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How to Obtain PESO Certification in India?

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Obtain PESO Certification

PESO – Stands for Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization, commonly known as the department of Explosives, since 1898 and is serving the nation by regulating the safety of hazardous substances such as explosives, petroleum and compressed gas. The government of India formed the department of Petroleum Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO)[1] to administer and control the usage of the petrol station and explosives in India. The organization issues licenses for the operation of Petrol Station under Form XIV, licenses to operate Petroleum products vehicles, Petrochemical Complexes etc. The department is lead by the Chief Controller of explosives and is headquartered in Nagpur In the state of Maharashtra, India. We will be discussing how to Obtain PESO Certification.

Objective of PESO – Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization

The following are the main objectives of the PESO – Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organization:

  • The main objective of PESO is Ensure public safety in the areas of manufacturing, storage, handling, transport, etc., of petroleum and explosives, carbide of calcium, flammable substances and compressed gases.
  • Advisory role in safety to the government and semi-government bodies like railways, defence establishment & Ministry of Surface Transport, Environment & Forest  Ports, Petroleum Natural Gas, Pollution Control Authorities etc. coming within the purview of Explosives Act 1884 and Petroleum Act 1934 and the rules framed thereunder.
  • Framing standards concerning public safety in collaboration with BIS, OSID and other apex bodies and harmonizing Indian standards with international standards.
  • Assessment of new technologies finding applications in the hazardous area for adoption in indigenous conditions
  • Creating safety awareness amongst the public
  • PESO is involved in the regulation of over 2,56,000 premises all overIndia.

Who is required to Obtain PESO Certification?

The following are the Peron required to obtain a PESO certificate:

  • Explosives Manufacturing Factories
  • Explosives storage premises
  • Firework manufacturing factories
  • Gas Cylinder filling plants
  • Petroleum Storage installations
  • Petroleum Pipelines
  • L.P.G. bottling units
  • Petroleum service stations

Is it mandatory Obtain PESO Certification?

The Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation, more commonly known as the PESO certificate of India, describe the mandatory approval program for the gas and oil industry or machine that work with gases that are used in the oil industry or that have to withstand very corrosive environments. Products with IECEx or ATEX certificates are required to get PESO; the generally very dangerous nature of products that fall under PESO, higher diligence is also required by companies that want to have their products certified.

Products covered under PESO certification

A detailed list of products covered under the PESO is mentioned below. Apart from these products, electrical equipment or a scorching water environment require a PESO registration; mechanical components are also subject to PESO certification if used in the hazardous area In India.

The following is the list of products covered under the PESO mentioned below:

  •  Valves/Gas cylinders/regulators
  • Storage facilities for filing gas cylinders
  • Generating Plants
  • Factories for the manufacture of fireworks
  • Warehouse and shops for fireworks
  • Long-distance petroleum pipelines
  • Explosives
  • Factories for the production of Explosives
  • Storage rooms for explosives
  • L.P.G. filling stations
  • Flameproof equipment
  • Mechanical components are installed in hazardous areas.
  • Flameproof or intrinsically safe and special electrical equipment suitable for use in hazardous areas with flammable gases/vapours, E.T.C.

Need to Obtain PESO Certification

The PESO certification is required in India because of the following reasons:

  • Bad quality of critical products can lead to loss of life
  • Establishing preliminaries for fire safety
  • Formulating safety guidelines for manufacture of equipment
  • The safety of the explosive industry cannot be ignored
  • The explosive product needs oversight
  • Machines used for the industry also require chemical industry require regulations

Documents required to Obtain PESO Certification

The following are the documents required to Obtain PESO Certification:

  • Applicant documents – application form, contract with A.I.R. for a minimum of five years, technical competency proof etc.
  • Plant and A.I.R., Business License of Manufacturer
  • Global Organisation Chart
  • Product IECEx/ATEX certificates
  • QAR/QAN Test Report
  • Manufacturer Profile
  • List of production equipment and test instruments
  • I.S.O. certificate
  • Video of the Production facility
  • Commercial information includes three years’ sales figures, a list of India Customers, hazardous area installation information like installation location or the intended use of equipment etc.

Process to Obtain PESO Certification

The following is the detailed process for obtaining PESO Certification in India:

  • STEP 1: Preparation of the Applicant’s Documents, especially with the IECEx/ATEX certificate and test report.
  • STEP 2: Application is to be made at PESO Authority
  • STEP 3: The PESO Authority will check the Documents
  • STEP 4: Test In India only for certain products
  • STEP 5: Only for pressure vessels – Factory Audit
  • STEP 6: After that PESO certificate is issued


Once the certificate is granted, it is valid for two years and must be renewed. PESO licenses for Static pressure vessels are only valid for three years and must be renewed. Any modification to the machine or pressure vessel must be submitted for inspection.


After reading this blog, we can conclude that the PESO certificate is mandatory approval for the gas and oil industry or machines that work with gases. The PESO certificate s valid for three years and can be renewed. We have also discussed obtaining a PESO certificate and the documents required for the PESO.

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