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What are the Responsibilities of Food Business Operators in India?

calendar15 Jun, 2020
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Responsibilities of food business operators

Responsibilities of food business operators are mostly concerned with adherence to essential requirements as well as following FSSAI compliance. The Indian government is too concerned about the quality of food products by analyzing whether the food business operators are complying with the guidelines of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 or not. The purpose behind the government surveillance is to ensure the protection of the health of the consumers.

FSSAI has drafted various FSSAI compliances that help food businesses in running in an efficient and smooth manner. FSSAI ensure that food available and getting distributed in the market is pure in all the way and would not cause any harmful effect on the consumers. Those food business enthusiasts who are waiting for the right moment to enter the food industry must follow compliances under FSSAI Act.

Duties and Responsibilities of Food Business Operators

The duties and responsibilities of food business operators are discussed in the points given below-

  • All food business operators must ensure that the commodities of food are in accordance with the Food Safety and Standards Act[1] commenced in 2006 and the regulations created herein at different stages of production, processing, import, as well as distribution and sale within the businesses in its control.
  • All the food business operators in India must not employ any person at work who is suffering from communicable, infectious or loathsome diseases. FBO’S need to observe the things with this regard, and thus, it comes under the responsibilities of food business operators.
  • None of the food business operators in India shall store, manufacture, sell as well as distribute any article of food either himself or by any other person on his place-
Responsibilities of Food Business Operators
  • Food business operators must not involve themselves in selling or offering for sale articles of food to any vendor unless he presents a guarantee in writing in the form prescribed by food business regulations about nature as well as the quality of such article to the vendor.
  • Where any food item which is not safe falls under the parts of a batch, consignment of the food of the similar class along with the description, it shall get surmised that various food articles in that batch, consignment or lot is also marked as unsafe, unless heeding an assignment in detail in the time frame of the specified period. Furthermore, observations suggest that there is a lack of evidence available that the rest of the batch, consignment or lot is not safe:
  • In the event, any congruity of a foodstuff with special provisions applicable in case of that food shall be free from prejudice to the authorities that are qualified enough in order to take appropriate measures to lay required restraints on the food that has got settled in the market or to demand its exit from the market for the specific reasons to get stored in writing form where authorities of such type suspect that, despite the conformity, the food is not fit for getting consumed by human.

Responsibilities of Food Business Operators- Getting FSSAI Registration 

Getting FSSAI registration is a basic license requirement for food business operators indulged in the small-scale food business. This category of registration encompasses the businesses given below-

  • Any FBO with an annual turnover upto Rs 12 lakh
  • Any person who is involved in manufacturing as well as selling of food articles by himself
  • Petty retailers dealing in various food products
  • Any individual or a person who distributes food at religious places or public gathering, except a caterer
  • Food sale activities performed by the temporary stallholder

Cottage industries or small-scale industries involved in the food business and the other

Business Capacity
Food Production Capacity (Other than Meat as well as Milk) Up to 100 KG/Ltr. Every day
Slaughtering Capacity 2 Large Animals or 10 Small Animals or Poultry Birds- 50 per day or less
Procurement, along with, Handling and Collection of Milk Up to 500 ltr. Per day

FSSAI License Requirements

  • Food business operators who are importers, exporters, and large manufacturers involved in large-scale food business must acquire FSSAI registration from central government and food business operators with small along with medium-sized manufacturing units, traders, marketers, as well as transporters, etc., should take FSSAI registration from the state government.
  • Acquiring State FSSAI license and Central FSSAI license belongs to the responsibilities of food business operators on the basis of business size. Food business operator should have a turnover in the range of Rs 12 lakh- Rs 20 crore in order to apply for state FSSAI License. On the other hand, food business operators with an annual turnover exceeding the towering figure of Rs 20 crore can apply for Central FSSAI license.

Online Training Programme for Food Business Operators

  • FSSAI has launched an online training programme for food business operators in India with intent to help the FBOs in maintaining hygiene as well as safety athwart the food supply chain against the grave challenges posed by Coronavirus Pandemic. The purpose behind doing this is to make sure that food must reach the consumers end without any interruption.
  • FSSAI is gearing up with the concept of FoSCoS to simplify the process of conducting business for food business operators. Also, it would enhance the user experience for users. FoSCoS is launched in India on June 1, 2020, in States/UTs of Odisha, Manipur, Goa, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Delhi, Ladakh, and Chandigarh at the fundamental level.

Take Away

To sum up, the prime responsibilities of food business operators covers compliance with legal requirements, along with ensuring the safety of their food products. All the food business operators must follow FSSAI compliance by considering it as the priority and obtain FSSAI license as well. At Corpbiz family, we have got accomplished legal professionals who can play the role of a guide in your journey towards obtaining FSSAI license and FSSAI registration as well.

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