What Are The Benefits Of Trademark Registration In Noida?

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What Are The Benefits Of Trademark Registration In Noida?

Which asset of your company do you think is most valuable? Is it the company’s shares, stakeholders’ money, or the profit deposited in your bank account? And what about intangible assets like names, logos, and taglines- do you think they are worth legal protection? Most new companies do not pay attention to securing intangible assets and that is understood. They have a lot of other affairs to handle to survive in the competitive marketplace. If you are planning to secure a trademark registration but are unsure whether it is worthwhile to apply for it or not, read on to discover the potential benefits of trademark registration in Noida. But before we explore the benefits of Trademark Registration in Noida, let’s understand what is trademark.

What Is A Trademark?

A trademark can exist in various forms such as symbols, alphabet, designs, phrases, or a combination of these things that act as a source identifier for a given brand, product, or service.

Trademark helps customers recognize a particular brand in the market. It plays a big part in differentiating a brand from the rest of the competitors. The concept of “Trademark” coexist with “Service marks”, which are primarily used for services.

In General, a Trademark:

  • Acts as a source identifier for goods or services.
  • Facilitate legal protection for your brand.
  • Prevent defaulters from indulging in trademark infringement by imitating the brand.

There is a common misconception that owning a trademark can ensure a comprehensive right over a particular word or phrase. In general, that scope of legal protection does not exist.

The trademark intends to protect the context in which that word or phrase is used with a given good or service.

Potential Benefits of Trademark Registration in Noida

Owning trademark protection can help you access various benefits. One of the most obvious pros of having a trademark registration in Noida is that it restrains others from misusing the mark. Read on discover the pragmatic benefits of trademark registration in Noida.

Protect Brand Value and Improve Goodwill over Time

For established brands, a trademark is everything because it helps them gain acknowledgment in the given marketplace. A trademark can create a loyal customer base and ensure the influx of new customers, leading to organizational growth.

Render Exclusive Ownership Right

The trademark owner is awarded exclusive rights, which guaranteed comprehensive ownership over the mark. The registered proprietor has the right to sue the defaulter in case of trademark infringement.

An Intangible Asset That Can Be Sold or Licensed

A Trademark once secured stays in the market forever even if the owner decides to ditch the brand or product. That’s the power of Trademark. It fosters trust among the customer and increases the credibility of the business with time. In short, it turns a brand into an invaluable asset.

The best part is that you can share a registered trademark with a third party either by selling it entirely or putting it under the licensing arrangement to reap a set royalty. It is one of the prominent benefits of trademark registration in Noida.

Differentiates Products or Services

Trademark helps end-users find products or services without hassle. It differentiates a given product or service from the rest by creating a unique identity. The device, label, and logo can share the quality, vision, and distinctive traits of your organization.

Recognition of Product Quality

A registered trademark and a quality aspect of a product go hand in hand. Though it seems strange, people unconsciously related the quality of the product with the brand name.

The established trademark need not vouch for product quality as its name is enough to guarantee that. That is why most customers do not care to dig into product specs because they know whom they are buying from.

The Famous ® Symbol Is All Yours!

We have seen a lot of brand names with the R symbol[1], which reflects that the brand is quality-conscious and cares about what its customers need. You become eligible to use this symbol as soon as the Trademark authority approves your application.

It is not easy to come by since the trademark application undergoes a rigorous vetting procedure. Connect with Corpbiz, if you are having trouble with securing the trademark registration.

Protection against Infringement

No third party can use the trademark without obtaining consent from the owner. Those who are found guilty of manipulating the trademark can be subjected to court proceedings and undergo penal provisions as per the Trademark Act.

This means that the owner of the registered trademark need not worry about infringement of their invaluable assets. Trademarks under legal protections ensure peace of mind for the owner.

Stays Valid For 10 Years

The trademark registration once granted stays valid for ten years- that means there is no hassle of yearly renewal. This serves as an advantage for those who work on a tight schedule and do not have time for such affairs.

Access to Priority Claim While Seeking Global Trademark Registration

If the registered owner wishes to secure legal protection for their trademark in any nation except India, they can claim a prior user or priority claim for the registered mark in India.


Securing a trademark registration is just as important as registering a company under a given legislation. Go for it if you care about your brand name, logo, or any such intangible assets. Despite stringent penal provisions, act like trademark infringement is seeing no stooping in the status quo. So, it is an absolute necessity that you secure your assets before they get manipulated. The benefits of trademark registration in Noida or anywhere else in India are more or less the same.

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