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Being a poetry lover, and an avid reader, Margesh is fanatical about legal content writing. After completing graduation in B.Com(H), he decided to follow his passion. Writing impeccable in-depth content about legal and finance-related topics is his biggest forte.

GST on Legal Services in India: Taxability of Legal Services under GST

Before addressing the applicability of GST on legal services in India, let’s begin with the basic understanding of GST for a better perspective towards the whole concept. Goods and service tax is a comprehensive, multi-stage, value-added indirect tax imposed on the supply of taxable goods and services. The purpose of the presentation of goods and […]

Packaged Drinking Water Business In India

The growth of the packaged drinking water business in India is due to the increasing health issues in today’s time and scarcity of clean drinking water as well. Nowadays, most of the people are advancing towards the use of packaged drinking water, and thus, the packaged drinking water business in India has got the wings […]

A Brief Take on FSSAI Standards for Alcoholic Beverages

The FSSAI standards for alcoholic beverages got mentioned in a notification released on the 5th of April, 2018 by the food regulator, FSSAI. As per the report of Lancet Study, India’s annual alcohol intake has witnessed a lightning-fast rise of 38% in around 7-8 years. Changes in social norms and development in the acceptability factor […]

Anti-Profiteering Measures under GST: A Spirited Defense against Temporary Inflation

The purpose behind enacting Anti-Profiteering Measures under GST was to restrict entities from earning huge profits due to Goods and Service Tax. These provisions came into force to subdue unfair profiteering and ensure consumer protection from price hikes. Anti-profiteering measures under GST hold a special place in the Goods and Service Tax regime. After the GST […]

GST on Transportation- Applicability & Exemptions

The GST on transportation is applicable on goods along with the passengers pursuing their journey through the roadway, railway, airway, or waterway. It’s an undeniable fact that the transportation industry plays a massive part in the progress of any nation. Moreover, it’s not wrong to say that the growth of the transportation industry and the […]

Cupcake Business in India: Complete Overview

The trend of cupcake business in India has clinched momentum in recent years. As Indian people have got exposure to desserts sold in the international market, the scope of cupcake business is increasing with each passing day. Structuring of a cupcake shop depends upon the business objectives, short-term plans, and long-term plans of the entrepreneur. […]

FSSAI License for Transporters in India: An Elaborative Overview

Acquiring an FSSAI license for transporters is mandatory in order to get their job managed as well as regulated. All types of transport business operators should obtain this necessary documentation so that they can smoothly perform their business operations in a hassle-free and straightforward way. After conducting a GAP audit, following a patterned transportation level […]

A Complete Outlook on Job Work under GST Regime

Job work under GST means any treatment or process initiated by an individual on goods belonging to a registered entity. Thus, we can say that job worker is the registered or unregistered person whose job responsibility is managing or processing the goods of a registered entity whereas the principal is that registered person on whose […]

Casting Light upon FSSAI Guidelines for Milk Products

FSSAI, the food regulatory body has envisioned many guidelines for milk products. On the global level, India has earned the repute of being the number one milk-producing nation. As per the Niti Aayog report, the production of milk in India would touch the figure of 300 million Tonnes by 2022. During 2017-18, the per capita […]

GST on Food Services and Food Items: All that you need to Know

GST on food services came to the fore, and still, food businesses are unable to adjust themselves according to the current changes in the system to make room for the new compliance model. Earlier, there was service tax and VAT regime, and then, with the implementation of GST on food services, all the cascading effects […]

Know all about OIDAR Services under GST

The lawmakers of goods and services tax have subsumed OIDAR services under GST law. The expanded form of OIDAR is Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval. OIDAR services are those services provided via the internet as a medium. The two eligibility criteria for OIDAR to get qualified as a service are- Performing of delivery […]

Notable Highlights of the Impact of GST on the Real Estate Sector

The impact of GST on the real estate sector has been a remarkable one. Goods and Service Tax came into the picture on 1st July 2017. It has turned out to be a difference-maker across various sectors of the Indian economy. The real estate sector in India is prospering at a breakneck speed. Over the […]

Food Catering Business in India – An In-depth Synopsis

The demand for food catering business in India is towering high. Those who are driven by the desire to initiate a catering business in India should not worry about the investment at the initial stage due to the low investment of capital at the initial level. Utilizing your cooking skills and investing them in starting […]

Enlightening about the Impact of GST on the Hospitality Industry

Impact of GST on the hospitality industry is showing positive signs since this sector would lure a multitude of tourists and customers due to decrease in end-user costs. Reports suggest that the Indian hotel industry would cross the value of INR 1200 Billion before the year 2023 will come to an end. Hotel Market is […]