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Shuchi Saxena is an experienced business advisor with 10+ years of experience in management consulting. Maintaining a creative flow while writing content comes naturally to her. 99.2% of her writeups are problem-solving and help readers get what they intend to look out for. Her expertise lies in Startup Advisory, Regulations, Consulting, Environmental Advisory, etc.

Section 194A TDS on Interest to NBFCs

Fulfilling compliance obligations with Section 194A TDS on interest to NBFCs is crucial. The Income Tax Act of 1961’s Section 194A deals with the deduction of tax at source (TDS) on interest payments, and it specifically affects non-banking financial companies. According to this rule, before crediting the interest amount to the receiver, anyone, including NBFCs, […]

BIS Certification for Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Businesses must use eco-friendly practices to meet consumer needs and regulatory obligations, as well as to reduce their environmental impact in a world where sustainability is becoming more and more important. A company’s dedication to environmentally responsible operations is affirmed by its certification for Eco-Friendly Business by the Bureau of Indian Requirements (BIS), which is […]

Guide to Limited Liability Partnership Agreement

A clear and comprehensive Limited Liability Partnership agreement lays the groundwork for the company. A thorough, detailed agreement of the LLP makes a firm’s tasks and obligations extremely apparent. This lessens the likelihood of future disputes. A Limited Liability Partnership’s written agreement between its partners is called a Limited Liability Partnership agreement. It outlines each […]

Difference between Insurance Agent and Insurance Broker

An insurance agent is a professional who offers an insurance company’s products to customers in exchange for a commission. A representative who markets a policy on behalf of an insurance company is known as an insurance agent. Although the agent works on behalf of an insurance business, they assist customers in choosing the best insurance […]

Maintaining Compliance and Transparency for NGOs

In non-governmental organizations (NGOs), compliance pertains to following the law, moral principles, and internal procedures that regulate their day-to-day activities, finances, and operations. This ensures accountability to stakeholders and the public by promoting transparency in financial transactions, reporting procedures, and decision-making processes. To build credibility and confidence with funders, recipients, and communities, an NGO must […]

Pollution NOC for Water Purification Agency

First of all, water purification organizations around the world are highly concerned about pollution and have to take strict action to lessen its negative impacts. An essential instrument in this effort is the Pollution NOC (No Objection Certificate), which acts as a regulatory framework for tracking and managing pollution levels. These certifications play a crucial […]

Can You Sell Insurance Without an Insurance License?

Because it shields people and companies against unanticipated dangers, insurance is an essential part of financial security. Nevertheless, the selling of insurance is not exempt from rules and specifications. Selling insurance without the insurance license is prohibited in the majority of jurisdictions and has serious repercussions. The process of obtaining a license guarantees that brokers […]

How to Start a Blogging Company in India?

A company that focuses on starting, running, and often monetizing blogs on a variety of subjects is known as a blogging company. To assist clients in creating and expanding their online presence, these businesses often provide services, including marketing, website design, search engine optimization, and content development. They often also offer software tools or platforms […]

Benefits of Cloud-Based Bookkeeping Solutions for Businesses

For companies in every sector, effective Cloud-based bookkeeping is crucial as it forms the basis of both financial management and decision-making procedures. Fundamentally, good bookkeeping guarantees accurate financial transaction tracking, recording, and analysis, giving rise to a clear picture of a business’s financial standing. Organization and current record-keeping of revenue, spending, assets, and obligations helps […]

ISI Certification for Interlocking Paver Blocks

Because of its strength, visual attractiveness, and simplicity of installation, interlocking paver blocks have grown in popularity as paving materials for outdoor areas, driveways, and pathways. But it’s crucial to guarantee the calibre and security of these goods. This is where having ISI certification comes into play. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) offers ISI […]

Consent Letter for GST Registration: Meaning, Requirements

When a company does not have a recognized commercial place of business, many people operate their business at rental places. If the establishment is owned by the business, ownership documentation may exist. In cases where the primary place of business is not owned, rented, or leased, the taxpayer must provide a consent letter for GST […]

Change in Registered Office of NBFC

Much like Companies under the Companies Act, 2013. Non-Banking Financial Companies or NBFCs must have a registered office of NBFC from where the official communications and correspondences are carried out. The registered office of the company is generally the city or place where the major stakeholders of the company reside and where the board meetings […]

Things You Should Know About Medical Device Registration

The Medical Devices Rules, 2017, has laid down the standards for medical devices being manufactured and imported in India. Devices exported from foreign countries such as France, China, USA, Japan, Canada, KSA, European Union, etc, are required to obtain valid approval and quality clearance certificates under their respective laws and regulations. The Medical Devices Rules […]

Understanding the importance of Fractional CFOs for SMEs

Normally, the Chief Financial Officer or CFO is the key managerial person in any company which overlooks the entire financial and business reticulum of the organization. They are responsible for the entire internal structuring of the company as well as drawing a roadmap for the future course of the company operations and plans. A CFO […]