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FSSAI License Requirement for Export of Food Products from India

calendar02 Jul, 2020
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Export of Food Products from India

The trend of export of food products from India to other countries has picked pace at a global level. In order to export food products from India to other countries, exporters of food products must acquire the FSSAI License. Since the Indian government’s policies are backing the food products export from India, exporters of food products are minting profitability by exporting food products from India outside the geographical boundaries.

However, Countries around the globe welcome only those food products that follow the guidelines of FSSAI for the export of food products from India. Safe as well as products better in terms of quality is everyone’s demand, and thus, fulfilling this demand becomes the responsibility for exporters of food products. The growth of the exporting business of any country directly relates to the export of consumers’ health-friendly products.

It is mandatory to prevent the export of sub-standard or unsafe food products from the Indian boundaries as it may affect the relationship with the countries and lose future associations in the long-run. For this reason, FSSAI[1], the authorized regulatory body monitors and controls the quality and hygienic factors linked with the food products that would get exported outside India.

FSSAI License for Export of Food Products from India is Essential

It is mandatory to have FSSAI License for export of food products from India to countries all over the world. Being a regulatory body under the Health Ministry, FSSAI grants the approval to food products exporters for conducting the export business. All the exporters need to do is acquire FSSAI License on a priority basis in order to get permission from the end of the apex food regulatory body, FSSAI. The wide range of food products that get produced in India must reach out to the maximum number of people, and this is possible only through the mushrooming growth of food export business in India that may let the food products of India get served all around the world.

FSSAI Food Licensing is a form of certification that ensures that food is fit for consuming as no toxic elements are present in the food. Along with FSSAI License for export business, exporters of food products need to acquire the import-export license as well as a non-objection certificate. Once you have the approval, you can go ahead for exporting food products wherever you wish to make it reach.

All the food products that you are interested in exporting require to get registered as a distinct identity and this entire process of approval and licensing can be time taking. You can apply for FSSAI state or central FSSAI licenses for pursuing your dream of exporting food products outside India. Only the FSSAI certified products would get exported. Moreover, we must say that it’s vital for you to understand the procedure to obtain FSSAI License and labeling requirements for food exports along with mandatory documents in case of export of food products from India.

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Procedure to Obtain FSSAI License for Export of Food Products from India

If you are all set to commence your business of export of food products from India, you must get an FSSAI License. FSSAI Authority can provide you this license.

Given below is the step-by-step procedure to obtain the FSSAI License before mapping out the business plan concerning food products export.

  • At the initial point, you should get your company or corporation registered as a legal entity.
  • Secondly, you must acquire (IE Code) Import Export Code by clicking at the link- under Director General of Foreign Trade.
  • Acquire a Non-Objection Certificate concerning the quality of food as well as regulatory compliances presented by the FSSAI Authority by taking the health of consumers and safety concerns into consideration.
  • After that, get the approvals concerning the food product.
  • In the last step, you have to attain an export license from the Central Authority of Licensing.

Labeling Requirements

In order to make your food products acceptable in International markets, you should ensure that you have mentioned sufficient information on all the food products packaging.

The following information must get supplied on the packaging to export food products are-

  • Information concerning the nutritional value and facts
  • Food product name along with the name of the company and brand
  • Description related to the product
  • Ingredients name
  • Declaration concerning veg or non-veg
  • Declaration concerning food additives
  • Country of origin for imported food
  • Manufacturing or packing date
  • Best before as well as a use-by date
  • Net weight and contents volume
  • Name of the exporter in India along with its address
  • Instructions for use
  • Code number
  • Batch number

Any entity that is engrossed in exporting food products outside the geographical region of India into the foreign market must meet these food labeling requirements to get embraced by the international market and sold over there. The Health Ministry looks after those entities or companies that are into the export of food products outside India are obeying the rules or not.

Essential Documents for Exporting Food Products

The essential documents needed to export food products outside India are-

documents needed to export food products

Obtaining NOC Certificate for export of food products from India

Before exporting foodstuffs outside India, it is mandatory to acquire Non-Objection Certificate. It provides you the path to walk on and get FSSAI License for export of food products from India. If you don’t have NOC Certificate, you won’t be able to do the additional formalities concerning food products export. The documents that you need to have if you want to apply for a Non-Objection Certificate are Bill of Entry, Country of origin Certificate, FSSAI Food Business License, IEC issued by DGFT, End-use Declaration, and other documents on the basis of individual import items.

Hereafter, you can apply for a NOC Certificate and pay the required amount for the laboratory testing of food. Sort out all the queries coming from the Authorized Officer side.

Besides this, you must ensure that you meet the following demands of FSSAI before getting the NOC-

  • During clearance time, your food item needs to have a healthy shelf life.
  • The sample should be free from insects as well as a fungal infestation.
  • You are complying with the FSS Packaging and Labelling Regulations of 2011.

After meeting all the demands, you will get a NOC. After that, you can attempt to get the license for the export of food products from India into the foreign market.

Take Away

The demand for Indian food items is not restricted to the Indian boundaries as it has a different consumer base across the globe. It is mandatory to have FSSAI License for export of food products from India into international countries. It circulates a ray of hope across the globe that the manufacturing of goods has taken place under hygienic conditions. In order to get an FSSAI License for the export of food products from India, you may consult Corpbiz experts in one go. 

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