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Synopsis of the Entire Mechanism of Advance Ruling under GST

Advance ruling under GST refers to a written opinion or administrative decision furnished by India’s tax authorities to individuals or corporations who seek clarification concerning some tax-related matters. When taxpayers are unaware of specific tax-related provisions and don’t find answers to their queries concerning the same aspect, an advance ruling request is made. In other […]

FSSAI Standards and FSSAI License for Energy Drinks in India

FSSAI License for energy drinks in India is mandatory for those who want to engage themselves in the sector of energy drink manufacturing. Nowadays, most people are making energy drink a part of their daily life as its consumption re-energizes the body and eradicates fatigue and exhaustion. Energy drinks are becoming people’s favorite, especially youngsters […]

Unfurling the Impact of GST on Banks and NBFCs

There is a noticeable impact of GST on Banks and NBFCs. Not only these sectors but also GST effects are visible in varying proportions on all the industries and sectors. After GST implementation, the functioning of banks has witnessed many changes. The taxation system has gone through a considerable shift from the current tax regime. […]

Ayush Manufacturing License for Herbal Products in India

Obtaining Ayush manufacturing license for herbal products in India is mandatory for manufacturing the ayurvedic or herbal products in India. In recent years, India has become a pioneer on the global level when it comes to the manufacturing of herbal products. Talking about the current scenario in which COVID-19 exists, the demand for herbal or […]

An Elaborative Study: Food Safety and Management Systems

The Food Safety and Management Systems is a collective set of food-related standards set up to monitor as well as direct aspects of food safety. Known as FSMS, it helps the food business operators of India win the customers’ trust and serves them in an effective and efficient manner. Having the FSMS Certification in the […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Nidhi Company Rules and Regulations

Nidhi Company rules and regulations oversee the Nidhi Companies post-amendment in Companies Act 2013. A Nidhi Company is a form of NBFC incorporated with intent to implant the habit of thrift and saving among the members for their mutual benefits. The incorporation of Nidhi Company takes place under Section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013. […]

What is National Food Security Card, and How to download it?

National Food Security Card is a legal document through which cardholders get permission to obtain various types of commodities like sugar, rice, LPG, Kerosene, and fertilizers at subsidized rates. Also, it is known by the name of the Food Security Ration Card[1]. If your mind is all set to take benefit of this scheme, you […]

A Complete Overview of E-Form INC 22A

Ministry of Corporate Affairs introduced E-Form INC 22A on February 21, 2019. Under the Companies Act 2013, the MCA demands companies such as Private companies, Public Companies , Nidhi Companies, and other companies to fill out the MCA E-Form INC-22A for the validation of the address of all the after Company Registration. In the past, […]

The Essential Guide on Starting an Ice Cream Parlour Business in India

The possibilities for ice cream parlour business in India are on the rise. Is there anything more refreshing than having an ice cream on a scorching summer day? No! As it provides cooling relief to people from all age groups and helps them in beating the heat. In India, most of the people prefer to […]

All you need to Know about Nidhi Company Registration Procedure in India

Before moving to the Nidhi Company registration procedure in India, let’s have a glimpse on the basics of Nidhi Company. A Nidhi Company is a type of the non-banking finance company. The governance of laws and procedures of Nidhi Company is as per the Nidhi Companies Rules, 2014, along with Section 406 of the Companies […]

Guide on Benefits of Nidhi Company Registration in India

As there are several benefits of Nidhi company registration in India, Nidhi companies have become the first choice for small financers. Furthermore, people all across the Indian boundaries consider it the safest option for the commencement of a finance business in India. Nidhi Company Registration in India would serve the principal goal of a Nidhi […]

How to Import Food Products in India?

In order to import food products in India, importers must get an FSSAI certificate. The growth of food products business in India has been phenomenal in a few decades. Since India has always been popular as the heaven for food lovers, people of India are satiating their gustation buds with exclusive sumptuous delicacies of other […]

Want a Flourishing Business? Focus on Small Fast Food Business in India!

Before commencing a small fast food business in India, you need to equip yourself with a well-researched plan. What adds to the popularity of this business is the abundance of lip-smacking food options for the customers and managing their time as well. Quick Service Restaurant is another term for a fast food restaurant business that […]

Clarifications made by CBIC regarding GST on Director’s Remuneration

In respect of the applicability of GST on director’s remuneration, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (In short, known as CBIC) has released the circular for clarification on the 10th of June, 2020. All the issues regarding this matter have got cleared in CGST circular no. 140/2020. The supreme authority, i.e., directors’, receives […]