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Why to have Food License for Restaurants and Hotels in India?

calendar24 Nov, 2020
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Food License for Restaurants

Restaurant business industry is one of the emerging business segment in India today as a lot of new entrepreneurs have enter into hotel and restaurant business because of its positive growth. In the generation of consumer awareness, most of the customers want to eat only best quality food which has been certified for safe consumption. FSSAI logo on the menus and pamphlets increases the credibility after having food license for restaurants business and increases the customer’s confidence in your brand.

Thus it is equally important to maintain the quality of food and hygiene practices of these hotels. The food safety standard authority of India (FSSAI) has made it mandatory for all hotels to obtain FSSAI Food safety Registration or license in order to start their venture.

Why Restaurants have FSSAI License?

Entrepreneurs or restaurant owners know that FSSAI License serves an important legal objective. However, there are few other important functions that the FSSAI License serves. Here are some points that suggest that restaurants must have FSSAI License.

Restaurants have FSSAI License

Consumer Awareness

Customers are much more aware as now most customers want to eat only good quality food which is certified with safe consumption. FSSAI has a gold standard when it comes to food quality. FSSAI is often found on news with the restaurants being delisted across multiple locations. The FSSAI registration stamp then acts as an authority and quality control measure for a restaurant, which in turn builds brand credibility. FSSAI logo on menus and pamphlets increases the credibility of your restaurant business, and it also increases the customer’s confidence in the brand.

Legal Necessity

An FSSAI registration is the legal necessity for any restaurant at whatever be its scale. The FSSAI registration process is indeed time-consuming as it takes around 2 months and entails multiple rounds for the quality check. If the restaurant is caught without a valid license, then a heavy penalty is imposed on the owner. Thus having a license is always the first step for a entrepreneur who wants to open his food business.

FSSAI Logo – A marketing tool

An FSSAI logo can be used as the best marketing objective as Restaurants uses a logo at their outlet or in their menu cards and also at other places where it catches an eye of a customer. The certified logos, along with the unique FSSAI ID, can be used by the restaurants. It is generally seen as a strong mark of validity, quality and also an assurance standard for the consumers.

Business Expansion

From FSSAI State License to Central FSSAI license registration makes the business expansion and standardization of Restaurant’s kitchen operations. FSSAI food license is issued only to the restaurants that meet the specifications in the back-end design laid down by the body.

These specifications act as a stencil to achieve an effective and safe design within the smallest necessary space. The FSSAI License helps to build a brand name and makes it easier for to grow a business. The license also makes it easier to avail of bank loans and for funding which is needed for a business expansion.

How to Obtain Food License for Restaurant?

Follow these steps to get a Food license for restaurant and hotel food business.

  • Step 1: Go to website foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in[1]. An application starts with checking eligibility criteria whether if you are eligible for a Central license or a State License. 
  • Step 2: After that, click on ‘Sign-up’ for an available license. Fill sign-up form with contact details. Make sure that one must enter a valid Email ID or a contact number.
  • Step 3: Think of the unique username for a registration and enter the password. After filling up form, click on Register tab to complete a sign-up process.
  • Step 4: After the account activation, a sign-up success confirmation message through SMS and email will be received.
  • Step 5: Sign in to an account and fill up an online FSSAI Registration Application Form. Make sure one must have all relevant documents required for an application. 
  • Step 6: After filling out an online application, take a printout of a form before clicking on to Submit tab.
  • Step 7: Carefully note down the reference number which is displayed on the screen you have applied. Reference number is required to track a progress of your application further for Registration or Licensing.
  • Step 8: Submit a printout of the filled up Online Application Form to the Regional Authority and State Authority with all supportive documents within 15 days from a date of making an online submission for your application.
  • Step 9: An inspection of your restaurants will be carried by the authorities before granting an FSSAI registration.
Note: If a Restaurant has the turnover of below 20 crores, one should go for State License and if you have the turnover more then 20 crores, go for Central License.

What are the Important Documents required for Food license for restaurant?

The documents that are required for getting a food license for Restaurants are as follows:-

  • Form duly completed & signed by the Proprietor (Restaurant Owner).
  • Identity Proof required
  • Address Proof issued by the Government Authorities
  • List of leading directors & stakeholders in a business with the identity proof
  • Valid Email ID & Contact Number
  • Food Safety Management plan (You can have these documents from the nearest Notary or can be downloaded online)
  • Proof of possession of premise (Rent Agreement, Sale deed Electricity Bill, etc.)
  • NOCs from the Municipal Corporations or local bodies
  • Kitchen Layout Plan
  • Water Testing Report from an ISI approved
  • Partnership Deed/ Affidavit of Proprietorship (in case of business operated in other premises or case of partnership firm)
  • List of the Food Category
  • Types of equipment to be used
  • Medical Certificates of Employees


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