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Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj Tyagi
About Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

Bombay HC Permits Revision of Claim of GST Transitional Credit in Form GST TRAN-1

The Bombay High court permitted revision of the claim related to Transitional Credit in form GST TRAN-1. The complaint of the petitioner, Gayatri Agro Agencies, is that after the arrival of the Central Goods and Service Tax Rules, 2017, & Central Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017, there were various loopholes in the web-based submission […]

Casting light on the Changes in GSTR-9C for FY 2020-21

GSTR-9C refers to an annual GST reconciliation statement that has undergone significant changes in the year 2021. The form GSTR-9C was previously applicable to businesses generating more than two crore rupees of yearly turnover in the given FY. Filing of GSTR-9C seeks the audit of books and records of the given FY certified by the […]

Know the Legalities to Run a Nidhi Company in India

In the purview of the Indian financial landscape, a mutual benefit society is regarded as Nidhi Company by the GOI, which is derived from the term “treasure”. The fundamental objective of these entities is to foster the habit of thrift among its members. The scope of Nidhi Company is limited to its serving members only […]

How to Start Tour and Travel Business in India?

Tour & Travel agencies, broadly known as Tour and Travel agencies, are among the prominent industries in India & serves as a prevalent employment generator. Goa and the North-Eastern region of the country generate their primary revenue for this sector. Tour and Travel Business is an evergreen venture for startups confronting budget constraints. Increased per […]

How to get Shop and Establishment Certificate via Online and Offline Mode?

Shop and Establishment Act is a state-specific Act that aims to regulate all commercial establishments & shop outlets functioning within the state. Such entities are mandated to register under this Act & avail Shop and Establishment certificate from the Labour Department of the respective states. Definition of Shop & Commercial Establishment as per Shop and […]

What are the Post incorporation compliances for LLP?

After being incorporated, every LLP is mandated is stay in line with time-bound compliances of ROC. These compliances & procedural matters ensure the seamless functioning of the LLP. In general, LLP confronts less compliance when contrasted with other business structures. LLPs are liable to comply with post incorporation compliances; thus, any negligence in this regard […]

Know How to Get Insurance Broker License in India

An insurance broker refers to an entity or individual that secures policies for the consumers. Insurance brokers would avail commission from the insurance company against the insurance products delivered to the customers. A company or individual seeking to serve as an insurance broker is required to avail of the insurance broker license from the IRDAI […]

How to Copyright a Soundtrack in India?

Creativity is a valuable gift to human beings. Artists, musicians, and artisans worldwide often strive to create something that resonates strongly among the target audiences. At times, the commercialization of such creations churns out massive revenue for the creator. And that’s where the possibility of being infringed becomes more prominent, which could further translate into […]

A Brief Overview on Bye-Laws of Society Registration Act 1860

In the legal context, a registered society is known as the group of enthusiasts that works for the betterment of society in ways mentioned under the bylaws. Registered Societies India comes under the Society Registration Act, 1860 that entails a long list of bye-laws. The said Act governs almost every facet of society and serves […]

How to Avail Punjab Society Registration?

In the legal purview, Society refers to a pool of individuals the cohesively work to serve a common goal. As per the provision of the Punjab Societies Registration Act, 1860, the Society’s registration can be done via the registrar office situated in the respective jurisdiction. We have penned down all the vital information such as […]

Letter Patent Appeal: Everything You Need to Know

The Letter Patent Appeal, aka LPA, refers to an appeal by a petitioner against an order of an individual judge to another bench of the same court. It is a kind of redressal mechanism facilitated when the high court came into existence in India in 1865. This is the only remedy that is accessible to […]

Kerala Society Registration: All You Need to Know

This write-up pens down the procedure & legal requisites for Kerala Society Registration. In a legal purview, society refers to an association of people who collectively work to serve a common goal. Societies are usually registered with charitable undertakings, such as music, sports, art, religion, & education. In India, the society registration Act underpins the […]

Cold Storage Facility: Legalities, Scope, and Benefits

Cold storage is an ideal venture for those who seek to establish a business model where a one-time investment is sufficient. It refers to a service where fruits & vegetables are stored under control temperature so that they can remain fresh as long as possible. Although cold storage establishment attracts significant investment as compared to […]

How to Establish PVC Cables Manufacturing Business in India?

A cable includes multiple wires which are twisted, bonded, or braided together to form an assembly. The cables & wires are encapsulated with insulating materials, generally, polyethylene or PVC, to ensure protection to users & the surrounding environment. PVC cables act as a primary component for transmitting and distributing electric power. They are prominently used […]

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