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An Overview of Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers

calendar03 Aug, 2022
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Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers

Ministry of labour & employment, the government of India has enacted the legislation “The Building and other construction workers (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) Act, 1996[1] (Main Act) and the B.O.C.W. Cess Act (Cess Act) to address the concern regarding welfare, safety, health for a larger number of workers employed in construction work. The Labour department has initiated important steps for implementing the provision of the act. There are more than 40 million skilled and unskilled workers currently, and they constitute the most vulnerable segments amongst the unorganised workforce in the country owing to their temporary nature of Work and lack of a definite employee-employer relationship. However detailed information on welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers is discussed below.

Migration of Workers for Employment

The construction workers are migrant labour from Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West – Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and other economically weaker regions of India. Most of them belong to Scheduled Castes, Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes and Dalits who came to urban metro cities and states like Delhi, Mumbai, N.C.R. and other developed cities in search of employment mainly agriculture activities. Not all construction workers are eligible for the benefits under the existing provision of different labour laws. Every state has constituted a state welfare board for construction workers. In this article, we will discuss Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers.

Objective of Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers

The following are the objective of Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers.

  • To study the current welfare measure adopted by the organisation
  • Keep an eye on the workers for their welfare measures like their health and safety.
  • To find out the disparity in existing welfare facilities
  • To identify the deviation in implementing welfare measures from the statutory regulation of the Factories Act.

To recommend suitable remedies for welfare problems to increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers

The following are the Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers

  • Immediate assistance in case of an accident.
  • Pension for a beneficiary after attaining the age of 60 days
  • Loans for houses  construction
  • The premium for Group Insurance Scheme
  • Medical expenses for major ailments
  • Maternity benefits for women
  • Loan a subsidy to local authorities who provide welfare measure
  • Working hours per day
  • Paid weekly rest day
  • To provide wages for overtime
  • Toilets, First – Aid and Drinking Water at work Sites
  • Temporary dwellings near the work site
  • Provision of  Creches near worksite with more than 50 female workers
  • Canteen Facility ( Where there are more than 250 workers )
  • And other welfare measures as may be prescribed by the board 

Role of Welfare Board

The state is taking the reasonably Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers. There is a need to aware the workers of the society to register them self for welfare schemes formulated by the states. However the role of welfare board for the Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers are mentioned below

  • The welfare Board will conduct awareness for the registration of workers with the help and support of trade unions, N.G.O.s and other organisations.
  • It provides a list of workers with their addresses. A Unique Identification Number of every citizen is generated to help identify the construction workers.
  • The welfare board in the state will consider requesting the concerned state department to undertake the government-funded projects for suitable support.
  • It should be mandatory for the employer to register r the workers, and penalties for violation may be more stringent.

Construction works in which workers employed are eligible for BOCW Registration

The following are the types of workers who are eligible for the BOCW Registration

  • Blacksmith
  • Mosaic Polished
  • Installation of Security Gates and Other Equipment
  • Installation of Lift and Automatic Ladder
  • Carrying of Cement, Bricks etc.
  • Clay Work
  • Lime Making
  • Tiling Work
  • Welding Work
  • Carpentry
  • Digging a Well
  • Roller Drive
  • Shelling
  • Work of Masons
  • Plumbing
  • Chowkidar – To provide Security at the Construction Site
  • Workers doing Clerical and Accounting Work at the Construction Site
  • Cement, Concrete, Bricklayer
  • Any operation relating to the Construction of a Dam, Bridge, Road or Building
  • Flood Management
  • Establishment of Modular Kitchen
  • Community Park or Sidewalk Construction
  • Brick Manufacturing Work at Brick Kilns
  • Clay, Sand, Mooring Mining Operations
  • Road making
  • Mixer Operation
  • Removal of Sediment from Well
  • Rock Breaking
  • Installation and Repair of Cold and Hot Machinery
  • Painting
  • Installation & Repair of Fire Fighting System
  • Vital mechanical works – machinery, bridge construction Work
  • Interior Decoration of Houses or Buildings
  • Fabrication & Installation of Windows and Grills, Doors etc.
  • Electric Work
  • The act of Hammering
  • Tunnel Construction

Documents required for registration of workers under the BOCW

The list of documents required for the registration under the BOCW is as fallows  

  • Two Passport Size Photographs
  • Employment Certificate/Self Declaration Letter
  • Aadhar card copy is mandatory
  • Certificate of Age
  • Local Address proof
  • Certificate of employment
  • A bank passbook is mandatory

Registration Procedure under BOCW

The following is the detailed procedure for the registration of the BOCW.

  • STEP 1: Worker who is willing to get himself register, required to create a login ID and using a valid Email Id and once the login details is created, the password will be sent o user Registered email id.
  • STEP 2: BIP – Basic Information perform is Required to be filed on the portal, in which all information about the establishment and declaration is needed.
  • STEP 3: All the Documents in the prescribe format and size need to attach to the application form
  • STEP 4: Once all the documents are attached, the fee payment is to be paid online or offline as per their convenience.
  • STEP 5: If all the documents is in prescribe and desired norms and guideline the certificate will be issued.     


After reading this article we can conclude that, the function of the board has been discussed eleboratively for the better understanding and knowledge. We have also discussed the Welfare Measures for Building Construction Workers and their registration.

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