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Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

A Guide on how to renew shop and establishment license in Mumbai

It’s a well-known fact that every establishment in India, whether small or large, needs to avail Shop and Establishment License mandatorily. The price and regulations of this license vary from state to state. In Maharashtra, the shop and establishment license is recognized by the name Gumasta license. If you are about to lay a foundation […]

Here’s The Checklist Of Documents Required For Trade License

A trade license is a legal certificate that allows the entities to conduct specific business at a particular location. Businesses and traders compulsorily need to obtain a trade license to conduct their business licenses. Those who have recently laid the foundation of their business can hop on to the respective municipal corporation’s portal and fill […]

Revised MSME Credit Scheme will provide credits to Professional for their Business

On Saturday, the Indian Government widened the ambit of the MSME credit scheme by incorporating credit for professionals like lawyers, doctors, and CAs. The twisted scheme also doubles the upper ceiling of loans outstanding, which previously existed at Rs 25 crores. The decisions seem to be a result of frequent demands made by the trade […]

7 Proven Benefits of a Trade License That worth Your Attention

Businesses in India are more likely to operate without mandatory compliances for the sake of extra profit. Those who indulge in such activities sooner or later bust by the respective authorities and enforce to pay hefty penalties. The trade license is one such requirement that every business entity needs to avail without exception. If you […]

Trade license: Thing you needs to know

Trade license is a must-have requirement for every business entity that aims to generate profit through its operation. Businesses that strive to operate without this license might encounter significant penalties imposed by the municipal corporation. In general, a trade license is compulsory, and it must be availed within 30 days from the commencement of the […]

Step By Step Guide For How to Apply Trade License Online

Trade License introduced in the country about four decades ago. It is primarily availed by those entities that operate in specific regions and serve a particular purpose. The issuance of this license is under the authority of the state government. A trade license authorized the entity to conduct specific business activities within the prescribed establishment. […]

Know the Checklist for the Documents Required for EPF Registration

Every firm that works with an ample workforce needs to get registered for EPF at some point in time. Almost every working professional is familiar with the fact that the firm having more than 20 employees should get registered for EPF. On the other hand, the small enterprise managing fewer employees can opt for voluntary […]

Time Limit For FSSAI License Renewal Extended Further

Regulatory division of compliance under Food Safety and Standard Authority of India brought another sigh of relief for the FBOs operating pan India. Considering the current economic crisis, the authority had decided to extend the period of license renewal for the FBOs till 31st Dec 2020. The authority has taken this initiative in the wake […]

An Outlook on Benefits of Shop and Establishment License

Every person who intends to set up a shop to conduct business activities must opt for the shop registration in their respective state. There are many good reasons why you should avail shop and establishment license without any further delay. Businesses under the unorganised sector witness lethargic growth overtime. The reason being that majority of […]

What is the Profit Margin and how to calculate it?

The profit margin is a financial ratio that shows the company’s financial status. It is one of the most commonly used financial ratios in corporate finance. Generally, the estimation of the company’s profit is done at three levels on its income statement. These three levels are known as- gross profit, net profit, & operating profit. […]

Procedure for EPF Registration – A Step by Step Guide

The Indian government will continue to pay employee and employer contribution towards EPF account of employees for the month of August. The scheme has been rolled out for the benefits the enterprise holding up 100 employees, where 90% of the workforce avails the monthly salary less than INR 15,000/. The contribution rate is still poised […]

Know the Procedure for availing Shop and Establishment License

Anybody who owns a shop for commercial purposes needs to avail shop and establishment license in their respective states. The period of 30 days is allowed by the authority to complete the registration process from the commencement of business. The applicant who seeks such a license must furnish the application for the same along with […]

Advantages of EPF Registration that worth your attention

EPF is a sort of secure investment that benefits the individual in the longer run. It typically supports the salaried class category who often struggle to procure ample fund for their post-retirement life. If you haven’t been registered to EPF yet, then probably you are making a big mistake. In this blog, you will become […]

How to avail new FFMC license: Step by step guide

There are many individuals out there who want to engage with the forex trading business for plenty of reasons. The authorized money exchanger, aka AMC, is an RBI-driven entity that provides currency conversion services to the individual coming from abroad. These entities worked under the influence of RBI-guidelines and treated as an FFMC license holder. […]