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Trademark Registration

Wish to Protect your brand, Mantra or logo. Kick off now and file your trademark application in 5 working days.

  • Consultation from experts
  • ApplicationĀ  preparation
  • Name Search and approval
  • Filling of application
  • Track Application Status
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Copyright Registration

A registration of your design, an art which provides exclusive right to reproduce or provide others right to use.

  • Data verification
  • Filing for Copyright
  • Provide regular updates
  • Application filing and drafting
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Patent Registration

It is a right that is given to an enterprise or an individual by the government that curtails anyone else from using, making, importing or selling the product that is a patented product or the patente..

  • Data verification
  • Filing for the Patent
  • Provide regular updates
  • Application filing and drafting
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Trademark Objection

After spending endless nights and day you choose a trademark for your business and you wait for the result of your hard work but what you get a Trademark Objection from the government. We do understan..

  • Expert Consultation
  • Drafting of Objection Notice
  • Preparation of affidavit
  • Filing of objection
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Trademark Assignment

A Trademark Assignment is a written document that acts as a legal road to transfer a recognized word, phrase, and symbol or design which originally originated by the current owner to another owner...

  • Deed drafting By Lawyer
  • Filling of Application
  • Track your application status
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