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Kandarp Vanita

Kandarp Vanita
About Kandarp Vanita

Kandarp Vanita has done masters in Corporate and Commercial Law from WB National University of Juridical Sciences. She has 3 yrs of experience in drafting legal documents & dissertations. Being a curious reader, she is also passionately into providing legal backups and comprehensive understandings in every aspect of Law to the firms.

Complete List of different Trademark Registration Status

The trend of trademark registration online in India has enhanced the transparency and effectiveness of filing trademark in India. Now, we can track the status of trademark application online and the trademark expert can take various actions on the basis of current status of the trademark application. In this article, we will focus on the […]

10 Best Startup Government Schemes in India for Every Entrepreneur

Startup India is a business hub and a one-stop platform for all the stakeholders in the ecosystem of the Startup for the purpose to work together, exchange information and knowledge and form a booming partnership with each other in a highly active environment. The Government of India has come up with Startup India scheme in […]

RBI’s Guidelines on the Co-Lending Model between Banks & NBFCs

The Reserve Bank of India has come up with a Co-Lending Model (CLM) scheme under which the banks together with NBFCs shall provide the loans to the priority sector borrowers on the basis of prior agreement. The Co-Lending Model is an enhancement of the co-origination of loan scheme that was announced by RBI in September 2018. It aims at […]

RBI’s Revision on Regulatory Framework for NBFCs

The NBFCs have considerably grown over years in terms of their complexity, technological sophistication, interconnectedness, operations, and size. Many of the NBFC’s have started to venture to new financial services sectors with the new products. Taking into consideration the noteworthy growth of NBFC, RBI has revised the regulatory framework for NBFCs in the recent years […]

The Complete Guide for Registering a Foreign Company In India

According to rules as given by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs any Foreign Company can get themselves registered in India and the statutes under the Companies Act, 2013. If you are planning to set up any business in the India as a foreign company, then you have the option to either open a subsidiary of […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights are intangible rights given to the author over the creation of their minds. IP Rights are usually given to the creator for exclusive use of his creation for a fixed time period. It is a protection given to the inventors so as to encourage them to come up with different creations and […]

What is the legal Difference between a Brand and a Company?

As a business owner, it is necessary to “build a brand.” At the same time it is imperative to keep the company’s name in front so that more people know what the company is dealing with. The truth is that there is a lot with the company besides the brand. However, it’s undeniable that the […]

An Overview on Surrender of IEC License

The increase of competition in the market has made everyone to look for different ways to grow their business beyond the domestic limit. For doing business globally it is obligatory to conform to several laws and procedures and it is necessary to get different registration and license. The IEC registration is one of the important […]

Whose Name can be on Sole Proprietor Business PAN Card?

Sole proprietorship is the business managed by single person and it is the simplest form of business under which one can start operating with a new business. There is no distinction between the business entity and the owner here, hence sole proprietorship has no separate entity. Under Sole proprietorship, the owner is himself liable for […]

How to Differentiate Between Business and Profession?

A business is an entity that indulges in selling goods or in offering services for the purpose of gaining profit. The three major legal forms a business can be divided into are: – sole proprietorship business, partnership business and a company. The term profession is referred to anyone who follows some ethical standards and they […]

Goods Sent on Approval Basis before Transition to GST

It is a common business process to send goods on approval basis. Hence, many times these goods are returned by the receiver of such goods due to various reasons. But sometimes the dealer supplies his goods on the approval basis where the customers are given the option either to keep such goods or return them […]

CDSCO: Extension of Medical Device Compliance Deadlines to 2021

This year was the most important year for the medical device companies from the perspective of the medical devices and the regulations since the Medical Device Rules, 2017 has came into force on January 01, 2018. The Government has planned to amend the regulations for medical devices to considerably expand the medical device regulations reach. […]

Valuation Rule for Supply under Goods and Services Tax

Every taxable person is responsible to pay tax on ad-valorem basis meaning “according to the value” the person is taxed based on the value of transaction or a property. Every individual liable to pay tax has to pay GST on both for supply of goods or services and the value for the same has to […]

Is it Mandatory to File ITR below 2.5 Lakhs? Let’s Understand in Detail!

Every income earning citizen of India is subject to The Income Tax Act, 1961, and the Income Tax Rules, 1962, and is obligated to file returns at the end of every financial year with the Income Tax Department if his income is under the taxable limit. The income tax return should be filed before the specified due date. […]

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