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Soumya has done LLB (Hons) and has a 2+years experience in writing. Her main interest is in reading judgments, new enactments and amendments taking around in law. She always strives to bring the best to work that she does.

An Overview on Implementing GST on Marketing and Advertising Platforms

The marketing and advertising sector plays an important role in the success of any business. In a normal course of business marketing and advertising is the promotional activity generally using mediums to increase the reach for a growing business. There were many changes done in this industry in the previous decade with an increase in […]

Let’s understand the Concept of Pure Agent in GST

The term ‘Agent’ has been defined under section 2(5) of CGST Act, 2017[1] as a person including a factor, commission agent, broker, auctioneer or any other mercantile agent who carries on business of supply and receipt of services or goods on behalf of another. A pure agent is the registered taxable person who liaises between […]

What is meant by TDS Interest on Late Payment?

There are various provision under Income Tax Act that provide liberty for paying tax after the due date , however the condition is to pay interest on late payment delay. Such provision interest on delay in filing TDS return of income mentioned under section 234A, interest on default in payment of advance tax mentioned under […]

What is Cost of Company Registration in India?

Company registration in India is governed by the Companies Act 2013, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The cost of company registration in India differs depending upon the types of business entities – Private Limited Company, One Person Company, small companies Producer Company, etc. The charge is of Rs.6000 for each form on registration of […]

Professional Tax Rates for a financial year 2019-20 in India

Every person who earns has to contribute to this tax of the state, irrespective of his/her income share of monthly or annually. The employer will deduct this tax from the salaries of employees, and the same amount has to be paid to the respective department of Government. The self-employed people require to obtain a ‘Certificate […]

Easily Register Your FSSAI License in Kolkata- Required Documents and Fees

Running the food business is a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs and can prove to be the profitable business prospect. Today, the metropolitan cities in India are witnessing a big growth in the food business industry. Kolkata is no more an exception in regard to growth in food business. More and more operators are opting […]

Detailed Analysis on GST Registration in Singapore

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is the form of indirect tax or consumption tax which is directly levied on the supply of services and goods provided. GST tax is charged to the consumer therefore GST normally does not become a cost to the company. The Singapore government introduced this system of GST in 1994. Therefore, […]

Significance and Advantages of Company Registration for SMBs

The company registration is mandatory if one intends to expand its business globally. It is done for branding and making a name in the market. So whether you are small or a big businessman it is required to have company registration. The small or a medium-sized business also required to deal with the several large […]

How can a person Check Company Registration Status on MCA website?

Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a government portal containing details of all companies incorporated in India. It has details of all types of companies and Limited Liability Partnership. One can check the Company registration status number, date of incorporation, type of company, charges of the company, directors of the company, etc. from the site. The […]

Analysis on the Fast Track Company Registration under SPICe+ in India

Today the fast track company registration has been made easier and simpler by the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). The (MCA) Ministry of Corporate Affairs has come up with many amendments to simplify the Company Registration process in India. The government has brought the new simple application to ease the process of company incorporation. The […]

A Detail Discussion upon existing Myths of Company Registration

Starting a new business is always an overwhelming process. The entrepreneur requires making decisions about a lot of things. A successful business is not just about a good idea or an optimized process but must know about the structure of the business, its legal identity, preparedness for future growth, and various other factors play a […]

Let’s Identify the Suitable Company Registration for an Entrepreneur!

Company registration is a process which all business owners need to accomplish with. Before moving ahead it has to be identified a suitable company registration for an Entrepreneur. The Companies Act 2013 has listed different types of company registration which can be incorporated in India. The first and foremost thing is to deal with before […]

Why to have Food License for Restaurants and Hotels in India?

Restaurant business industry is one of the emerging business segment in India today as a lot of new entrepreneurs have enter into hotel and restaurant business because of its positive growth. In the generation of consumer awareness, most of the customers want to eat only best quality food which has been certified for safe consumption. […]

Who can have FSSAI Food License for Indian Railways and the Required Documents?

The railway is the most used & widest on land transportation passenger way in India. Indian railway is a 4th largest railway in the world. Around 23 million people use railway facilities per day. Most of them are tourists, employees, ordinary passengers, but only few of them carries food with them. Therefore the large number […]