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Saiyam Shah has done his LL.M in Business Law from Amity Institute of Advanced Legal Studies – Amity University. His area of interest is legal research related to Indirect – Tax and Company law. He has prior experience in Tax litigation, dealing with various Income – Tax Assessments and has good drafting skills in filing arguments and replying to Income – Tax Notices.

How to Obtain PESO Certification in India?

PESO – Stands for Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization, commonly known as the department of Explosives, since 1898 and is serving the nation by regulating the safety of hazardous substances such as explosives, petroleum and compressed gas. The government of India formed the department of Petroleum Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO)[1] to administer and control the […]

An Overview – Kamgar Registration Requirements under BOCW

The government is putting significant effort into developing the welfare of the people working in the unorganized sector. Kamgar Registration was launched on June 9, 2021. This scheme will protect the worker from mishaps. However, this scheme will allow 45 types of workers to register themselves on the government portal. The registration fee for Kamgar […]

An Overview of Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers

Ministry of labour & employment, the government of India has enacted the legislation “The Building and other construction workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) Act, 1996“[1] (Main Act) and the B.O.C.W. Cess Act (Cess Act) to address the concern regarding welfare, safety, health for a larger number of workers employed in construction work. […]

Procedure for obtaining Bonafide Certificate

A bonafide certificate is a document that proves a person is/was a member of a particular organisation or educational institution. It serves as documentation that a person has been enrolled in the institution’s particular class and course for the duration of the stated time period. Obtaining a genuine certificate is necessary in a variety of […]

Documents Required for Name Change in Gazette

In India, more than everywhere else, changing your name is essentially a routine and uncomplicated operation. The process in India for this purpose is not as difficult as one may anticipate. Such migration may occur for a variety of reasons. Following marriage, women adopt a new last name. Other justifications for performing the same thing […]

How to Check ARN status of GST Application Online?

ARN – Stands for Application Reference Number. ARN number is generated once the application for the GST Registration is completed. To Check the ARN status of the GST application, the Applicant has to enter the ARN number on the website and can check the Status of the GST application until the GST certificate is granted. […]

How to File ITR for NRI?

ITR – Stands for Income Tax Return. It is a form of declaring Income from multiple sources and paying taxes to the income tax department. It contains details of Income and tax-saving investments made by individuals during the financial year. However, this article will discuss how to file (Income – Tax return) – ITR for […]

Different Types of Tea Board Licenses in India

The Tea Industry in India falls under the authorisation of the Central government of India. India is the home of the finest tea varieties worldwide due to its favourable geographical Indication and constant innovative and progressive trade practice. However, India is considered the second largest tea producer globally. To regulate the Tea Industry in India, […]

Process for Renewal of Spice Board Certificate

India is considered to be a land of Spices. Before India’s spirituality began to capture the globe’s attention, the aroma of our spices drew visitors and led them to conquer our golden kingdom. However, as circumstances have changed and India has emerged as a significant player in the world of spices, many now find that […]