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Miss Shailza Sharma, BA. LLB graduate from Himachal Pradesh University. She holds an experience of 2.5 years in various Legal companies and organizations.

What are the Schemes for obtaining NSIC Registration?

The NSIC Registration is beneficial for those businesses which come under the category of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. NSIC Registration is provided under various schemes, focusing on one section of enterprise at once. By obtaining NSIC Registration, these enterprises enjoy the advantage in tender participation, easily promoting their products, and are exempted from Earnest Money Deposit […]

What is CE Certification? -Know about it in detail

Unlike ISO or ISI, CE Certification is not a quality marking. The purpose of the CE Marking is to ensure and maintain EU health, safety and environmental protection legislation. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to verify that the products comply with the CE or European Conformity before placing them in the market. […]

How to apply for Professional Tax Registration in India?

Professional Tax is the tax implied by the State government on all the types of trade and professions in India. Under Clause (2) of Article 276[1] of the Constitution of India, the Professional tax is deducted by the employer from the salaries of the employee every month. This tax is remitted to the respective state government under […]

How to Register Your Limited Liability Partnership Firm in India?

Limited Liability Partnership in India is a form of business entity in which partners are not liable for each other’s ill actions. Also, the firm does not have to suffer due to such actions. LLP is a form of business entity in India which is very easy to incorporate and maintain. LLP is an ideal […]

TDS Returns Filing: Due Dates and Procedure for Filing

The full form of TDS is Tax Deducted at Source, i.e. tax deducted by assesses like employers, contractors promoters or any other person making any payment to any other person. TDS Returns Filing is compulsory for everyone making any payment to its employees, freelancers, etc. This article covers all the aspects of TDS returns filing like its procedure, […]

Difference Between LLP and Partnership Firm: Choose the Correct Form of Entity For Your Startup?

The LLP and Partnership Firm are business entities which are incorporated or brought into existence by two or more people who come together to form an entity. These people are called partners. Furthermore, the profits and loss of these firms are distributed between the partners of the firm as per the agreement made between them. […]

Society Registration in India: Know the Entire Procedure and List of Documents Required

A society is a group of individuals who voluntarily come together to govern and act cooperatively for some communal and charitable purpose. The primary purpose of Society Registration is the advancement of charitable activities like music, culture, sports, art, education etc. The registration of a society is done under the Society Registration Act, which has […]

Grounds for the Refusal of the Trademark Registration

Trademark is a type of intellectual property that consists of designs, recognizable sign, expressions so that you can distinguish it from your competitors. It is one of the ways by which you can prevent your ideas and thoughts from being stolen. You can register for a trademark under the Trademark Act, 1991. In India, the […]

How to obtain IEC Code in India

IEC stands for Importer and Exporter code. If any individual or company is indulged in the business of import and export, obtaining IEC code is mandatory. It’s a unique ten-digit code issued by Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce (DGFT). In this article, we shall solve the query on how to obtain IEC […]

Internal and Statutory Audits in Non-Banking Financial Companies

Audits are a necessary element in the functioning of any company and also for NBFCs. Every NBFC must conduct checks to ensure compliance of all prescribed norms and avoid any penalties. Also, NBFCs need to obtain the certificate from Statutory Auditor that they are engaged in non-banking financial institutions holding a Certificate of NBFC Registration under Section […]