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Komal Singh

Komal Singh
About Komal Singh

Komal Singh is a Legal scholar, having diverse experience in scripting research papers, articles & dissertations, which serves her main interest & competent in drafting legal documents. She has polished her skills in dealing with the matter related to consumer affairs and now building intelligible Legal Content for Corpbiz.

Post Trademark Registration Compliances a Brand Should Do

Obtaining a registered trademark is a major achievement because trademark registration is not an easy process. It demonstrates the end of a long and sometimes difficult application process. But as satisfying as it is, Trademark registration is just one milestone in your ongoing quest to protect your trademark and your brand. After receiving the registered […]

Overall Concept of GST E-Invoice Compliance Threshold Limit

The concept of e-invoicing is a major trick for India due to the several business transactions performed daily, with various non-standardized formats used in invoice generating. This concept may be new in the Indian market among Indian taxpayers but almost in 70 countries since last few decades, it has been accepted and adopted successfully. The […]

An overview of FSSAI License in Mumbai-Maharashtra

Mumbai is famous for its street food as people from all economic classes eat street food almost day and night. Also, the online food delivery business has emerged as one of the most profitable developments in Mumbai. Every food business operator must obtain a food license. Before starting with how to get FSSAI License in Mumbai, it […]

A Study on Marks Which can be Trademarked under Trademark Law in India

Trademarks in India are registered under the Trademark Act, 1999. An application is filed with the Registrar of Trademarks for registration. The registrar may accept the application and proceed to register the trademark. If he finds any mistake in it, he can also reject the application. The Act also discusses a list of trademarks that […]

List of Important Judgments under Trademark that You Must Know!

In recent times there has been constant inflation in important trademark judgments in India. Some of the judgments under trademark have been a landmark in terms of the precedents set by Indian Judiciary. Discussed below are historical judgments under trademark in India. Cases on Trademark Infringement Section 29 of the Trademark Act, 1999 defines trademark […]

Impacting Factor of Food Safety & Food Quality

People in the worldwide think that food safety and food quality are the same things. Although similar in nature but in food subjects, a wide difference exists between food safety and food quality requirements. One is engaged in consumer safety while the other works for consumer happiness. Both sound goods but it is more than […]

An Overview on the Transfer of Trademark Rights through Trademark Assignment

A trademark is an intellectual property, similar to a physical property such as land. Just as the owner of the land has the right to sell or transfer his property, the trademark owner has the Trademark Rights of the same nature. Every trademark owner who prefers to transfer his right concerning his trademark can do […]

Usage of Caffeine Prohibited under the Energy Drink by FSSAI Standard’s

The Energy Drink are considered as non-alcoholic categorized drinks containing the nutritional information of caffeine, like guarana, glucuronolactone, taurine, ginseng, inositol, carnitine, B-vitamins, etc., which acts as stimulants. Within the past years, vivid energy beverages have been introduced in the Indian markets known as Energy Boost or supplements. Several energy drinks contents with a high […]

A Comprehensive Study on 2021 Announcement Released by FSSAI

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of India imposed the nationwide lockdown; initially, it was for three weeks from 24th March to 14th April 2020 which was extended up to July 2020. After the revocation of lockdown the central government has given the power in the hand over the respective state government to set the […]

Procedures to Cancel the Trademark Application in India

Once any of the brands get registered its trademark, that particular brand can take back its Trademark Application, and after that, the brand has no legal right on that trademark, and the mark will be open in the market for other brands. In this article, we have put light on the procedure to cancel the […]

What do you mean by Bureau of Indian Standards and its Importance Relating to FSSAI?

The Bureau of Indian Standards is the statutory organization which is working under the supervision of the Ministries of human affairs, food, and public distribution, Central Government. The Bureau of Indian Standard enabled  by the Bureau of Indian Standard Act, 2016 by which it grant licenses to manufacturers and to perform practically in every industrial […]

How to Establish a Profitable Alcohol Export Business in India?

Setting up a business in India is considered a challenge, but when you know the right facts, it is not difficult to keep the necessary documents and work according to the defined procedures. In this article, we will cover the details of alcohol export compliance for setting up business in India in the context of […]

Procedure to Cancel Shop and Establishment Registration in India

Decided to close a shop or an establishment? We all know about the fact that there have been different regulated procedures to open any shop business in India. In the same way, if you want to get close to your shop or establishment, you have to go through a procedure established by the concerned authority to […]

Power of Inspection, Search, and Seizure under the Regime of GST

The GST regime was enforced and accounted to make the taxation, uniformly implemented and more simplified than ever. Thus the government of India has made rules and regulations to stop and ensure tax evasion at least. The concerned GST officers and Goods and services tax inspectors possess enough power and authorized to carry out any […]

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