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About Archita Bhattacharjee

Archita Bhattacharjee is working as Legal Analyst (Team Lead, Research & Development) at Corpbiz and has proving experience about 2 years as Corporate Legal Researcher in law firms as well as Rajya Sabha and authors in diverse publications. She has refined her skills by representing India in Paris, France and the University of Leiden over implications of International Humanitarian and Criminal Law being certified member of many Legal Centers.

What is Flipkart & Amazon Seller Registration Procedure! Know how to Sell.

Today’s time is undoubtedly everything about to what extend one can quickly get what they want. All thanks to E-commerce, which is booming today in the online shopping portals. Those are Flipkart, Amazon, and many more, which have transformed the shopping involvement for the interested and remote consumers.  Fashion! Food! Basics! Yes! We are talking […]

Difference between Winding up & Striking off a Company in India

A business in India can be conducted under different forms of entities. Among them, you can consider these most popular types: limited liability partnership, sole proprietorship, co-operative societies and partnership, companies, in which each of the kinds of business has its benefits and drawbacks.  Overview of Forms of Companies The sole proprietorship and partnership companies […]

Search Cases under Section 153D of the IT Act, 1961: Lawfulness of Prior approval for assessment

In present times, the Search Assessment regime under Section 153D of the IT Act, 1961 mandates ‘Section 153A and 153C’ of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as the prior approval is necessary for a valid assessment.  In this blog, you will get a precise picture of all the Legality of Prior approval of Joint Commissioner […]

A Guide on Infrared Thermometers: Registrations and Permissions

It can be observed that usage of different medical devices has taken a hike, and trading of different medical devices has increased manifold due to the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 worldwide. One of them is the ‘Infrared Thermometer,’ which is used to measure a person’s body temperature through electronic means. It has proven to be […]

40th GST Council Meeting: Overall Updates

For the first time after the nationwide lockdown, the 40th GST Council Meeting was chaired by Finance Minister NirmalaSitharamanover and done with video conferencing. The discussion was on GST compensation, inverted tax structure, and possibilities of rate rationalization, which were adjourned to the next council meeting. Subsequently, this particular GST Council Meeting held on12th June 2020to […]

A guide on Legal Compliance for NGOs in India

The word NGO stands for Non-Government Organization, a body that remains detached from the Government and profit framework of general businesses in India. These bodies operate as small units that fill the gaps at places where the government cannot reach efficiently, business cannot get done with eloquent returns governed by specific NGO laws; and work […]

ITAT: Capital Gain Deduction Claim if No Returns filed

The Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) Jaipur bench; in an assessee-friendly ruling has held that under section ’54F‘ of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the assessee can claim the benefit of capital gain deduction during the re-assessment records. It can be done in case of non-filing of income tax returns under section 147 and 148 […]

Guide: Restriction on Voting Right under Companies Act 2013

The common stock shareholders have definite rights pertinent to their ‘equity investment’ in a company. The right to vote on definite corporate matters is an important right of shareholders. The Right to vote in elections for the board of directors is a noteworthy right of Shareholders which is provided customarily. Those are predicted on corporate […]

How to approach NGO Registration in India? Forms & Features

If you wish to start an NGO, you need to follow specific protocols and parameters set by the government. It is because; starting an NGO is a noble cause. A non-governmental organization (NGO) operates independently without government interference, which is a legally established organization created by natural persons. This term “NGO” refers to entities with […]

CHAMPIONS: Newly Launched Portal for MSME

Based on advanced ICT tools, the network of control rooms, CHAMPIONS is the Technology-driven Control Room-Cum-Management Information system created in a Hub & Spoke Model.  Overview on Newly Launched Portal for MSME: CHAMPIONS It has a goal at assisting Indian MSMEs march into the big league as National and Global CHAMPIONS[1] initiated On June 1st, […]

Guide on NGO Registration: Types and Benefits

The principal object that you would require is NGO registration if you are looking onward to start an NGO in India specifically. Additionally, you would also request information about the diverse types of NGOs which can get recognized in India. Once you have decided, find out whether it matched with your necessities or don’t. If […]

Demand for Poll under Companies Act 2013: An Overall Regime

In consonance with Legislative experiences on Demand for Poll, Clause 109 pursues to deliver on a declaration of result of voting on any perseverance by a ‘show of hands.’ Chairman of the Meeting on his own or demand made identified by members order for a poll corresponds to ‘sections 179, 180, 184 and 185’ of […]

MCA: Extensions for Resubmission of Forms and for Reserved Names

The MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) has notified concerning the extension for resubmission of forms and filing of names for companies. Moreover in general, every company in India must abide legal compliances considering prescribed deadlines mandatorily . This blog will serve you the latest extended dates prescribed by MCA for the Extension for Resubmission of […]

Voting by Electronic Means: 2020 COVID-19 Regimes

Voting by Electronic means ‘e-voting’, which is a term serving several different types of Voting, implementing both electronic means of counting votes and electronic means of casting a vote. Electronic voting technology can optically scan voting systems include punched cards and DRE or specialized voting kiosks, which may include self-contained direct-recording electronic voting systems. It […]