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Kandarp Vanita

Kandarp Vanita
About Kandarp Vanita

Kandarp Vanita has done masters in Corporate and Commercial Law from WB National University of Juridical Sciences. She has 3 yrs of experience in drafting legal documents & dissertations. Being a curious reader, she is also passionately into providing legal backups and comprehensive understandings in every aspect of Law to the firms.

Rural School for Development by NGO

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization. They are neither a part of private sector nor a part of government sector but they are an independent body working for a social cause to uplift the backward sections of the society. They include such institutions and groups that are completely independent of government and have mainly humanitarian or cooperative objectives […]

Can You Import Without IEC number? Let’s Figure it Out!

Are you planning to start your import and export business in an international level? Well, you must know that there are different standards and paperwork you need to comply with, for allowing your business to run seamlessly. So, if the business is regarding import and export then the primary aspect that is needed to meet […]

Promotion by NGO of Youth Activities and Training

Non-governmental organization (NGO) is an association that is registered with the government and its main function is to work towards the upliftment of society. The NGO association has a comprehensible and definite programs or purpose which it supports and comes up with different schemes to work on the development in that area. It is a […]

What are the various benefits of registration of Producer Company in India?

The Indian economy is an agricultural centric economy. Around 66% of the population is dependent on the agricultural activities for their livelihood. But, the essential makers, primary producers and farmers have had a long battle in India due to low benefit costs. The Government of India, has set up the expert committee in order to […]

Things to Consider before Obtaining a Foreign Trademark Registrations

Anything which evidently distinguishes a product or any service of a company from the other companies in the concerned jurisdiction or in the market, then it is generally called as a trademark or a service mark correspondingly. The word “Trademark” is in general used in differentiating the goods or products of a particular company from […]

What to Do If Application for IEC is Rejected?

As with the increasing competition in the business world, every business entrepreneur is trying to develop their business beyond the domestic market boundaries. Hence, if the business dealer plans to start their business globally, he will have to conform to certain mandatory procedures and obtain different license and registration and one of such license is […]

What is the Format of IEC Application?

Import Export Code (IEC) is compulsory for everyone who is starting up with the business of import and export in the country.  IEC Code is unique code of 10 digits that is issued to the Indian Companies by Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce under Government of India. IEC Code is obligatory before […]

MSME Udyam Registration Process & Penalty

After obtaining the recommendations from the Advisory Committee, the Central Government notified certain standard for classifying the enterprises as micro, small and medium enterprises and specified the procedure and form for filing the memorandum (Udyam Registration) with effect from 1st July, 2020. The Union Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), through Notification dated […]

Can One IEC Code be Used for Two Businesses?

IEC Code is a unique ten digits number issued by the DGFT – Directorate General of Foreign Trade, which is a Ministry of Commerce and Government of India to the Indian Companies. There are several procedures and laws which should be followed before starting up with businesses globally, and IEC (Import Export Code) is one […]

What is the Form for IEC Modification?

Import Export Code (IEC) is required by every business enterprises who is starting up with the import or export business. Directorate General of Foreign Trade, under the Ministry of Commerce and Government of India is the authority to issue IEC Code which is a unique 10 digit number issued to the Indian Companies. The IEC […]

What are the Essentials of MSME Registration?

MSME- Micro, Small & Medium enterprises is the major reason behind the economic growth in many developing countries in the world. It is also rightly named as “the engine of growth” in India as MSME has played an important role in the development and growth of the country in many ways. The Indian government came […]

Trademark for MSME: Registration Process

Trademark Registration is the process of registering a company name brand name, device, logo or symbol and has its own benefits of acquiring exclusive legal right to the user’s trademark with the purpose of providing better protection to the business. As a result, it is the first step towards establishing the company’s own brand name. A […]

The Complete Procedure to Change Address in IEC

Import Export Code (IEC) is required by everyone who is looking to start import or export business in the country.  In today’s competitive business world, everyone is trying to develop their business beyond the domestic market limits. Hence, there are certain mandatory procedures to be followed before going global to get different license and registration and […]

How Many Types of Products can be Exported by One IEC?

Import Export Code (IEC) is an alphanumeric 10 digit registration number that is issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Irrespective of the structure of business organization, it is necessary to obtain IEC for every importer and exporters who are planning to deal with their business globally.  Import and export business is of significant […]

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