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A Comprehensive Study on 2021 Announcement Released by FSSAI

calendar29 Jan, 2021
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Study on 2021 Announcement Released by FSSAI

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of India imposed the nationwide lockdown; initially, it was for three weeks from 24th March to 14th April 2020 which was extended up to July 2020. After the revocation of lockdown the central government has given the power in the hand over the respective state government to set the rules and regulations of lockdown. Due to the forced restrictions imposed by the government, many food business operators have now come to an end, they are currently unable to fulfill their regular requirements. Many of the food business operators were unable to renew their FSSAI licenses or FSSAI registration certificates. To give some relief to food business operators the FSSAI released 2021 Announcement.

List of 2021 Announcement Released by the FSSAI

After observing the stress of food business operators the FSSAI has released a 2021 announcement in the favor of food business operators.

List of 2021 Announcement Released by the FSSAI

To Exercise the Amended Policy for Auto-Generation of License/Registration and Auto-Rejection of Applications

In case the FSSAI receives no response from the food business operators then; Reference File No. “15(31)2020/FoSCos/RCD/FSSAI”

  • Under the sub-regulation of  2.14 & 2.16 of FSS (licensing and food business) regulations, 2011 stipulates that if a license is not issued within the 60 days to the applicant or he does not get any information regarding the same in that situation licensing authority cannot stop the applicant to start his business.
  • Similarly in the case of petty food business, according to the sub-regulation 2.1.1, if the license is not granted or denied or inspection not ordered within the 7 days or no decision is communicated within 30 days to the food business operator, in that condition the petty food business operator may start to perform its business activities.
  • The Competent authority can give approval to implement the provisions of amended policy w.e.f 1st February 2021 except that those at Sr. No 4 and 7 relating to the pending renewal licensing/ registration can view auto-generated licenses/registration through FoSCoS reports and are requested to monitor the pendency status in their state so that auto-generation is at the minimum.
  • No license or registration shall be auto-generated in any situation. Auto-issuance of unattended applications of license registration reflects badly on the performance of the FSA (Food Safety Authority).
  • Food Safety Commissioners have been advised from time to time, to check the pendency on regular basis and issue strict instructions to the registering/licensing authorities to attend the applications within the given timeline as per Food Security Safety ( licensing/and registering of a food business) regulations 2011.
  • In case of all new license/registration that is generated automatically, the licensing authority must ensure that the premises are inspected; due documents re-verified and the license /registration as generated by the system is correct, within a stipulated time period.

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Enforcement Related to Maximum Limits of Trans Fatty Acids in Vegetable Oil under Food Product Standards and Food Additives): Tenth Amendment Regulations, 2020

  • Reference is invited to the food safety and standards (Food products standards (Food products standards & additives) 10th amendment and regulations, 2020 as gazette notification vide no. F. No. 1-116/scientific Committee/Notif./2010-FSSAI
  • In said notification “Vegetable oils/Fats product shall not contain trans-fatty acid more than 5% by weight. Provided that as the maximum limit of trans fatty acid shall not be more than 3% by weight, on and from 1st January 2021 and not more than 2% by weight, on and from 1st January 2022
  • Because of representations received from the industry and to facilitate a smooth transition for the industry to the new norms for the trans fatty (TFAs), it is directed that the enforcement for the TFA limit of 3% by weight shall commence w.ef.01st April 2021 & for such products manufactured on or after 01st April 2021 for enforcement of the said limit.
  • Similarly, it is further clarified that concerning the provisions that the TFA shall not be enforced only on the products manufactured on or after 1st January 2022 and not before the said date.

Extension of Timeline for Compliance with the Direction Regarding Compliance of Commercial Feed Materials Intended for Meat and Milk Producing Animals with Relevant BIS Standards

  • There has been an extension in the timeline for compliance with the direction dated 27th January 2020 issued under 16(5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 regarding the compliance of commercial feeds/feed materials intended for meat and milk-producing animals concerning BIS standards.
  • Reference is mark on the direction F. No. 1-95/Std/Misc/SP(L&C/ A)/FSSAI2015-Pt-1 dated 27th January 2020 uploaded on FSSAI website on 29.01.2020, related to  compliance of the commercial feed intended for cattle with BIS (131S) specifications for Compounded feeds for Cattle (IS2052:2009) as amended on the enforced date of the direction in order to carry a UIS certification mark on the product label. According to the direction, it has came into effect after 6 months (i.e. 27.07.2020) from the date of issuance of the direction, which was extended up to 01.01.2021 through order on dated 24.07.2020.
  • The representations have been received to request to extend time for compliance with the provisions of the above-mentioned direction on account of the current COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown orders/restrictions issued by the Central/State Governments.
  • After due consideration of the representations, it has been decided to extend the timeline, for compliance with the provisions of the above-mentioned direction further up to 1st July 2021
  • Competent Authority concedes the power to issue the approval in the exercise of the power vested under Section 16(5) of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006[1].

FSSAI’s Conditions for Packaged Drinking Water

  • FSSAI changed some conditions for packaged drinking water which came into force from January 1, 2021.
  • Packaged drinking water should contain calcium, magnesium, of at least 20 to 75 mg/liter.
  • According to the FSS fourth Amendment Regulations, 2019, calcium and magnesium should be contained in packaged drinking water.
  • The prescribe limit has been capped at 20-75 mg per liter and in the range of 10 to 30 mg per liter respectively.

Concluding Remark

After looking at the economic situation and market situation of the country, FSSAI issued some 2021 announcements in favor of food business operators to overcome the Covid 19 effect so that they can start or restart their business smoothly. The FSSAI released the 2021 declaration keeping in mind all stakeholders; the FSSAI has highlighted the importance of self-regulation and the role of the industry. 2021 announcement also points to how the industry believes in the “Make in India” initiative, regardless of its policy of “zero defect and zeroes impact”. Kindly associate with Corpbiz expert to know more about the 2021 announcement released by the FSSAI.

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