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Miss Shailza Sharma, BA. LLB graduate from Himachal Pradesh University. She holds an experience of 2.5 years in various Legal companies and organizations.

For Less Compliances and Low-Cost Incorporation; Convert your Company into LLP

Any running Private Limite company or existing unlisted public Limited Company can convert itself into LLP. Companies can wish to convert itself into Limited Liability Partnership due to various reasons like Ease of Conversion, Tax Benefits, and Less Statutory Compliances etc. After the enactment of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, existing companies can convert […]

Grow your Business by Converting Existing LLP into Private Limited Company

Indian laws provide various options for setting up a business entity. In order to restrict liability exposure, individual may choose setting up of Limited Liability Partnership. But after some years when business gets perfectly established and becomes profit-making entity, he may wish to convert LLP into Private limited company for inculcating equity or for the […]

Peer to Peer Lending; Easy Lending Online Platform for Borrowers

Peer to Peer lending provides an alternative to the borrower to taking out a traditional loan from a bank. This is a kind of lending online platform where loans can be raised and paid back along with a prescribed rate of interest, usually lower interest rates. Here, the borrower can be either an individual or […]

Operating Nidhi Company; Know about the Restrictions on Nidhi Company

In simple words, Nidhi Company means Fund, Finance or Treasure. The main object of Nidhi company incorporation is to grow the habit of savings amongst its members. However, there is no separate Nidhi Company registration required to be done under RBI regulations, but RBI has imposed certain restrictions over Nidhi Company.  Here, we will discuss […]

Take – Off Your Business to International Market with Import and Export Code (IEC); Know IEC Code’s Benefits

Businesses that are extending their product and services to an international level through import and export, mandatorily required to obtain IEC code. Import and Export activities shall be performed under the various guidelines drafted by the Government. Under this blog, we shall explain the IEC code and what are IEC code benefits. What is Import […]

What are the Benefits of Limited Liability Partnership Registration?

We have seen this new trend emerging between the entrepreneurs, who have started using the term-limited liability partnership (LLP). Mostly the Lawyers and Chartered Accountants use “LLP” for their firm, for example (AB &CD, LLP). It’s a kind of business format which combines the flexibility of partners and the benefits of limited liability of a […]

What is BIS Certification in India?

BIS certification is one of the largest schemes in the world. Bureau of Indian Standard, the National Standard body, has been providing the certification and successfully promoting and executing the movement within the country since 1947. According to an Indian government notification, for 90 product acquiring BIS certification in India is mandatory. It also operates […]

Pre – Commencement of Business Formalities for NBFC after obtaining RBI License

In early times, the financial sector of India was dependent and completely dominated by private financial institutions. Even there was a time in India when financial Institutions and banks hesitated to grant loans to the small business, considering it a risky proportion. However, the current financial scenario is completely different and is being balanced equally […]

Know about the IEC Exemption in India

IEC is the abbreviation of Import and Export code. The code is 10 digits unique number, which is mandatory for all the exporter and importer. Here it’s important to know that IEC is only applicable to good not on the services. Director-General of Foreign Trade is the authority for issuing the code. Further, all persons […]

Are you running an NBFC? Get updated about the list of Annual Compliances Prescribed by the RBI

NBFCs are registered under the companies act, 2013 and are engaged in the business of loans and advances, acquisition of shares/stock/bonds, debentures and securities issued by government. NBFCs are the financial institutions which function according to set of rules and regulations prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Further, these rules and regulation keep […]

Private Security Agency (PSARA) License Renewal and Cancellation Process in Uttar Pradesh

Private security agencies are those who provide security services to banks, various companies and ATM’s, hospitals etc. These agencies also provide training to the security guards who are employed with these security agencies. It’s mandatory for Private Security Agencies to obtain license for their operation, issued by the state controlling authority. Regulations for operations of […]

Planning Business set up in Local Municipal Area; Trade License Should be the First Requirement

Businesses that carry out trade in the municipal area, necessarily required to have a trade license. It is a legal document issued by Municipal Corporation, granting permission to carry on a particular business. Read out the blog, to get information related to Trade License, why is it necessary? What are the essential points that need […]

How FCRA Registration Makes Foreign Contributions Process Hassle-Free for NGOs?

Foreign Contribution Act, 2010 is a consolidating act whose scope is to regulate ‘’the acceptance and usage of Foreign Contributions or Foreign hospitality by association or by any other persons who are working in the main or important areas of national interest’’. Ministry of Home Affairs regulates the department of FCRA Registration. So as for […]

Wondering why Shop and Establishment License is Required for Business?

In India, every state has enacted certain rules and regulations with regards to work conditions. Shop and Establishment act (Hereinafter called as Act) works on the objective to secure the uniform benefits for employees, who are working in various establishments, shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels, restaurants and theaters. Under the pursuance of the Act, Shop and […]