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Process for Renewal of Spice Board Certificate

calendar23 Jul, 2022
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Renewal of Spice Board Certificate

India is considered to be a land of Spices. Before India’s spirituality began to capture the globe’s attention, the aroma of our spices drew visitors and led them to conquer our golden kingdom. However, as circumstances have changed and India has emerged as a significant player in the world of spices, many now find that the business of exporting spices is particularly lucrative. The Spice Board of India grants Spice Board Registration to serve those who want to start a business exporting spices and to ensure that the exporting business is not fraudulently abused. The Certificate of Registration as Exporter of Spices, or CRES, is the official name of the phrase. Any entity wishing to start a business exporting Spice has to take approval from the Spice Board of India. In this article we will be discussing about the Renewal of Spice Board Certificate.      

Eligibility Criteria for Renewal of Spice Board Certificate

  • Legitimate ID Proofs
  • The entity should be an Indian based

There should be no criminal records against the partner/director of your business entity.

Registration Process for Spice Board Certificate

Step: – 1. An online application has to file for the Spice Board certificate. However, the required details are EC, cell phone number, and e-mail address to apply. The applicant will be rerouted to the application form after their contact number, and e-mail account have been verified.

Step: – 2. The applicant has to provide all the correct information mentioned in the form. The applicant also has to upload the necessary documents in the specified format.

Step: – 3. After uploading all the documents and filing the requisite detail. The applicant has to make payment Via NEFT.

Step: – 4. Once all documents and applications are submitted, the board will verify all the documents.

Step: 5. The Certificate of Registration as an Exporter of Spices (CRES) will be approved upon closure of registration at HO, and applicant will receive a login credential to download the CRES certificate.              

Process for Renewal of Spice Board Certificate

  • After obtaining the certificate from the spice board of India, the certificate is valid for three years from date of grant of the certificate. Any entity wishing to renew the certificate has to apply to the board in the prescribed form FORM – 1 to the Authority.
  • The liability of each month can arrive if an entity fails to renew its licence before it expires. The renewal fee of Spice Board is the same as the new application fees beginning in 2018. For instance, if three years have elapsed from the registration date, the certificate is not valid and cannot be accepted in the whole of India.
  • After 31st August, the issuing authority does not accept applications. Exporters who fail to apply for the Renewal of the certificate have to apply for a new registration from the issuing Authority after the expiry of the certificate.
  • Any Exporters who do not carry on export business during the period of valid registration, then the Renewal of such registration is not considered for the next three years in that case. However, if later such exporters enter into an export contract, he has to apply for the new certificate to the Spice Board.

Benefits of Renewal of Spice Board Certificate

  • Continue the establishment of mutual contact between Importers and Exporters.
  • The board hold group events that bring national and international organisations and policymaker together.
  • It helps identify suitable supplier sources for importers’ specific requirements, process international trade inquiries and forward them to trustworthy exporters.
  • The board is responsible for maintaining the data of exporters and importers. As a result, exporters are at an advantage in speeding up market demand.
  • Examine the complaint from importers and exporters for corrective and preventive action.

Validity for the Renewal of Spice Board Certificate

  • The certificate is issued for a block period of three years, and it can be renewed at the end of every block year. For example, if a certificate was issued in 2017, it is valid for 2020. The Renewal will take place at the end of 2020. 2021-2024 is the current block year.

Penal provision for the trading without Renewal of Spice Board Certificate

  • Fine Up-to one thousand rupees.
  • Imprisonment up to one year.

What licenses are needed to start a Spice Business in India?

Different types of licenses are required to start a spice business in India. Every state in India has different laws and regulations for starting a Spice business in India.

The Business Establishment Licence (BEL) under the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India[1] is required to sell the Spices India. However, an entity can sell spices from a shop or stall in the local market. This license is necessary to ensure that your business operates legally and complies with all applicable regulations.    

Conclusion: –

After reading this article, we can conclude that the Renewal of Spice Board Certificate is mandatorily for continuing the business of exporting Spices worldwide. However, the registration of the certificate is valid for three years.

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