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Shailza Sharma

Shailza Sharma
About Shailza Sharma

Miss Shailza Sharma, BA. LLB graduate from Himachal Pradesh University. She holds an experience of 2.5 years in various Legal companies and organizations.

Income Tax Slab and Rate for financial year 2020-21

In India, income tax is levied on the basis of an individual’s income, and the tax rates based on the range of income are known as tax slabs. India has continuous methods for taxation; this means higher the income higher the individual Tax needs to pay. Income tax slab and rate tend to go through […]

Importance of Corporate Governance in an Organization

Corporate governance aims to ease effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success of the company. Introduction In the year 1990, Industry Association on Confederation on Indian Institute introduced the term Corporate Governance. It was the voluntary measure to be adopted by the Indian Companies, which touches the essential affair of the […]

Error in Trademark? File Trademark Rectification

Trademark is a unique sign or any mark, which represent the business. It makes the product or service different from others available in the market. For registering trademark, the applicant must file an application with the relevant trademark registrar in prescribed format. If registrar observes any concern, he can mark CHK Fail and request trademark […]

Role of Micro Finance Institutions in Financing MSME

Micro Finance Institutions are the main source of funding for the MSME and small entrepreneurs, in case where they can’t access banking or any other related services. Microfinance provides assistance to the poor section of society to overcome poverty and helps in economic development. MFI not only provides credit to MSME, but also includes other […]

Closing of Nidhi Company; A Detailed Process

Nidhi companies are registered as Non-Banking Finance Sector Company. Nidhi companies are registered to provide benefits to its members. The main function of the Nidhi Company is to borrow and lend money between the members. Closing of Nidhi Company can be due to multiple reasons arising from external to internal causes. Closing of Nidhi Company […]

Know How to File Trademark Objection Reply

Trademark provides a unique identification to the brand and makes it different from other product available in the market. The identification can be word, logo, sound, or a photograph. So, protecting this unique identity can be crucial. Once, applicant files its application for Trademark, Examiner after examining the application, can object the application. This means […]

Object Change of LLP: Complete Overview

Limited Liability Partnership Firm may require to change it’s activity either by adding a few new activities or removing the existing activities. There is no specific provision in regards to object change of LLP. If any changes have been made in the LLP agreement, a copy of the altered agreement has to be filed with […]

Detailed Process of LLP Name Change in India

LLP registration is the new way to register a firm, different from the traditional way of registering any entity. By registering an entity in the form of LLP, investors receive various benefits like the flexibility to run a business. LLP may wish to change its name due to personal reason or upon an order from […]

Change in LLP’s Registered Office Address

The official address from where the LLP Company is carrying its principal business is known as its registered office. The registered office is used for all the official correspondence and other communications of the LLP. Books of accounts of LLP are required to be maintained at the registered office. The registered office can be situated […]

Filing of Financial Statement with Registrar

Financial statements are considered to be the mandatory practice which every company requires to be published yearly, and reports are sent to the stakeholder and other various interested parties. The report consists of Financial Statement, disclosure, board‘s reports and auditor’s report. Financial statements are the main means of communication between the Board of Directors and […]

For Less Compliances and Low-Cost Incorporation; Convert your Company into LLP

Any private running company or existing unlisted public Company can convert itself into LLP. Companies can wish to convert itself into Limited Liability Partnership due to various reasons like Ease of Conversion, Tax Benefits, and Less Statutory Compliances etc. After the enactment of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, existing companies can convert themselves into […]

Grow your Business by Converting Existing LLP into Private Limited Company

Indian laws provide various options for setting up a business entity. In order to restrict liability exposure, individual may choose setting up of Limited Liability Partnership. But after some years when business gets perfectly established and becomes profit-making entity, he may wish to convert LLP into Private limited company for inculcating equity or for the […]

Peer to Peer Lending; Easy Lending Online Platform for Borrowers

Peer to Peer lending provides an alternative to the borrower to taking out a traditional loan from a bank. This is a kind of lending online platform where loans can be raised and paid back along with a prescribed rate of interest, usually lower interest rates. Here, the borrower can be either an individual or […]

Operating Nidhi Company; Know about the Restrictions on Nidhi Company

In simple words, Nidhi Company means Fund, Finance or Treasure. The main object of Nidhi company incorporation is to grow the habit of savings amongst its members. However, there is no separate Nidhi Company registration required to be done under RBI regulations, but RBI has imposed certain restrictions over Nidhi Company.  Here, we will discuss […]

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