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Shalini is a graduate but her keen interest in writing impelled her to continue as a content writer. Further, She has a rich experience in Companies Act and Ammendment related topics.

Growth and Quality of FDI: Are all FDI Equal?

India is classified as a newly industrialized country, and one of the G-20 major economies, with an average growth rate of approximately 6% over the last two decades. It is an essential vehicle of technology transfer from developed countries to developing countries. Its positive interaction with human capital enhances the contribution of FDI to economic […]

How SEBI Protects Investor Right?

Investors are one of the pillars of the Financial and Securities market and protection of these investors is one of the essential elements of progressing securities market or any other financial investment institution. They invest their money in the stock market to help market growth and thus the economy, which will provide better returns. Investor […]

Save Your Immovable Property From Fire. Apply for Fire NOC

As per the report released by the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau), India in the year 2017, the risk of “fire” accidents in India has been ranked fifth i.e. 3rd positions up from the last year’s ranking. Fire accidents if not handled properly, may lead to a massive loss of life and assets. With a perspective […]

Getting an Idea of a Restaurant Business? Think Corpbiz for Eating House License

If you are thinking of opening a restaurant or wants to become a restaurateur, then the first step involved before opening such an eating house place is to obtain the Eating House License. Eating House License is one of the most crucial paperwork that has to be done to run an Eating house of any sort. […]

Trademark Objection – Reasons for Trademark Objection and How to Respond to Them?

Companies and enterprises usually use logo, design and specific set of words to give unique recognition to the products so that they can protect their brand name from being imitated.  The marks that these companies use for their business are known as a trademark. With the help of trademark, consumers can easily identify the brand, quality and […]

SSI Registration – Objectives and the Registration Procedure

Small scale industries often abbreviated as SSI are those industries in which the manufacturing, production and rendering of services are done on a small or micro scale. The government of India is trying to promote these small scale industries for creating employment opportunities in the remote areas that too, with low capital investment. Businesses having […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification in India?

Every product requires an authenticity mark to legitimize its purity. You must have seen in advertisements that the products proudly proclaim their ISI Mark. ISI is the acronym of the Indian Standards Institute which came into being on the 6 January 1947. It is a body which was set up during the Independence period to […]

Form 26Q: TDS Return filing for Non-Salary Deductions – Know the Online Procedure

Most people become concerned when it comes to Income tax Return filing. We give several excuses that lack of financial knowledge is the thing which restricts us from filing the TDS return correctly. If you will get familiar with the rules and regulations, then filing TDR will become easy for you. We all know that […]

Producer Company Registration – Know the Documents Required and the Incorporation Procedure

Around 61.5% of India’s population depends upon the agriculture sector for their livelihood. Despite this, the primary concern of farmers is that they are more or less dependent on the government for various kind of funding. They are still lacking in many advanced technologies which other developed countries are following. The rate of suicidal attempts […]

What are Alternative Investment Funds and why they are becoming increasingly popular across the Globe?

Over the years, we have seen that the only way to create financial assets in our country was to put your money in the traditional or conventional investments categories such as stocks, bonds, cash, real estate property etc. But in recent years we have come up with non-conventional investment avenues such as Alternative Investment Funds popularly known […]

A Complete Overview of Shop and Establishment Act And How to Obtain its License?

When you are thinking of starting a business, the only thing that comes to your mind is the Business Plan. But besides the Business Plan, there are several other things that you need to look upon.  And this includes the Shops and Establishment Act, which is an important regulation that you need to take care of. […]

How to Obtain Drug License in India?

To ensure a healthy condition when you are sick, you need to consume medicines or drugs.  But how can you be so sure that the medication you are purchasing from a Medical Store is genuine? The first and foremost thing that any person should check while buying medicines from the pharmacy/drugstore is that whether it […]

Guidelines For The FFMC License; A complete Overview

A majority of people travel abroad for a variety of purposes. Be it a purpose of a business meeting, vacation, studies, onshore opportunities and many more. A significant proportion of this consists of business travelers. So how do they manage despite having their domestic currency? All you need is to consult a company which will […]

How to apply for FIEO Registration?

For the sake of commencing or expanding International trading, the exporters need to get themselves registered so that they can justify their authenticity to the Indian Government. With a perspective to provide a genuine identity to these exporters, the Government of India has established an organisation called FIEO abbreviated as Federation of Indian Export Organization. […]