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Bakery Business in India is the Next Big Thing

The profit potential associated with a bakery business in India has motivated the new entrepreneurs to commence their bakery business. This business is a promising one as there will never be a lack of demand for muffins, pastries, cupcakes, cakes, etc. anytime in the future. Also, the trend is on the rise due to the […]

What are the Essentials for Running Meat Processing Business in India?

Meat processing business in India requires proper planning, along with acquiring various licenses and permits is mandatory. When it comes to the production of meat, India has attained the leading spot. As Indian customers have become conscious of including protein-rich foods in their diet, meat has become a highly consumable foodstuff in India. The diversification […]

Essentials for Starting a Coffee Shop Business in India

Starting a coffee shop business in India has become a rage in recent years due to the high demands from the millions of coffee lovers in most of the developing regions. After tea, coffee is the second leading preferred beverage in India. India is known for producing near about 3.5% of coffee production in the […]

Steps to Apply for Refund under GST and a Brief Overview of RFD-01 and RFD-01A

The process of applying for a refund under GST law varies under different outlines. Through this write-up, we are going to throw light on the steps to apply for a refund under GST, GST RFD-01, and GST RFD-01A, the applicability of RFD-01, and RFD-01A, and more. Let’s Begin with RFD-01 and RFD-01A In Form RFD-01/RFD-01A, […]

A Brief Take on Special Economic Zone- SEZ under GST

Any supply to or by a unit of SEZ[1] under GST would get acknowledged as an Inter-state supply & there will be the applicability of IGST or Integrated Goods and Supply tax. The spots for Special Economic Zones are within the national boundaries of the country. Although special economic zones exist within the same country, […]

FSSAI Extends date for FSSAI Food License Renewal amid COVID-19 pandemic and Required Documents

FSSAI has extended date for FSSAI Food license renewal amid COVID-19 pandemic. FSSAI has brought news of relief in the lives of food business operators by extending the grace period until June 30, 2020, to make them apply for FSSAI Food license renewal or FSSAI registration renewal either expired or on the way to get expired […]

GST Registration for E-commerce Operators under GST Regime

The methods of GST Registration for e-commerce operators, along with the forms needed by taxpayers who will deduct or collect TDS/TCS, are the parts of this write-up. The impact of GST on e-commerce has been a major one in India. The Indian government has introduced special provisions and regulations for e-commerce companies to make them […]

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Commence a Food Truck Business in India

Food Truck Business in India has gained admiration among small entrepreneurs as well as consumers. Amid the rapidly growing standalone restaurant business in India, the charm of food trucks has made it a rage in recent years. You might be getting the thought roaming in your mind that the concept of food trucks is newly […]

All you need to know about GST Refund on Exports

The claiming concerning the GST Refund on exports would witness a revamp under the new GST Return system. Under goods and service tax regime, exports get considered as zero-rated supplies. The special category of supplies under GST are- exports, deemed exports, supplies to SEZ units, and zero-rated supplies. Since zero-rated supplies fall under the section […]

Permissions and Licenses Required for Health Drinks Business in India

The health drinks business in India has attained momentum in recent years as people have become prudent about their fitness and health more than ever. A significant section of the population has increased the intake of various types of healthy drinks for the fulfillment of nutritional deficiencies. The craze for health drinks and energy drinks […]

FSSAI License Requirement for Export of Food Products from India

The trend of export of food products from India to other countries has picked pace at a global level. In order to export food products from India to other countries, exporters of food products must acquire the FSSAI License. Since the Indian government’s policies are backing the food products export from India, exporters of food […]

A Brief Coverage on the Difference between VAT and GST

Gaining insights on the difference between VAT and GST would help the household consumers, and the businesses get familiar with the seamlessness that the GST tax regime offers. On July 1, 2017, the implementation of goods and service tax took place, and it came with a different philosophy, i.e., one nation, one tax. Various forms […]

Key Insights on Setting up an Online Food Delivery Marketplace in India

The online food delivery marketplace in India has a splendid future. The progress of online food ordering players is a perfect example for those interested in setting their online food ordering and delivery marketplace in India. Also, in recent times most of the aspiring entrepreneurs have started considering this highly promising business idea. According to […]

A 360-Degree Guide on Starting a Restaurant Business in India

Starting a restaurant business in India requires the fulfillment of legal formalities and other formalities as well. Customers gorging on the variety of mouth-watering food and having the pleasure of eye-captivating ambiance show the possibilities to restaurant business enthusiasts. In recent years, the expansion and growth of the restaurant business in India has opened the […]