government-driven entity that issues licenses to food business operators across this country. It ensures that food items that are accessible to the public domain are contamination-free and completely safe. Food business entities cannot carry out their business activities without an FSSAI license. In this article, we shall look at the validity of FSSAI […]

RBI Proposed to Revamp NBFCs Regulatory Framework

With some NBFCs witnessing systematic upscaling over the years due to their network, size, and complexity, the Reserve bank of India has sought to examine their regulatory framework via a scale-based approach. On Jan 22, 2021, RBI came up with a discussion paper related to the regulatory framework for NBFCs that emphasize the bucketing of […]

Jaivik Bharat Logo: All You Need To Know

The Indian marketplace is stuffed with new organic products coming up on a daily basis. With the increase in demand and production of these products, the product’s genuineness and quality have become a severe matter of concern for everyone. Considering the severity of the situation, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) launched […]

Government Relaxes Provisions for OPC in Budget 2021

In the past few years, the legal paradigm of one-person companies has helped several startups and persons looking for quick incorporation. But, bigger enterprises and starts up restrain by the restrictive definition of OPC. With the introduction of Budget 2021, the Indian Government has made an effort to incentivize these entities to thrive and retain […]

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Manufacturing Accounting Services?

There are several aspects of a manufacturing business that can be outsourced for improved productivity and efficacy. Manufacturing accounting services is one such area that seeks expert supervision and the utmost care from start to finish. Corporate establishments have changed their approach when it comes to managing business activities. Economical Solutions & Methodical Functions in […]

Know all PSARA License Requirements before Opening a Private Security Firm

The private security sector has witnessed significant growth in past years owing to the growing demand of the corporate sector. It is also creating ample job opportunities in our country. The private securities act as extended arms of law enforcement agencies and help relieve police forces from non-essential duties to focus on core areas. To […]

Rectification of the Company’s Name: Step by Step Process

Changes are inherent, and there is no way one can avoid them. The company name change isn’t a straightforward process, and it seeks a cautious approach. Companies usually go for name modification when they think that the prevailing name no longer fits with Company’s objectives. The Memorandum of Association, aka MOA of a company, contains […]

Startup India Seed Fund Scheme: Objectives, Guidelines, and Eligibility Criteria

Easy availability of funding is imperative for startups at the early stages of growth. Funding from venture capital or angel investors is accessible to startups only after the proof of the business concept. Likewise, banks provide credits only to asset-backed up applicants. It is imperative to facilitate seed funding to startups with a unique idea […]

BIS License for Toys- Everything you Need to Know!

Toys are a perfect source of amusement for children as they keep them entertained and engaged for hours. It is, hence, imperative that we stay watchful and purchase only safe toys. According to the National Safe Kids Program data, around 100,000 children cared for toy-related accidents in hospitals last year. To promote public safety, the […]

Export Flowers to Singapore: Guide for Indian Entrepreneurs

Singapore imports a wide range of products, both industrial & agricultural, from different nations, as it suffers from a scarcity of natural resources. The trade relationship between India & Singapore has reached a new height in the past few years, with India contributing significantly to their agricultural imports. Presently, Singapore imports about 80% of its […]

How to Apply for Transfer of Food License/Registration?

A food license is a mandatory requirement for a business that serves edible or food items to the end-users. Selling edible items to consumers without this license is an offense in India. FSSAI has provided FBOs with a long list of guidelines regarding the safety and hygiene of the food items. Food businesses with FSSAI […]

Know the Difference between Shareholder Agreement & Share Purchase Agreement

Do you often get confused between the term shareholder agreement and share purchase agreement? The agreement which is entered between the organization and the shareholders outlining the obligations right is regarded as the Shareholder’s Agreement. Shareholder’s agreement is primarily entered to rectify the disputes that occurred between the company and the Shareholder. Meanwhile, the Share […]

Export Agarbatti from India: A Detailed Guide

People around the world use aggarbatti (aka Incense stick) to serve different purposes. Some people use it to repel the insect; others use it for religious purposes or lit them up to spread fragrance. The major demand for the Incense stick comes from the South Asian Nations. The consumption of these products is rapidly increasing […]

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