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Soumya has done LLB (Hons) and has a 2+years experience in writing. Her main interest is in reading judgments, new enactments and amendments taking around in law. She always strives to bring the best to work that she does.

Running a Flourishing Restaurant in Delhi: 10 Hacks you Should Know

The food industry in India is growing and in-demand these years. Many entrepreneurs have pulled an idea of opening a restaurant in Delhi. If it is right, then it could be a rewarding venture. In the article, we will discuss the 10 ways to run a successful restaurant in Delhi. 10 best ways to run […]

Understanding Cases on Change in Contract Price after GST Implementation

GST was implemented from 1st July 2017, but there are still many topics that need further clarification. One of the common phenomena in any business is the change in a contract price. The change can be a result of any escalation clause inserted in any contact. A few common reasons for the change in contract […]

FSSAI License for Dry Fruit Business in India

Consumer awareness about dry fruit’s health benefits has led to increased demand for dry fruit business. Not only is there a growing demand for standalone food, but food manufacturers are enhancing an appeal of the premium food products by using dried fruits as the ingredients. FBOs in the dried food sector is responsible for ensuring […]

How can one have the Right to Buy Pharmaceutical Drug?

With an introduction of the product patent regime, a wide range of pharmaceutical drug/products can be patented in India. Before applying for patent registration, one must carefully take into consideration the criteria of patentability. Once acquired, patent rights can be transferred through assignment or licensing to other persons or companies.  It has to be ensured […]

Guidelines of FSSAI to Stock Mustard Oil without Mixing other Oil

Oils and fats are important parts of the human diet; more than 90 % of world production from animals, vegetables, and marine sources is used as food as an ingredient in food products. Oils and fats are the rich source of dietary energy and contain more than twice the caloric value of an equivalent amount […]

The New Income Tax Slab Determines on Salary of Rs. 8 Lakhs and Rs 10 Lakhs Per Annum

To provide considerable relief to individual taxpayers, the Finance Ministry has proposed the whole new tax regime in the Budget 2020′. The Income Tax rates in India have been slashed a bit, and the tax slabs have now been redesigned for the individual taxpayers who will opt to forgo all the deductions and exemptions. The […]

Guidelines by FSSAI on Cleaning of Fruit and Vegetable Market Initiative

The Food & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has come up with a new initiative called “Clean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Market” ensuring the availability of good quality, safe and hygienic fruits and vegetables provided to consumers. It is to boost potential economic growth by upgrading an unorganised retail sector of fruit and vegetable since […]

What is Amendment in LLP Agreement: Rights and Duties of Partners

Under a Limited Liability Partnership, two or more partners can form a unique partnership while having the limited liabilities. It gets registered according to the compliance and regulatory guidelines of the (MCA) Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Sometimes, things do not work out between the partners of a partnership; therefore it is important to have an […]

FSSAI Slams Immunity Booster Food claimed by Register Companies during Covid-19 time

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) are still continuing to crack down the claims of so-called immunity booster food by the FSSAI registered companies flooded in the market ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. The medical experts are warning people as not to believe on such claims. Starting from the March, FSSAI has been […]

Is FSSAI License Required for an Industrial Canteen?

Industrial Canteen falls under a definition of the food business. Any business which falls in a category of ‘Food Business’ under section 3 (1) (n) of Food Safety & Standard Act 2006 requires the FSSAI license and certificate to function legally in India. FSSAI operates under the food safety & standards act, 2006. This is […]

How one can apply for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)?

A Digital Signature certificate (DSC) is the equivalent of a physical signature in an electronic format, as it establishes an identity of the sender of an electronic document on the Internet. After incorporation, the person authorized is to apply for DSC else he/she would not be able to file returns or verify the documents. The […]

Professional Tax Registration Certificate- How it differs from TDS?

Professional tax is one which is levied on all professions, trade and forms of employment. The tax is not restricted itself to professionals alone as it is collected based on an individual’s income who must have professional tax registration certificate. Therefore, employees, and individuals who own businesses and professionals are taxed under this term if […]

How to Export Organic Products such as Vegetables and Cereal from India?

The Export of organic products has been picked up by the customers in the recent years. As now the customers have become more health-conscious, that is why all such products have become even more popular. Now, India has also become the significant exporter of organic products due to its agricultural powers. However, starting the business […]

A Detailed Discussion on GST at Duty-Free shops

The Duty-free shops are mostly noticed at the departure area of the International airports. They are kind of retails outlets that produce the goods locally and are exempted from payment of the local taxes. In the system, one condition has to be fulfilled that such goods can be sold only to the tourists who will […]