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A Detailed Guide on Penalties under FSSAI Act

There are various prescribed offenses and penalties under FSSAI Act. FSSAI lays down several rules and regulations under FSSAI Act for the food business operators to follow the guidelines. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of FSSAI to handle food-related issues with ease. Not only acquiring FSSAI food license and FSSAI food registration is enough, but […]

Concept of Input Service Distributor under GST

The foundation of the input service distributor under GST has its roots in the earlier tax regime. Applicability of ISD is only for those entities that are having their several branches all over India under the GST regime. GST registration for all the branches is mandatory from where the taxable supply would get executed. Therefore, […]

Know about the Taxation of Educational Institutions under GST

Educational institutions under GST are those institutions that provide services through education as a part of a vocational education course that is approved, pre-school education as well as education up to higher secondary school or even equivalent, and education as a curriculum part for getting a qualification recognized by law for the time being in […]

Starting an Organic Food Business in India

Starting an organic food business in India is a business idea that ensures humongous growth in the years to come. The way the organic food industry is prospering, we must say that the full-fledged evolution in on the cards for this sector. Since Indians are devoting their time to upgrading their health status, the possibilities […]

All you must know about GST on Intellectual Property Rights Related Services

Through this Write-up, we are covering the applicability of GST on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related services and other information related to Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property rights are not much different from other property rights. Description of this right is available in Article 27- Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These rights grant the exclusive rights […]

The Umbrella Approach to Chocolate Business in India

Chocolate business in India is on the rise due to the enormous demand for the soul satiating delight known as chocolate. The craze for chocolate in all age groups is going to soar higher and higher as every single bite of chocolate warms the hearts of one and all. Also, when it comes to igniting […]

Insights on the Provisional Attachment of Property under GST

Provisional attachment of property under GST is mainly concerned with the protection of the interests of the revenue. All the legal proceedings under several tax laws (Also comprising goods and service tax) might require a substantial amount of time. Delay could take place in the earning of revenue by the government due to the state […]

What are the Responsibilities of Food Business Operators in India?

Responsibilities of food business operators are mostly concerned with adherence to essential requirements as well as following FSSAI compliance. The Indian government is too concerned about the quality of food products by analyzing whether the food business operators are complying with the guidelines of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 or not. The purpose […]

Inspection under GST: A Concise Study

In order to conduct inspection under GST, officers are granted with various rules and powers. The implementation of India’s most significant and crucial economic reform, goods and service tax got implemented from July 1, 2017. The Goods and services tax came into the picture and subsumed several taxes like central excise, VAT, service tax, and […]

Virtual Kitchen Business in India is the Future

The unprecedented extension of the virtual kitchen business in India is serving the vast sky to innovative food business entrepreneurs. Different names of the virtual kitchens are ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens, or shared kitchens. A cloud kitchen or virtual kitchen is the delivery-only food business that performs its operations within the premises of a restaurant. […]

Input Tax Credit for Masks, PPEs- Putting up a Fight against COVID-19

The government could allow firms to seek input tax credit for masks, PPEs, sanitizers, and other goods of similar nature that they have donated as well as supplied for free to withstand coronavirus pandemic. One of the officials in CBIC stated that several representations demanding relaxation got received by the government in section 17- subsection […]

Guide: How NGO Works & obtain 12A and 80G Certificate?

Before starting an NGO and going for NGO registration, you need to know how NGO works. NGOs endeavours to work on various causes, in the same way as administrations. Another feature associated with NGOs is that they have to look after resource management on their own. Even though they receive funds from the government, they […]

Applicability of ITC on Capital Goods under GST

There are appropriate provisions for calculating ITC on Capital goods under GST, calculating input tax credit reversal, and availability as well as non-availability of ITC. Besides this, specific provisions are available for ITC on capital goods used for taxable supplies along with exempted supplies. An input tax credit is a tax paid on purchase by […]

An Outlook: Registering an NGO in India

Registering an NGO is essential for those who want to kick start their NGO in India. As NGO registration empowers you to be apparent in front of the vision of laws, you can get your NGO registered and start a charitable or non-profit making organization. Thereby, you can fulfill your desire of serving the poverty-stricken […]