Documents Required for Name Change in Gazette

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Name Change in Gazette

In India, more than everywhere else, changing your name is essentially a routine and uncomplicated operation. The process in India for this purpose is not as difficult as one may anticipate. Such migration may occur for a variety of reasons. Following marriage, women adopt a new last name. Other justifications for performing the same thing include astrology, better appropriateness, shortening long names, and so forth. In this article we will be discussing the documents required for name change in gazette.

Documents Required for Name Change in Gazette

The following are the vital documents required for the name change in Gazette

  • ID Proof: like Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card or PAN Card
  • Address Proof: Aadhar Card or Electricity Bill or Ration Card
  • Photo: One Passport Size Photo

Application Form: Application Duly Signed with all details Old and New, Correspondence address, contact details

Multiple reasons for the name change in Gazette

The following are some basic reasons for Name Change in Gazette.

  • Last Name or Middle Name is Missing
  • Any name differs in the certificate issued by the college or school
  • Name differ in identity documents issued by the government of India   
  • Misspelt in name during translation
  • Change in the name of women after their marriage
  • The initial letter is missing
  • Change in the name of a woman after divorce or Re-Marriage
  • Change of name in birth & school leaving certificate for passport
  • Due to spelling mistake change in name
  • Change in the name of the child in case of adoption
  • Change in name due to astrology or numerology
  • Change of applicant’s name due to change in religion
  • Change of name for a personal fancy

Procedure for Name Change in Gazette

There are various reasons for changing the name; the following is the procedure required for the name change in Gazette.

  • Create an Affidavit[1] for the name change
  • Publish about your name change in the newspaper.
  • Notify it in State Gazette

Steps Involved for Name change in Gazette

  • Verifying the documents
  • An application is to be drafted
  • Documents are to be dispatched
  • Publishing in the newspaper
  • An application for publication in an official Gazette   

Detailed Step and instruction for Name change in Gazette is Discussed below

  • Submission of an affidavit for the Name change in Gazette, an Affidavit needs to explain why the name change is required. These details need to be mentioned in the affidavit
  • Full Name of the Applicant
  • Name of Father or husband (In- case of Married Women)
  • Full residential Address
  • A declaration stating the facts provided in the affidavit is true and correct.

Newspaper Publication for Name Change in Gazette

  • Once the affidavit is notarized, it has to be published in a newspaper in two local newspapers. One has to be published in the Local official language of the State, and the second has to be published in a local English newspaper.
  • The applicant can reach the newspaper office to update the name. However, they have a dedicated section for name change advertisements and can advise you on the format.     

Gazette Notification

So if you want to publish your name change in the Gazette, the applicant can approach the office of the controller of publication, your name in the state gazette.

  • An affidavit signed by the applicant and attested by the judicial magistrate/notary.
  • Newspaper in which name change advertise is given.
  • Prescribe proforma with applicant’s signature and two witnesses
  • The compact disc that contains the soft copy of the application in MS word Format
  • Two – Passport size picture with self – attested by the applicant
  • A photocopy of valid Identity proof self-attested by the applicant.
  • A request letter along with the requisite fee as per Authority.    


After reading this article, it can be concluded that there are various reasons for the name, and it has been discussed elaborative. However, three basic steps need to be follow for the name change. And all the important documents required to be submitted for have been mentioned above.

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