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Change in LLP’s Registered Office Address

calendar27 Feb, 2020
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Change in LLP Office Address

The official address from where the LLP Company or Private Limited Company is carrying its principal business is known as its registered office. The registered office is used for all the official correspondence and other communications of the LLP. Books of accounts of LLP are required to be maintained at the registered office. The registered office can be situated at any place in India, along with the registered office LLP can have its corporate office or administrative office and branch office.

Change LLP Office Address, or its registered office address can be done within local limits or from one state to another state. The reason for changing the registered office can be that LLP wants to accommodate extra staff, as a business grows gradually, or at any other premises offering lower annual rent. Let’s discuss further the process of change in the registered office address.

How can we change LLP’s registered office address?

As per Rule -17 of Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008[1], LLP may change its registered office by following the procedure prescribed in the limited liability partnership agreement. In order to change the office, address consent of the partner shall be required.

Change in address can be made through filing requisite LLP Form -15 and LLP Form -3 after duly taking consent from all the partners and creditors as prescribed under the law.

How can we change LLP’s registered address within the same state?

This change can take place either within the same ROC or another ROC (Registrar of Companies)

  • Firstly, the applicant is required to obtain the consent of all the partners through holding a meeting and passing a resolution stating change is registered office address;
  • In the next step,  a supplementary LLP agreement is required to be prepared including the change in registered office address;
  • Registrar of Companies is required to be informed regarding the change in address, by filing Form-15 (Notice for change of place of registered address), within the 30days of change. Along with this Form – 3 (Information with regard to the Limited Liability Partnership Agreement), and the prescribed fee is required to be furnished with the ROC. 
  • After receiving the approval from ROC, the applicant can make changes in all its company documents or places where an old registered address is mentioned. For example, LLP letterhead, signboards, visiting cards, stationery, etc..

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How can we Change LLP Office Address from one state to another state?

  • The first step is to get the consent of all the partners of LLP for such change by holding a meeting and passing a resolution;
  •  Now Obtain the permission of Secured Creditors;
  • Draft a supplementary LLP agreement which states the information related to registered office address change;
  •  Further, Publish a general notice, not less than 21 days before filing any notice with the ROC, in a daily newspaper published in English and in the principal language of the district in which the registered office of LLP is situated and circulating in that district, giving notice of change of registered office;
  •  Now, inform the Registrar of Companies (ROC) regarding change within 30 days of the change, by filing Form- 15 (Notice for change of place of registered office) and Form- 3 (Information concerning Limited Liability Partnership Agreement and changes,) along with the fee;
  • After obtaining the approval from ROC, make changes in all the documents or places where registered office address is mentioned like LLP letterhead, stationery, signboards, etc.

What are the documents required to change the office address?

  • Address proof of new office, furnish the latest bill self – attested by the owner;
  • If office premises is rented then the rental agreement;
  • Duly signed No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner of the premises.

What are the penalties for not complying with the procedural requirement for the address change process?

LLP not company not complying with the procedural requirement during the address change process, LLP and its partner shall be penalized with the fine of Rs. 2000 which can extend up to Rs. 25,000/-.


LLP can change its address for various reasons, and the process is not that cumbersome. The process mainly involves the intimation to ROC through the forms available on the MCA portal. After obtaining ROC approval, documents of the company can be changed with the new address.

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