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An Overview on Reason for Failures of Start-ups in India

Successful start-ups in India are run by passionate entrepreneurs focused on creating unique solutions that deliver customer delight. While it is very important to have a strong focus and knowledge on customers and the market, it is equally important to have a good understanding of the basic laws that apply for the smooth operation of […]

Benefits of Start-ups in India under the Start-up India Scheme

With the amendment to the Companies Act, India saw a change in its corporate governance. The launch of the Start-up India initiative by the Indian government is a major milestone. The benefits of the Start-up India program are numerous and have been instrumental in the development of entrepreneurship[1] culture in India. Seeing that, the start-ups […]

General Idea on GST Input Tax Credit Transition Provision on Stock in India

Within GST input tax credit, duties and taxes are available to taxpayers on the basis of stock and input with respect to the semi-finished and finished goods which will be available to the taxpayer on the fulfilment of certain criteria elaborated in this article. The following categories of registered taxable person eligible to take Goods and […]

What is the Procedure for Start-up Registration India?

A Start-up is a business that has an association of person or a group of few people that manage to solve the problems related to such business. Basically, the formation of such a start-up can be seen on the grounds when the founders of any existing company find the problems in the existing system of […]

What are the Common Mistakes Made By Start-ups in India?

The biggest reasons for the failure of a start-ups are lack of funds and lack of management. But here it is advisable that if you are not taking care of the legal formalities and legal requirements of the country, it can be the result of the failure of the start-up company. Therefore, in this article, […]

An Overview on Format of TRAN 1 Form & TRAN 2 Form

A major concern for enterprises incorporated under the regime of GST is to ensure that they are not lost on the tax benefits and input credits of the old regime. These taxes can be paid on purchases, inputs, raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods or materials sent to worker. For most enterprises, these taxes are […]

Understanding on Place of Supply of Imports of Goods or Services under the Regime of GST

According to the GST Act 2017, all supplies of goods/services imported into India will be treated as an inter-state supply and therefore attract the Goods and Services Tax (IGST) integrated with custom duty. RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism) applies to imports of Goods, in which the importer is liable to pay IGST. However, there is an […]

An Outlook on Effect of VAT Return after GST Implementation

Four years of GST implementation are to be completed. Initially, it was expected that the industry would have an estimated period of two years to fully understand GST and comply with the provisions of GST law. However, it seems that more than the industry, the tax administration seems to be lagging behind. Several initiatives are […]

Let’s Understand the Important Dates for GST Return Filing in Detail!

After seeking to provide relief to businesses and tax advisors on the basis of complexities in compliance and disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the government has filed an annual return for Goods and Services Tax (GST) for 2019-20. The Dates for GST return filing of previous financial year has been extended from December 31, […]

What are the Pros and Cons of Commercial Lease Agreement in India?

When you look for a commercial property, you may wonder if it would be worthwhile to lease the space. However, in the beginning, when you think about leasing it, you surprisingly miss the trivial aspects of leasing work, and there it causes errors in all the coming events. Therefore, it is safe and wise as […]

An Comparison of Post-GST Implementation Scenario in India

As India has celebrated the 72nd Republic Day, it is also a preparation for another important milestone. Great hopes had been placed on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) after the pandemic effect of Covid 19, where after the GST implementation has provided freedom to Indian citizens from the tyranny of multiple levies and tax […]

An Overview of Insurance Broking opportunities and Critical Aspects

Nowadays, there are many insurance policies available in the market, which can confuse non-specialists in making the right insurance choice. An insurance broker gives tips and guidance to the people about the best for their requirements and helps them make the right financial decisions. An Insurance broking acts as a mediator between the general public […]

What are the Benefits to Register International Trademark?

Trademark protects the registered proprietor of trademarks by assuring and providing them the exclusive important rights to use and identifying and recognizing their goods and services from the others and giving others the rights to use it in return for payments. It acts as a weapon for the trademark’s registered proprietor to debar or stops […]

How to Start Profitable Wheat Export Business with APEDA & IEC?

With the onset of the Green Revolution in India, the agricultural sector has seen a huge growth in terms of production and export in the foreign market. As far as wheat cultivation is concerned, India is the second-largest producer of wheat in the world. World trade in wheat is the largest of all other crops […]