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CPCB Deadline for Filing EPR Plastic Returns

Extended Producer Responsibility, or EPR, is a regulatory principle that applies to all major stakeholders in the waste management regime. The producer of plastic waste shall oversee the overall lifecycle of the waste product and ensure that there is no substantial pollution or damage to the immediate environment as a result of such waste processing. […]

CDSCO’s National Single Window System Portal

The National Single Window System Portal is a revolutionary platform that the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has unveiled, intending to improve and expedite regulatory procedures in India’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. This cutting-edge digital system acts as a single point of contact for all regulatory application and approval submission, processing, and tracking—from clinical […]

5 Things a Fractional Chief Financial Officer Will Not Do

The position of a fractional chief financial officer is particularly valuable to businesses looking for financial competence without the commitment of a full-time executive in the fast-paced world of modern business. Businesses experiencing complicated financial challenges might benefit from the strategic direction, financial analysis, and decision-making skills provided by a fractional chief financial officer. Even […]

Technical and Environmental Due Diligence in Business

Technical and environmental due diligence are essential to corporate transactions because they offer thorough evaluations of potential risks and opportunities. Technical due diligence examines a company’s technological and operational components, checking that systems, procedures, and infrastructure meet the buyer’s goals and industry norms. Conversely, environmental due diligence looks into how a business’s operations affect the […]

EPR for Plastic Recycling: Reasons and Solutions

EPR for Plastic Recycling: The pressing issue of plastic pollution on a worldwide scale calls for innovative solutions, and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is one such approach that shows great promise for efficient plastic recycling. EPR for plastic waste management requires plastic product manufacturers to assume full responsibility for the whole lifecycle of their items, […]

Limited Liability in LLP: Meaning and Advantages

The Limited Liability Partnership Act of 2008 and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) regulate limited liability partnerships (LLPs) in India. Partners must complete the required paperwork with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) to form an LLP, including the incorporation agreement and partner data. LLPs must keep accurate books of accounts and submit yearly reports […]

India-Mauritius Tax Treaty Amendment Not in Effect Yet

India and Mauritius have signed a protocol in Port Louis, the Capital of Mauritius, whereby amending the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) to curtail the treaty abuse for tax evasion purposes. The amendment pact has inserted the Principal Purpose Test (PPT), which basically provides that tax benefits under the treaty will only be applicable to […]

Methods Involved in Plastic Waste Management

Methods involved in the plastic waste management: As plastic garbage has such a widespread environmental impact, managing it has become a primary global concern. Due to excessive plastic production, which exceeds millions of tons annually, and poor disposal techniques, plastic waste overflows landfills and chokes the oceans. It is essential to implement efficient management measures […]

What Are The Key Differences Between ISI and ISO Certification

In terms of standardization and quality control, the Indian Standardization Institute (ISI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) are essential. By guaranteeing that goods and services fulfil international standards, ISO certification promotes customer confidence worldwide, facilitates trade, and increases efficiency. However, the BIS’s ISI mark, which certifies adherence to national quality and safety requirements, […]

BIS Registration for Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear

BIS registration for low voltage switchgear and high-voltage switchgear forms important parts of electrical systems and power grids. Low-voltage switchgear and control gear are made to safeguard and regulate circuits at lower voltage levels. Switchgear plays a vital role in controlling the flow of electricity, protecting machinery from malfunctions, and facilitating isolation during repair. It […]

Is copyright of old songs possible?

Copyright of Old Songs: The legal and cultural debate over old music and copyright is a complicated and fascinating subject. Although copyright aims to safeguard authors’ intellectual property rights, applying it to older songs frequently creates issues with duration, ownership, and public domain. The interaction between creative legacy, business interests, and regulatory frameworks becomes crucial […]

Production of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil

In this blog, we will discuss the various merits of producing biodiesel from waste cooking oil, the disadvantages of waste cooking oil, and the process of producing biodiesel from waste cooking oil. Researchers, governments, and industry have been paying close attention to biodiesel in the past few years since it is a non-toxic, renewable fuel. […]

Future of Limited Liability Partnership LLP in India

Let us know more about Opportunities for LLPs in India. What is a Limited Liability Partnership? The Limited Liability Partnership Act,2008 governs Limited Liability Partnerships or LLP. An LLP is a corporate legal entity where the partners have limited liability for the company’s obligations. Their assets are protected from business and company liabilities. The LLP […]

Challenges Faced by Plastic Recyclers in India – An Analysis

Plastic Recyclers in India: Extended Producer Responsibility or EPR is a regulatory framework that originates from the concept of the Polluters Pay Principle, which is a significant development in the domain of environmental protection and sustainable development. The EPR compliance ensure that the producer or manufacturer of a product is aware of the consequences and […]