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Significance of ISI Certification Mark for Your Business 

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Significance of ISI Certification

In this blog, we shall learn more about the significance of ISI certification in the Indian market, what it means for consumers, and how a business owner can benefit from it to ensure its products are qualitative and authentic.

Significance of ISI Certification

Significance of ISI certification: Since 1955, the ISI mark has been an indicator of standards compliance for products in India. The mark attests to a product’s compliance with Indian standards, which are created by India’s National standard-setting organization, the Bureau of Indian Standards. In India, the ISI Mark is unquestionably the most recognizable certifying mark, and the significance of ISI certification is very much for the manufacturers.

The significance of ISI certification can be seen in numerous products, industrial appliances, and electrical goods, including switches, motors, wiring cables, heaters, kitchen appliances, etc., as well as other products, including lime cement, LPG valves, LPG cylinders, automobile tyres, etc. The ISI mark is required to be marketed in India.

Significance of ISI Certification: Advantages for Your Business

An ISI certification signifies that a particular product meets the Indian standards for quality, safety, and efficiency. Indian Consumers rely on the credibility of an ISI mark and proactively rely on the effectiveness of ISI-certified products, ensuring peace of mind regarding the products they buy and use. Some of the critical points that depict the significance of ISI certification for your business are:

Reliability of the product

With the ISI mark on the products, the consumers are assured 100% that the products are reliable for them to use. They can trust these products, and they are safe to be used by them. The significance of the ISI mark can be seen in the product’s reliability.


The significance of ISI certification can also be seen in eco-friendly products. ISI certification emphasizes that the product is compliant with efficiency standards and promotes environment-friendly methods of production, reducing energy consumption, and decreasing dependency on conventional pollutant-emitting products and processes. 

Facilitates Growth in Business

The significance of the ISI certification can also be seen in the growth of the business. The business can achieve better growth prospects with ISI certification.

Reduces Product Rejection

With the presence of ISI certified products the chances of the products being rejected becomes very less. The ISI certification itself shows that the product has passed all the standard checks. Hence the significance of the ISI certification is always elevated.

Credibility in Consumers

Products lacking quality certification can disappear from the market overnight, but they will never gain the confidence or credibility of consumers. Products that are not certified run the risk of performing poorly and possibly becoming unhealthy. Regretfully, the majority of end consumers are unaware of these facts. Conversely, ISI-certified products guarantee to give superior performance and unmatched reliability, therefore they do not cut any corners in this regard. This is one the vital reason of significance of ISI certification.

Impact of ISI Mark on Industry

ISI mark certification is essentially a seal of quality and testing for products. Everyone is reassured by the ISI mark that your product is safe to use or consume. ISI certification is the most trusted and reliable mark of the market quality of a product in India. For numerous products, including building materials, baby products, kitchen appliances, household appliances, and many more, the ISI mark is required. The significance of the ISI Mark is that it represents the product is made in India and is at par with the standards established. ISI mark certification also carries with it the prestige and brand value of India’s manufacturing and production capabilities around the world.

Other Important Marks in India

Some of the other essential standards marks used in India are as follows.-

  • AGMARK for agricultural products
  • HALLMARK for gold jewellery
  • BEE mark for Electrical Appliances 
  • FPO for processed food products and beverages
  • FSSAI for packaged and loose food products

Legal Implications

The Government of India has laid strict guidelines for businesses to comply with ISI mark certification. The Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016, is the controlling legislation enacted to maintain the significance of ISI mark certification in India. As per the Act, the penalty for contravention of any provision for the BIS regulations and guidelines, including illegal or improper use of the ISI Mark, not meeting industrial standards for products, or any other non-compliance, can lead to a penalty of up to Rs. 50,000 or imprisonment of up to 1 year for such person.

Significance of ISI Mark vs. BIS Certificate

The Bureau of Indian Standards is an institution and grading agency that manages the quality and customer standards of a product. BIS is in charge of offering quality certification and guaranteeing the dependability, stability, and quality of the products for consumers, upholding consumer satisfaction and safety principles. The Bureau of Indian Standards is also the authority that awards the ISI Mark as a standard mark for products that demonstrate compliance with Indian quality standards. The significance of the ISI Mark is that when a product bears the mark, it displays that it meets the BIS’s quality standards. Manufacturers are granted permission by BIS to use the standard mark on items that meet relevant Indian standards as part of the product certification program. ‘CM/L-XXXXXXXXXX’ is the license number located at the bottom of the ISI mark, while the Indian standard number is located at the top of the aforementioned ISI mark.


The significance of the ISI mark is that it establishes authenticity and credibility for a product that is at par with internationally accepted standards. The ISI mark certification or BIS certification is the hallmark of a product’s credibility in the market and, hence, is a quintessential requirement for a product to be fit for consumer use. Since ISI mark certification and BIS labelling are the sole way to determine whether a product is safe to use or not, it must be present on certain products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the significance of an ISI Mark Certification?

    The Bureau of Indian Standards is the National Standards Body of India, which examines, grades. It certifies the quality of consumer products and sets industrial standards for manufacturers and producers of consumer goods and services available in the retail market.

  2. Are separate registrations required per location and product?

    Even for the precise industrial location, separate applications must be made for each product. Similar to this, even if the product is the same, different applications need to be submitted for each plant location.

  3. Are the ISI marks internationally recognized?

    ISI marks are specifically for Indian standards. For international standards, the products are ISO certified.

  4. What is the procedure for obtaining an ISI Certification for a product?

    To obtain an ISI Certification for manufacturing a particular consumer product, the process involves identifying the ISI standard as per the ISI Mark Scheme, submitting an application to the Bureau, and undergoing product testing. If successful, the manufacturer gains ISI certification, allowing them to use the BIS label and ISI mark for consumer sales or export.

  5. How much time has it taken to obtain a valid ISI certification?

    The Bureau official takes approximately 30 days to assess and evaluate the application for the grant of an ISI mark and, upon satisfaction of the application details, issues a valid ISI certification.

  6. What is the compulsory registration scheme under BIS?

    As per the directions of the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), every manufacturer of electric appliances is required to abide by the Compulsory Registration scheme and get a valid BIS certificate for the purpose of conforming to national standards of quality prescribed by the Government.

  7. What is the validity of an ISI Certification?

    An ISI mark certification is valid for a period of 2 years, after which it requires a renewal.

  8. On what parameters does BIS grant an ISI Mark Certification?

    The quality control, process controls, and testing capabilities before granting the license. In addition, testing in the manufacturing facility, in a third-party laboratory, determines if the product complies with the applicable standards.

  9. How can Corpbiz help me get an ISI Certification for the electric ceiling fan business?

    Dealing with statutory compliance and requirements of the BIS requires meticulous due diligence and regulatory compliance procedures. Corpbiz provides compliance management services and ensures statutory compliances are met to obtain ISI certification for a consumer or industrial goods manufacturing business.

  10. What is the validity period for the product test reports?

    The validity period for the text reports is ninety days.

  11. Are business owners aware of the significance of ISI certification?

    In the past the business owners were not much aware of the significance of ISI certification. But in the current era of compliance the ISI certification has gained much more importance and is a mandatory compliance for the business, and its non-compliance results into fines.

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