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What is BIS Certification in India?

calendar05 Feb, 2020
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BIS Certification in India

BIS certification is one of the largest schemes in the world. Bureau of Indian Standard, the National Standard body, has been providing the certification and successfully promoting and executing the movement within the country since 1947.

According to an Indian government notification, for 90 product acquiring BIS certification in India is mandatory. It also operates a foreign manufacturers Certification scheme under which foreign manufactures can be granted a license to use BIS standard Mark. 

in India is mandatory. It also operates a foreign manufacturers Certification scheme under which foreign manufactures can be granted a license to use BIS standard Mark. 

What are the types of Online BIS certification scheme?

BIS Certification in India is granted under different types of schemes as follows:

Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers 

BIS Certification application is required with prescribed documents and fee. After application submission, BIS officer will carry a factory evaluation. A sample will be collected, and independent testing will draw. If the officer accepts the sample, BIS certification will be granted, within four months after the submission of application.

Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers 

In this applicant needs to submit a test report of sample drawn from the BIS approved lab along with the application. In the case where the test report is satisfactory, the BIS officer will carry verification at factory premises. Once the BIS officer is satisfied, the BIS Certificate will be granted. A license granted within 30 days. 

Tatkal Scheme

As per government notification, the applicant can obtain the license under tatkal scheme also. Under this scheme, the application is processed within the strict timelines and total time for processing is the application is specified as 30 days. Further, any application received under tatkal scheme will be processed priority basis, by strictly adhering time norms. 

ECO Mark Scheme 

For the eco- friendly products BIS License is granted in a different scheme which is completely different from the normal BIS certification process. Eco- friendly products should conform to the additional requirement as specified in Indian standard to qualify for the ECO mark. However, the procedure to grant a license for the ECO Mark Scheme[1] is similar to the domestic manufacturer scheme. 

Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme 

Foreigner applicants are granted License for the use of ISI mark under the separately designed scheme within six months time period. 

BIS undertakes activities like;

Government of India has set this body to carry on the following activities:

  • Forming Standards: BIS is engaged in the formulation of standards for about 14 sectors such as chemical, food and agriculture, electrical, mechanical engineering, etc.
  • Certification Scheme: Product Certification was voluntary. However, considering the health and safety measures for consumers, the government has made certification mandatory for certain items such as milk products, water, LPG cylinders, etc. 
  • Set-up of Laboratories: BIS has set up laboratories to test the product of chemicals, food, electrical and mechanical nature. 
  • Scheme of Hall Marking: This is the assured marked proving the quality of gold to protect the faith and interest of consumers. Gold jewellers are required to obtain a license from BIS
  • Consumer protection: BIS has set up one separate department entirely for consumer welfare and dealing with public grievances. Promoting Indian standards has been the prime objective of BIS. 

What are Benefits for Online BIS Certification in India?

In order to the product, the customer’s right for the use of the certain product in Indian market BIS prescribes specific standard, to which manufactures shall meet to sell their respective product in the Indian market. 

There are various benefits of online BIS certification provides, which are as follows;

Absolute Sign of Product Quality:

It’s important for any new product to satisfy its customers in every aspect. BIS certification provides standard marks on their products which provide the sign that manufacturers are following high standard during the product manufacturing. Further, BIS sign gives the customer an assurance that government has checked the product by itself. Hence, the product is tested and approved for its highest performance. 

Gaining Access to Market:

Once the product gets launched, the first hurdle for every new product is to gain access to the market. To avoid this hurdle, the manufacture should get the BIS certificate. After the approval, it’s become easy for the product to gain customer trust. 

Other Benefits are like;

  • BIS certification in India ensures corrective action is taken whenever defects occur.
  • BIS provides early detection of defects and avoidance of wastage.
  • It helps in increasing the product’s market share /Sales/revenue.
  • With the help of the BIS certificate, manufacturers can work upon better management control and reporting.
  • A manufacturer can see a consistent quality & improved customer satisfaction after BIS certification. 


With the help of BIS certification in India, a manufacturer can avail the benefits like accessing the market, increasing the product value and improving customer satisfaction. Here, we can assist you in the end to end procedure of obtaining BIS license. 

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