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Astitva Kumar is an advocate by profession and has completed her BBA. LLB from IP University. She is an avid reader, researcher, and legal writer. Her areas of interest include mediation, conflict resolution, finance, cyber laws, and taxation.

Rules of taxation in securitization in India

A lack of regulation and unclear definition initially characterised the emergence of securitisation in India. To our knowledge, the initial securitisation transaction in India was completed in the early 1990s. However, it is worth noting that until 2006, there was a lack of dedicated legislation governing securitisation transactions and the associated taxation. The primary objective […]

Exploring the Legal Doctrine of Veil of Incorporation

The concept of “Lifting the Corporate Veil” or ‘Veil of Incorporation’ develops as a profound legal doctrine in the convoluted web of corporate jurisprudence. This theory serves as a window into the world beyond the corporate façade, allowing the law to hold individuals accountable for the activities of the corporation. The theory of lifting Veil […]

Unveiling 2022 Nidhi Company Regulations: An analysis

A corporation recognised by the Companies Act of 2013 when read alongside the Nidhi Rules of 2014 is referred to as a “Nidhi company.” Their primary duties, which fall under the non-banking Indian finance sector, are money borrowing and lending among their members. It is a business that was set up specifically to instil the […]

Conveyance Allowance Exemption for FY 2022-23 & 23-24

Organisations commonly offer additional benefits to their employees as a gesture of recognition for their outstanding achievements. They are allocated a portion of their compensation to compensate for the costs associated with carrying out their official responsibilities. In addition, these benefits offer tax advantages that employees can avail of while completing their tax filings. Conveyance […]

Taxing Liaison Offices under the GST Regime

After obtaining the previous clearance from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), a firm resident outside of India may begin doing business in India by opening a subsidiary, branch office, liaison offices, project office, or any other location of business by whatever name is called. The establishment of any of the aforementioned company locations has […]

Impact of Copyright of Songs on Economy

One of the world’s major entertainment industries is thought to be located in India. One of the fastest-growing industries in India, this one has recently seen a huge surge in growth. In the modern day, music has merged seamlessly into everyone’s life and has grown to be a significant component of the entertainment business.  Along […]

Regulatory Review of Corporate Law: All Latest Amendments

The concept of corporate law has gained prominence during the past two decades. In recent times, this topic has garnered significant interest. Similar to other trendy notions, it exhibits a certain level of ambiguity and, for some individuals, has acquired a clichéd status. It is seen as an abstract notion with widespread admiration but is […]

Regulatory Yearly Wrap 2022: Pharmaceuticals in India 

The Government’s attempts to streamline the regulation of medical devices in India have continued in the year 2022. The COVID-19 epidemic has presented the pharmaceutical sector with various difficulties and possibilities during the last 1.5 years. The pandemic has increased demand for essential pharmaceuticals, including HCQ, Paracetamol, Vaccines, TB, Insulin, and cardiac treatments because India […]

Employment Laws in India: An Overview 

The term “labour laws” sometimes refers to “employment laws.” They are the body of legislation, judicial decisions, and precedents that deal with the legal privileges and impediments enjoyed by workers and their organisations. Labour regulations regulate the interactions between an employer or group of employers and their employees. Because it has a greater impact on […]

Application of GST on Penal Charges: An Overview

The Kelkar Task Force on Indirect Taxes first suggested the notion of a national GST in India in the year 2000. But the Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill of 2014, was submitted to the parliament after years of discussion and negotiation between the federal and state governments. The bill would change the Constitution to allow for […]

Differences between OPGSP and OEIF- RBI Guidelines

The e-commerce industry has overtaken traditional business and has become the new era means of doing business. From Book My Bai to department store aggregation to online home services aggregators like Housejoy, the online aggregation business has re-defined the service category. The simplicity of doing business on these platforms has aided the rise of e-commerce […]

BIS Certification for Nuts And Bolts

The Indian economy is the fastest-growing in the world and possesses the qualities needed to compete with the biggest global economies. More trade is now feasible as a result of globalization in industries like manufacturing, services, international sales of goods, and import-export. Without a standard quality and recognized product, it is difficult to survive in […]

Unravelling GST Officials’ Arrest Power: Supreme Court Notices & Challenges

The administration of taxes in India includes laws such as Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Arrest in order to defend the interests of genuine taxpayers and differentiate them from tax evaders, who have the potential to gain an unfair advantage over genuine taxpayers. This is done through determining genuine taxpayers from tax evaders. Tax evasion can […]

Legal Issues Pertaining To Digital Healthcare in India

Emerging technologies such as digital health applications, telemedicine, and information sharing will deliver game-changing benefits for clinicians and patients; at the same time, they will raise legal issues in digital healthcare in India. This growing communication raises concerns about the security and privacy of patient’s information. Several digital health and telemedicine companies are concerned about […]