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Ilma Siddiqua is an environmental professional with 8+ years of healthy experience in Business Compliance MOEF, Tyre Waste, Hazardous Waste, Battery Waste, AVSF, EPR, State Pollution Control Board, etc. Penning words give her the utmost pleasure, and that’s why she opted for drafting amazing writeups that move the readers to the core.

Steps to get an FSSAI Duplicate License

Any operator of a food business who loses their license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) may find it extremely difficult to run the food business. That being said, getting an FSSAI duplicate license doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might seem. The regulatory body has defined a simple […]

Products Exempted from the BIS Certificate

BIS certification is a consumer product quality standard used by the Government of India. It is administered through a body known as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and ensures that consumer products, goods, and electronic and industrial goods meet the required energy efficiency and safety standards. The examination and certification process involves preparing applications, […]

Virtual CFO Services for Creative Agencies

The chief financial officer or CFO is the key managerial person of a company who oversees the entire financial and regulatory framework and suggests a strategy for the future growth of the business. CFO is necessary for any business venture, as well as for small and new enterprises that struggle to navigate the complex territory […]

Navigating Setting up a Currency Exchange Business in India

It takes careful planning and compliance with regulations to start a currency exchange company in India. India’s economy, which is among the fastest-growing on global level, offers a rich opportunity for these kinds of businesses. To begin this venture, prospective business owners need to make sure they comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML) standards and […]

GSTN Advisory for OPC Registration

GSTN Advisory for OPC Registration: The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) Advisory for One Person Company (OPC) Registration highlights how India’s tax system is changing and how this affects sole proprietors. The OPC structure has been popular in India as a result of its limited liability advantages and easier compliance requirements, particularly in light […]

GST Compliance Trend that Drive Growth for Businesses

The guidelines that govern how we must keep our records up to date, submit invoices, report sales and purchases, and, in the end, pay taxes and file returns have been established by the GST Council. To put it simply, GST compliance is the act of adhering to specific laws and regulations. For businesses, GST compliance […]

A Guide on the Benefits of a Model Approval Certificate

Machine learning models are being developed and used in a wide range of industries in the context of contemporary technology and innovation. These models may have advantages, but there are also serious drawbacks, such as bias, invasions of privacy, and poor decision-making. As a result of these difficulties, the idea of a Model Approval Certification […]

An In-depth Insight on the Outsourcing of Accounts Payable

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of outsourcing accounts payable for small businesses and how to overcome related challenges. What is Outsourcing Accounts Payable? The practice of engaging a third party to manage invoice or bill-related operations is known as accounts payable outsourcing. The third party will often handle tasks including invoice capture, […]

Responding to Copyright Objections: A Comprehensive Guide

Copyright registration is a very complex process as it involves a lot of research about whether your new work is already registered or not, the documentation process, and the objections to the copyright before registration, etc. Responding to copyright objections is necessary so that you can state clearly that the copyright claim is genuine and […]

Navigating Online OPC Registration in Hyderabad

One of the largest business markets and corporate headquarters in India is located in Hyderabad, which offers a plethora of job prospects for the local populace as well as start-ups. Hyderabad has a dynamic and varied business environment. Many international corporations call this city home, including tech behemoths like Google, Facebook etc, which have significant […]

Navigating Guidelines for NBFC Takeover

Companies that provide financial services and products but are not formally recognized as banks with a complete banking license are referred to as non-banking financial firms or non-banking financial institutions. A non-banking financial firm is also a corporation whose primary activity is accepting deposits under any plan or arrangement via any channel. Traditional banks have […]

Rights Under Copyright Registration – A Complete Guide

A copyright is a statutory right or privilege granted to the owner, maker, composer, curator, etc., of a literary, artistic, musical, dramatic, or cinematographic work that is granted by the Government. A Copyright signifies and ensures that no person other than the original creator shall be allowed to use or exploit the copyright for the […]

What is the Importance of Environmental Due Diligence?

The process of evaluating and investigating how a company’s actions and policies influence the environment is known as “environment due diligence” (EDD) since, if done improperly, these variables might substantially undermine any merger, acquisition, or financial transaction. Therefore, EDD helps these companies evaluate new investments, operations, or projects by detecting potential risks and unanticipated liabilities. […]

Common Mistakes Made During Environmental Due Diligence

When making assessments regarding new property acquisitions, environmental due diligence (EDD), sometimes known as the “ecological audit” of industrial firms, administrative buildings, or undeveloped land plots intended for subsequent projects, is a crucial component. An extensive assessment of a specific property’s potential environmental dangers is the goal of environmental due diligence (EDD). The audit offers […]