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Komal Singh

Komal Singh
About Komal Singh

Komal Singh is a Legal scholar, having diverse experience in scripting research papers, articles & dissertations, which serves her main interest & competent in drafting legal documents. She has polished her skills in dealing with the matter related to consumer affairs and now building intelligible Legal Content for Corpbiz.

How to Establish Processed Meat Export Business in India?

Any meat business sees export as a lucrative opportunity. Small scale or new businesses in India feel exporting meat as a hard task to complete. The initial paperwork requires your most attention, reaching buyers and not shipping at all Sometimes people are insistent on how to start a new venture. Below we have gathered all […]

What are the Important Facts Related To Commercial Lease Agreement?

A commercial lease agreement is a type of contract that figures out the terms and conditions under a contract on which one party agrees to rent property of the other party. The lease agreement obliges the lessee to make regular payments for a fixed period in exchange for the property of the landowner. Both the […]

Important Supreme Court Judgments on Cheque Bounce under Section 138 of N.I Act

In this fast-growing world, the business has a vital role to play. With the development of business practices, different modes of financial transactions are also arising. Negotiable Instruments has introduced different methods compatible with trading methods that diverge from the traditional process of transferring cash through the exchange of goods and services. With the introduction […]

Is a Dishonoured Cheque Qualifies to be a Criminal Offence?

As per the section 138 of N.I ACT, 1881 shows criminal effect in the event of dishonour of cheque. Police have the right to arrest the defaulter in the dishonoured cheque case if the payee made complaint u/s 417 and 420 of IPC. This provision ensures that unscrupulous people do not fool innocent people in […]

How to Establish Insurance Brokerage Company in India?

The Insurance Brokerage companies work as advisors for insurance plans. You will often struggle with decisions such as choosing an investment plan or insurance. Such companies have qualified employees who partner with insurance companies and know about insurance and related laws. Insurance brokers assist people with their insurance requirements. They act as intermediaries between the […]

Procedure for Registering an Indian Subsidiary Company

An Indian subsidiary is also known as a subsidiary or a sister company of the parent company. The company that controls the Subsidiary Company is called parent company or sometimes a holding company. A subsidiary is always partially or wholly owned by the parent company (holding company). An Indian subsidiary is called a holding or […]

What Payee Should Do under the Circumstances of Cheque Dishonour or Cheque Bounce?

A cheque is a way to transfer the money and promotes the transactions of the economy in cashless. With time the usage of the cheque has been increased. People have started to do cashless transaction instead of giving currencies.When the payee gets the mentioned amount by submitting the cheque before the bank, the bank has […]

An Overview of Notification Released by CBDT on Faceless Penalty Scheme, 2021

The Government of India has announced the Faceless Penalty Scheme, 2021 by the vide Notification No. 02 /2021 which will digitize the issuance of penalty on assessees under the faceless tax regime. It has become effective from 13th January 2021. The Faceless Penalty scheme, 2021 specifies the establishment of the National Faceless Penalty Center, Regional […]

Perquisites for the FSSAI Annual Return Filing Process

The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 was set up to control the food industry and to formulate laws relating to food and their manufacturing, sale, storage, distribution and importation. As per the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), taking a food license is the first step to start a food business. Only […]

Necessary Orders Passed By Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) that You Must Know!

The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal was constituted on 25 January 1941 on the basis of Section 5A of the Income Tax Act, 1922. Since its establishment, ITAT has been working very hard leaving significant changes due to the expansion & extension of its jurisdiction. The Income Tax Act, 1961 has not made any specific changes […]

What is the Legal Rights Available for Payee in Cheque Bounce Cases?

A cheque is a negotiable instrument and used in various transactions likewise the repayment of loans, payment for salary, bills and fees, etc. It is an instrument/exchange bill drawn on a specific Bank which is payable only on demand. A crossed or AC payee/account payee cheque is not negotiable by anyone other than the payee […]

FSSAI Annual Return Filing – Form D1 Due Date 31st May

The Government of India introduced the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 to regulate the import, distribution, storage, manufacturing, sale of food products. Obtaining food licenses, displaying licenses within the premises and on food articles is essential for every food business operator. Similarly, every food business operator must file FSSAI annual returns by using Form […]

The Taxpayer Needs to Know All Financial Deadlines in 2021

It is good always to be alert, especially when it comes to money. To ensure that you have a smooth year 2021, there are about 16 financial deadlines in 2021 that the taxpayer should know. The government has extended most of the essential financial deadlines in 2021 in the wake of Covid 19 pandemic. Below […]

All About the Invoice Furnishing Facility (IFF) Functionality Available on GST Portal

The Goods and Service Tax Network has provided the functionality of the new invoice furnishing facility on the GST Portal. The invoice furnishing facility is a facility where quarterly GSTR-1 filers can choose to upload their challan every month. The quarterly GSTR-1 filer is a small taxpayer with a turnover of Rs. 1.5 crore. As […]

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