Procedure for obtaining Bonafide Certificate

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Bonafide Certificate

A bonafide certificate is a document that proves a person is/was a member of a particular organisation or educational institution. It serves as documentation that a person has been enrolled in the institution’s particular class and course for the duration of the stated time period. Obtaining a genuine certificate is necessary in a variety of situations, including applying for a job, a student loan, a visa, etc.

Purpose of Bonafide Certificate

The following are the essential purposes of Bonafide Certificate. However this Certificate is majorly issued to Students and employee.

Purpose for Students

  • For Visa extension for students
  • For joining public library
  • For passport application
  • For apply educational loans
  • For visit to industry for projects
  • For attending workshop/conference/seminar in other colleges
  • For availing the travelling concession to students

Purpose for employee

  • For having loan from bank
  • For Attending official seminar or conference
  • For opening bank Account

Documents required for the Bonafide Certificate

The following are the essential documents required for Bonafide Certificate. However this Certificate is majorly issued to Students and employee for the further studies and job opportunities.

Documents required to be submitted by students

  • An Application form has to be submitted by the students
  • A Photo copy of identity Card
  • A fee has to be submitted at the counter while submitting the application form

Documents required to be submitted by Employee

  • Copy of employee Identity Card
  • Copy of Pay slip of employee

Bonafide Certificate Types

There are two Type of Bonafide Certificate, They are:

  1. Permanent Certificate: – A permanent certificate is valid for the duration of the course or even for the lifetime of the Students.
  2. Temporary Certificate: – The Temporary certificate is valid for the duration of six month, once the period is over it can be renewed again.     

Content of Bonafide Certificate

The Kinds of Certificate includes the name of the school, information of the students and the number of the students. However if the certificate is issued to employee, it would contain the information of the employee like the position which he holds with the company and important details information and details related to employee. Sometime details like date of birth is also mentioned in the certificate based on the nature of certificate and its requirement.

How students can get the Bonafide Certificate?   

If a student’s wishes to get there Certificate he can communicate to the concerned department of the institute or organisation. In order to get the certificate, the students have to apply to concerned department in writing. All though it is a simple request letter submitted by the students for Bonafide Certificate. 

How employee can get the Bonafide Certificate?

The time a genuine certificate is issued varies depending on the institution. It is printed on the institution’s letterhead[1] and appropriately signed or stamped. The fee schedule for applying for an education loan should be included in the bonafide certificate. Here is an example copy of the certificate.

Duration of Issuing of Bonafide Certificate

The time limit for issuing the certificate has not been mentioned anywhere however it duration is depend on the institution and organisation. In general the applicant has to file the application and within a few days from the organisation issued the certificate. Hence there is no specified time mentioned anywhere. 


Hence it can be concluded that Bonafide certificate is an important documents for the students and employees, this certificate act as proof for the other institution that the applicant was previously engaged in the organisation or Institution. 

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