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Cheque BounceFinance & Accounting

Section 144 of the Negotiable Instruments Act: A Closer Look

dateMay 07, 2024
timeReading Time: 3 Minutes

The summons plays a significant role in the administration of justice. It is a widely acknowledged term that is fol...

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Cheque Bounce

Cheque Bounce Notice: Penalty And How to Initiate a Case?

dateMar 18, 2024
timeReading Time: 4 Minutes

The issuer of the chequemay receive a bounced cheque notice, which indicates that there were insufficient funds in...

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Cheque Bounce

What is the Validity Period of Cheque Bounce?

dateMar 14, 2024
timeReading Time: 3 Minutes

A cheque is a type of financial instrument that directs a bank to move funds from one account to another, either in...

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