Promotion by NGO of Youth Activities and Training

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Promotion by NGO of Youth Activities and Training

Non-governmental organization (NGO) is an association that is registered with the government and its main function is to work towards the upliftment of society. The NGO association has a comprehensible and definite programs or purpose which it supports and comes up with different schemes to work on the development in that area. It is a voluntary institution or group operating independently from the government to achieve a social mission.

The NGO has group of people those who work independently with a particular aim and objective to fulfill the responsibilities that are focused to bring about desirable change in a specific community or situation. Hence, this article will talk about one particular area where promotion by NGO of Youth Activities and Training is done.

What are the Features of a Non-Governmental Organization in India?

  • NGOs are there to support a particular purpose or cause.
  • NGOs are a group of independent and voluntary people that is formed by people with like minds who want to help in serving the society.
  • They work as independent bodies with little or without any governmental interference.
  • Depending on their cause they are working on their own set of rules, regulations, and policies.
  • NGOs are not profit-making or sharing companies but they assist in empowering and enhancing the society.
  • They generate, administer and create funds through contributions and donations from public and charities.

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NGO to Promote Youth Activities and Training

In India, various kinds of Youth Clubs are functioning at the root level but are likely to lack track in their actions due to absence of proper guidance. Therefore, this NGO registration scheme is an attempt to give an optimistic direction to the Youth activities and training. The NGO scheme specifically aims to:-

  • Organize, manage and direct the energy of youth  in building character oriented activities,
  • To develop a sense of pride and promote them to indulge in youth activities and train them to accept national values like secularism, democracy, socialism, etc.
  • Developing awareness among the youth against the existing social evils in the society such as dowry, domestic violence, untouchability, drug addiction, etc by allowing them to perform youth activities and training.
  • Enable and educate the youth to enlarge their awareness on environment, own self, culture and preserving the nature.
  • Provide the youths with the facilities to develop rural sports at the root level and encourage them to involve in such youth activities and training processes.
  • Organize youth activities and training them for the purpose of educating them on preservation of cultural heritage in particular of the rural areas,
  • Offer an opportunity to the youth for participating in development of rural area works by coming up with different developmental schemes. Also, encourage them to conduct youth activities and training them to involve into the developmental programs.
  • Grant an opportunity for training them at a rural level which shall result them with self-employment or better employment opportunities.

The Scheme of Youth Activities and Training

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports have a variety of schemes to support the youth and motivate them to encourage national integration and eliminate social evils. The scheme of Financial Assistance for Promotion of Youth Activities and Training (FAPYAT) will have the following sub-components:-

Scheme of Youth Activities and Training

Vocational Training

The intention is to develop leadership qualities in the youth and to prevent the relocation of the youths from rural areas to cities by making them understand the significance of agriculture and to facilitate the entrepreneurs to gain knowledge of modern methods of training in the rural areas.

Entrepreneurship Development

The mission is to encourage the understanding of the entrepreneurship process amongst the youth so as to furnish the youth with skills for scheming and planning projects and motivate to help unemployed youth.


The objective and aim is to assign the assistance made by the youth in development activities, to channelize their  involvement in the activities for nation building, and to make available such platforms for letting them display their skills and talent.

Who can Apply for Financial Assistance for Promotion of Youth Activities and Training?

Under this scheme, the financial assistance that is provided is under a normative pattern. And the youths who can apply under this scheme lies in the age criteria of 15 to 35 years. These youths can apply and join these training programmes and involve in such activities.

How to Apply?

The eligible NGO shall submit its application together with requisite documents and with the recommendations of any of the given below:

  • State Government,
  • UT Administration,
  • District Collector/DM,
  • NYK,
  • NSS Regional Centre.

And the application for the registration shall be sent to the Deputy Secretary/Director (Training), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi.

What is the Objective of the Scheme?

The objective of this Scheme is to facilitate the creation of youth activities and give them training for the development of country. Few of the objectives are as given below:-

  • Organizing and educating the youths about their rights and duties and providing them with proper education and employment.
  • To promote the youths to publicly participate and to strengthen the links between the local groups, businesses, schools and the municipal authorities[1].
  • To execute the programs for social sustainable development and self-governing principles to promote civil society.
  • To work for taking measures and necessary actions to restore, improve and protect the quality of the environment conditions.
  • To offset the negative social evils spreading in a youth environment, such as: crime, addiction, aggression, dowry, prostitution, xenophobia, domestic violence and others.


The NGO keeps on coming with different schemes and programs to make changes in the sector which highly demands such change. Therefore, this scheme for the youth to promote them for indulging in youth activities and give trainings has high importance and youths must register themselves to avail and prosper for development and growth.

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