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Saiyam Shah has done his LL.M in Business Law from Amity Institute of Advanced Legal Studies – Amity University. His area of interest is legal research related to Indirect – Tax and Company law. He has prior experience in Tax litigation, dealing with various Income – Tax Assessments and has good drafting skills in filing arguments and replying to Income – Tax Notices.

How to Obtain Legal Entity Identifier?

LEI – Legal Entity Identifier is an alphanumeric code with 20 characters. Based on ISO – 7442 standards developed by the  (ISO) International Organization for Standardization. It connects to essential reference information that enables unique and clear identification of legal entities participating in a financial transaction. Each LEI is categorized into 2 Sections – Level […]

Core Objectives of Farmer Producer Company

On the recommendation of Y.K. Alagh, an expert committee led by noted economists set up producer companies in 2002 by incorporating a new chapter into the Companies Act of 1956. The producer company is a corporate body registered as a Producer Company under the Companies Act, 1956. Its principal activities consist of processing, grading, procurement, […]

Meaning of Weights and Measures under Legal Metrology

The legal Metrology Act, 2009 was implemented with effect from 1st April 2011, and the preamble of the Act says the Act to establish & enforce standards of weights & measures[1], regulate trade & commerce in weights, measures and other goods distributed and sold by weights measures or a number and other matters connected therewith […]

Know the Top Benefits of the CAPEXIL Certificate

CAPEXIL – Stands for Chemical and Allied Products Export Promotion council. It is a council set up in 1958 by the Ministry of Commerce, which comes under the Central Government, to Promote the Export of Chemical & Allied Products from India. Its headquarter is in Kolkata, and the regional office in Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi […]

What are the Documents Required for Chemexcil Registration?

Chemexcil – an export promotion council set up by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Government of India in 1963 to promote exports of the following items from India to the various countries of the world. India has been well known for its exotic products since before the British Occupation. After realizing this, the government […]

Detailed Assessment of the Chemexcil Registration Process

CHEMEXCIL is popularly known as Chemicals, Cosmetics & Dyes Export Promotion Council. Ministry of Commerce and Industry Gov. of India 1963 has set up the Body named CHEMEXCIl, for promoting the exports of all the following items from India to different countries of the world. At Present total membership strength comprising of Large and small […]

Essential Small Business Compliance Requirements in India

The definition of Small Business is any service sector unit with an investment of not more than Rs. 2 crores is considered a Small business as per the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprise. And in the manufacturing sector, any unit with an investment in plant and machinery of less than Rs. 5 crores […]

What are the Various Objectives of CAPEXIL Certificate?

CAPEXIL, Premier Export Promotion Council[1], was set up in March 1958 by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, to the export of Chemical & Allied Products from India. Since then has been the voice of the Indian business community. With the headquarter at Kolkata, and regional offices in Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi,  Kolkata &Chennai, […]

How to Obtain AERB Approval for Dental X-Ray Equipment?

AERB is a statutory body established on 15th November 1983 by The President of India, utilizing the power vested under Section 27 of the Atomic Energy Act, 1962[1]. It has been established to conduct regulatory and Safety functions. The main aim of AERB is to use ionizing radiation and nuclear energy in India to prevent […]

What is the Procedure of LLP Strike Off?

LLP – Limited Liability Partnership[1] is a partnership where all or some of the partners have limited liability; it is an alternative form that gives benefits of Limited liability of the company and flexibility of a partnership. Its existence can continue irrespective of changes in partners. It can enter into contracts and can hold property […]

Requirements for setting up Mini Tea Factory License

The Industries of Tea are under the control of the Union Government. The Tea board was set up under Tea Act 1953 and was constituted in April 1954. The Board was set up to promote Indian Tea within and outside India. The Board functions under the statutory body of the Central Government under the Ministry […]

Requirements Related to Annual Filing of Producer Company

Producer Company means a body corporate having activities or objects specified in section 581B is a produced company under the Companies Act, 1956. This type of Company was introduced in the year 2002. Producer Company is dealt with by the provision of the Companies Act 1956. The producer company can be incorporated into the production, […]

AERB Approval for X-Ray Machines: Document and Procedure

Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), X – Rays machines for medicinal use for diagnosis have proven to be immensely beneficial to society. It has also been proven that the use of X-Ray radiation has health risks associated with it; hence, it has required that proper care is exercised during its operation. The Atomic Energy (Radiation […]

RNI Revised Registration: How to Change RNI Registration Certificate?

I – Stands for Registrar of Newspapers, commonly known as RNI, which came on 1st July 1956 on the recommendation of the first press commission. The Act contains the Function and Responsibilities of RNI, the office of the Registrar is performing statutory as well as non–statutory functions. In India, Press and Books Regulation Act – […]