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Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj Tyagi
About Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

Fintech Laws in India: Everything You Need to Know

The term “Fintech” is a combination of two vital facets of business- Finance & Technology. Fintech is a technology-cum solution that has proven its worth in the banking sector by improving its core functionality. And now it has stretched its footprint over other sectors such as insurance, payment gateway, asset management, and so on. It […]

How to Setup a Profitable Food Packaging Business in India?

There are good numbers of people out there who prefer quality over anything else when it comes to buying packaged foods. Packages are the potential indicator of the quality because they enclose vital details like the composition of ingredients and preservatives. People do check these parameters before making payment for a particular packaged food. Mediocre […]

A Beginner’s Guide to obtain a Wine Shop License in India

If you intend to sell alcohol-based beverages such as wine, whisky, rum, or beer in India then you would require a liquor license for that. Liquor is usually available in clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, discos, and pubs. Henceforth, a liquor license is a must-have requirement to open such establishments in India. Legally, it’s an offense to sell […]

Know how to Avail Shop & Establishment Registration in Punjab

Every commercial establishment in India must have Shop & Establishment Registration in place before commencing business activities. The said license is named differently in a different state, so don’t get confused by the terms like trade license or Shop Act license because they are all same. The provisions for shop and establishment registration differ state-wise. […]

A Viable Approach to Set-up Food Manufacturing Business in India

On a global scale, India has secured the sixth position in the food and grocery market and fifth position in the retail market. The food manufacturing business is thriving like never before and it is a good time a make an early investment. Food is one of those commodities that never encounter negative demand. As […]

5 Trending Ideas to Start a Food Business with Low Investment

The food business is one of the most profitable business niches around the world. The demand for food items more or less stays positive, even in adverse times. Now, this opens the door of opportunities for start-ups who are willing to make a mark in the food business domain. Most start-ups think that setting up […]

Shop & Establishment License In Tamil Nadu: A Complete Guide

The Tamil Nadu Shop and Establishment Act administers the functioning of companies in Tamil Nadu. The State Department of Labour grants Shop and Establishment licenses to the eligible entities. It’s worth noting that for MSMEs and small-scale industries, this license act as legit evidence of existence. Given below is a detailed guide for obtaining Shop […]

Shop and Establishment Licence In Telangana: Here’s How to Get One

Are you about to open a shopping outlet or a grand amusement park? If so, then you will need to get registered under the Shop and Establishment Act. Carrying out the business operation without this license would compel you to encounter heavy penalties as under the law. This blog will guide you on how to […]

Basics of intellectual property rights: Explained

When we think of the general paradigm of property, the first thing that pops up in our mind is physical possessions such as houses and automobiles. In modern society, though, the meaning of property goes beyond what we can see and touch. Technically, physical possessions are referred to as tangible property, something that we can […]

Trademark Classes in India: A Brief Outlook

A trademark is a form of IPR i.e. intellectual property right that facilitates exclusive rights to the owner over the name, logo, or design. Thus, trademark registration is vital to building a brand for your firm. This write-up will walk you through the different types of trademark classes as well as the benefits of having […]

How To Apply For Shop And Establishment License In Ahmedabad?

Every business journey in India starts with obtaining basic licenses, and a shop act license is one of them.  A Shop and Establishment License is an absolute mandate for establishments like supermarkets, theatres, hotels, retail shops, and so on. Commencing a business without this License could compel the owners to encounter heavy penalties. In this […]

Types of Food Safety Mitra Introduced by FSSAI: Explained

Being an apex government institution, FSSAI plays an imminent role when it comes to food safety and hygiene. Up till now, FSSAI has underpinned innumerable guidelines regarding food safety for increasing the accountability of FBOs toward public health. In recent time FSSAI introduced a brand new scheme, viz Food Safety Mitra for effective implementation of […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Set-up Food Processing Unit in India

India is a nation that reaps most of its revenue via its agrarian economy. Our country is the 6th largest nation in the food & grocery market and the 5th large in terms of the retail marketplace globally. Food processing is a promising sector that adheres to limitless growth opportunities. In this write-up, we will […]

Know the Amendments Made by DGFT in IEC Provisions

DGFT of ten brings some amendments to FTP’s policies for improving the compliance requisites and global trade. With that said, this apex government institution has recently come up with yet another important announcement for IEC holders. In this write-up, you will come to know about amendments made by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, i.e. […]

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