8 Incredible Benefits of Copyright Registration in India

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Benefits of Copyright Registration

The duplicity of the original work is quite common in India for ages. Most of the infringement acts bypass the penal provision due to the absence of copyright protection. Copyright is one of the popular forms of intellectual property (IP) protection and is represented by the symbol- ©.

You might have come across such a character a million times, especially in the movies, along with a declaration stating the infringement provisions. Nowadays, you can see the copyright symbol on a wide array of tangible items such as painting, software, pictures, and blog. Copyright infringement is not only limited to the aforesaid areas, but it has also been plagued with various corporate and society across the globe. Copyright registration is something that can shield your valuable assets against illegal access. This article will shed some light on the Benefits of Copyright Registration.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

Benefits of Copyright Registration

The Benefits of Copyright Registration are stated below in detail. Those are as follows:-

Prevention of Financial Loss

There are several benefits of copyright registration for the creators of the original works. One of the assured advantages of copyright protection is limiting losses arising from duplicacy of the original work. Moreover, the infringement of copyright registration is called piracy.

In India, most of the population is accustomed to such a term as it is often used quite frequently in tandem with tangible items like books and DVDs. Piracy has become a severe concern to the publisher and content creators as it being held accountable for enormous financial losses in the past. Now the fresh DVD titles are available on the torrent where users can illegally download them free of cost.

Provides Legal Shield

There are other advantages that copyright registration renders under the law. The copyright registration protects the published work from unauthorized access that eventually ended up in duplicacy. In the absence of such registration, users cannot exercise any legal proceedings to claim the ownership of the infringed asset.

Whether it is producing a film or releasing a book title, copyright registration is an absolute necessity for those who want to safeguard their valuable assets from illegal access. It is one of the prominent Benefits of Copyright Registration.

Pre-Emptive Measure

Another potential advantage of a copyright is that the registration is on record so that it can prevent others from accessing the asset. If you came across the fact that some anonymous entity is misusing your work, you could intimate that person via a cease notice against such act. Copyright registration removes all the complications from the legal proceeding. It could help the individual overcome legal obstacles while suing the defaulters for infringement.

Advocates Innovation and Creativity

Perhaps one of the prominent Benefits of Copyright Registration is that it advocates the sense of innovation and creativity. For instance, an IT company can spend thousands of dollars on developing a cutting-edge program. With copyright registration at the disposal, the company can focus on critical areas and reap long-term profitability by averting chances of infringement. The same is also applicable to music companies and publisher houses as well.

Safeguard Reputation

By averting illegal access, copyright registration ensures the well-being of the asset and increases the company’s reputation over time. For instance- an author or music composed, with copyright registration in place, can protect their work from being misused in any way that results in degradation of the reputation.

No Recurring Fees or Renewal of Registration

Copyright registration comes with lifetime validity, which means you do not need to pay recurring fees for its renewal. However, the individual needs to approach the Registrar of Copyright every time he/she made some changes in the assets’ particulars.

Better Control over Infringer

Copyright registration offers better control over infringers. Now the owner doesn’t have to chase out the criminal by addressing various legal formalities.  With special jurisdiction in place, the owners can file a suit against their registered office’s illegal activities.

Prestige: Holds Some Distinctive Value

Another Benefit of Copyright Registration is that it gives the implication that a particular work holds some distinctive value.  There is no denying that copyright registration is the best way of securing valuable work against infringements.

As soon as avail the copyright registration, the issuance authority setup a public record[1] of your claim. It helps you prove ownership and give an authority to sue the defaulters. Since copyright registration promotes creativity, it allows millions of artists to preserve their work in a legal shield.

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Keynotes: – You Must Know the Importance of Copyright Registration

Before we head to the conclusion, let’s look at the following points illustrating the importance of copyright registration.

  • Although copyrights and original work walks in tandem, registering the copyright with the relevant issuance authority can improve the value of the created work.
  • Copyright often creates the presumption of ownership, which helps the owner.
  • It can even create a presumption of ownership, which helps the owner to take legal action against the defaulters accused of infringing the property.
  • Registration allows the owners to confront statutory damages, cost of suit, and attorney fees.
  • Registration becomes extremely important in case if the work holds significant value and have the potential to generate plenty of money over time.


In a nutshell, copyright registration renders tons of benefits to the individual apart from protecting the asset against illegal access. It promotes innovation and creativity and helps the artist to safeguard their work from the prying eyes of the infringers. The artist can even sue the defaulters for the infringement activities without chasing them out for the settlement.

The issuance authority has provided every possible armory to the artist’ arsenal to put a better fight against such practices. Frankly, those who wish to isolate their unique ideas or work from the general public must opt for copyright registration without exception.

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