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BIS Certification for Zigzag Sewing Machine Heads

A Zigzag Sewing machine head is one of those common types of machinery found in most Indian households. They are best known for their precise stitching ability and long-lasting service life. Since these types of equipment boast several delicate components, they undergo various testing requirements for quality assurance cited under IS 15449. As per this […]

BIS Certification for Flat Transparent Sheet Glass

Flat transparent Sheet Glass refers to a type of glass that is essentially manufactured in plane form. It is widely used for glass doors, windows, windshields, and transparent walls. These glasses are often subjected to a bending process to fit modern architectural and automotive applications. This write-up takes a closer look at a standard governing […]

BIS Certification for Safety Glass: Process and Dossiers

There is a great demand for Safety glass in India.  Since it is robust and more durable than traditional glass, safety glass is widely used across automobile and real estate sectors. Unlike normal glass, these glasses shatter into tiny pieces in case of an accident or mishandling. The manufacturer of such products needs to comply […]

BIS Certification for Compounded Cattle Feeds: Process and Documents

Compound cattle feed refers to a mixture of multiple feed ingredients in an apt ratio. Widely-used ingredients used in the production of cattle feed include brans, protein cakes/meals, grains, agro-industrial by-products, vitamins, and minerals. The history concerning the production of compound feed dates back to the early twentieth Century. The evolution of knowledge concerning amino […]

BIS Certification for Portland Slag Cement: Know the Process

Portland slag cement has a great demand in the market owing to its unprecedented compressive strength and eco-friendliness. It comprises 25-70 percent granulated slag, 3 percent gypsum, and the rest is clinker. Granulated slag is primarily referred to as a non-metallic product that contains over 90 percent glass content. Portland slag cement is widely used […]

BIS Certification for Portland Pozzolana Cement

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a synthesized OPC cement that comprises 15-35% pozzolanic material, 4% gypsum, and clinker. As per the BIS code, the PPC grading has been capped at 33. Since the pozzolanic material reacts with Ca(OH)2 freed by the wetting portland cement and produces cementitious compounds, PPC allows concrete to become denser and […]

BIS Certification for Retro-Reflective Devices

Retro-Reflective devices come in handy for cyclists by making them visible on road during the night commute. These devices help avert possible fatalities on road triggered by challenging light scenarios. BIS has underpinned a slew of guidelines on how these products should be manufactured and tested in view of the governing legislation namely ISO 6742 […]

BIS Certification for Unlined Molded Rubber Boots

Unlined molded rubber boots are broadly used for their optimal surface traction and safety. Being used for various purposes, these footwears provide comprehensive safety to the wearer’s foot even in moderately challenging weather and surface conditions. And since the demand for these products is on the higher side, their manufacturers need to abide by some […]

How to Get BIS Certification for Wheels for Passenger Cars?

Automobile in India has to pass several quality and safety checks before hitting the roads. Every component of the passenger car should be sound in terms of build and functionality. There are even guidelines for how the wheels of passenger cars should be manufactured and tested. The BIS, an apex quality regulator in India, has […]

BIS Certification for PPE Occupational Footwear: Norms and Process

Launching quality products into the market is the responsibility of every manufacturer. They must have a refined production process and testing capabilities to make their products compliance-ready. BIS registration serves as a standalone certification that enables manufacturers to produce safer and quality products. Securing BIS registration is a way to augment product quality to a […]

BIS Certification for Rubber Hawai Chappals: Process Explained

BIS registration is mandatory for products that fall under the BIS conformity assessment scheme.  A product like Rubber Hawai Chappal also falls under the same scheme. The Indian Standard namely- IS 10702:1992 specifies the testing and sampling methods of such a product. Read on to discover how to secure BIS certification for Rubber Hawai Chappals […]

BIS Certification for Leather Safety Footwear Molded PVC Sole

It is jarring for Indian consumers to find safer and high-quality products among the avalanche of offerings. To enable customers to choose the best products, the BIS has mandated manufacturers to align their testing requirements with the guidelines of the respective Indian Standard. Today, BIS encompasses various products, including leather safety footwear with molded PVC […]

BIS Certification for Solid PVC Soles and Heels

Shoemakers are required to pay extra attention to the wearer’s comfort and foot safety. That is why there is a great demand for Solid PVC soles and heels in the shoe industry. Being important shoe components, they are widely used because of their unprecedented characteristics and long-lasting service life. However, the quality of these raw […]

BIS ISI Certification for Safety Rubber Canvas Boot for Miners

Safety Rubber Canvas Boot plays a vital role in providing the required safety and comfort to the miner’s foot. The manufacturers of such footwear are required to comply with the quality and testing guidelines of IS 3976:2018. Also, these norms serve as a basis for securing the BIS ISI certification, which enables manufacturers to affix […]