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BIS Certification for Fabricated PVC-U Fitting

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BIS Certification for Fabricated PVC-U Fitting

Fabricated PVC-U Fittings are widely used in plumbing applications owing to their robust construction and prolonged service life. However, they are mostly used to carry portable water supplies. As with other PVC plumbing pipes, these fittings need to be manufactured in line with certain guidelines. Presently, these fittings fall under the IS 10124 (Parts 1 to 13):2009[1] and their manufacturers are mandatorily required to secure the BIS license. Let’s see how to apply for BIS certification for fabricated PVC-U fitting.

General Requirements under IS 10124 (Parts 1 to 13): 2009 for Fabricated PVC-U Fittings

Bureau of Indian Standards adopted IS 10124 (Parts 1 to 13): 2009 to outline testing requirements for the grant of a BIS license.  Every fittings manufacturer must follow the guidelines cited in the Standard to qualify for the BIS ISI certification.

This standard (Part 1) specifies the requisites around the sizes, material, test, testing methods, and marking of fabricated PVC-U fittings used for potable water supply and are easily connected to pipes mentioned under IS 4985 via solvent cement and elastomeric sealing.

This specification encompasses fittings having sizes within the range of 20-630mm. The same standard pens down the specification of pipe used for producing fabricated PVC-U fittings.

The standard entails thirteen parts that elaborate specific requirements for different types of fittings. The parts in the series are highlighted as the following:

  • Part 1 General requirements
  • Part 2 Specific requirements concerning sockets
  • Part 3 Specific requirements concerning straight reducers
  • Part 4 Specific requirements concerning caps
  • Part 5 Specific requirements concerning equal tees
  • Part 6 Specific requirements concerning flanged tail pieces with metallic flanges
  • Part 7 Specific requirements concerning threaded adaptors
  • Part 8 Specific requirements concerning 90° bends
  • Part 9 Specific requirements concerning 60° bends
  • Part 10 Specific requirements concerning 45° bends
  • Part 11 Specific requirements concerning 30° bends
  • Part 12 Specific requirements concerning 22 ½° bends
  • Part 13 Specific requirements concerning 11 ¼° bends

A Different class and color are assigned to each fitting that reflects its working pressure. The table below highlights the same.

Class of the fittings Working pressure (MPa) Marking color
Class 1 0.25 Red
Class 2 0.4 Blue
Class 3 0.6 Green
Class 4 0.8 Brown
Class 5 1.0 Yellow
Class 6 1.25 Black

The fitting shall undergo the following tests for quality assurance:

  1. Opacity Test
  2. Type Test
  3. Short-Term Hydraulic Test
  4. Production Routine Test

All fittings must be explicitly marketed at an apt place with the fitting maker’s mark, size, colour based on class, and degree of bend. The labelling of the product should be in accordance with the relevant part.

The ISI marking should be there on each fitting, ensuring that the product has passed the required tests. The manufacturer must secure the BIS registration from the BIS for the legal use of ISI marking. The authority, after receiving the application for the license, shall vet the production facility for compliance and then grant the license.

Documents to Apply For BIS Certification for Fabricated PVC-U Fitting

Following are the documents required for BIS certification for fabricated PVC-U fitting:

  • Legal paperwork for production premises such as COI or partnership deed
  • Permit accorded by the local body if available
  • Trademark registration if available
  • List of resources including machinery used for fittings production
  • Details pertaining to in-house testing capabilities and equipment
  • Production process flowchart
  • Pollution NOC
  • Fire NOC
  • An authorization letter from the company’s owner permitting the agent to file an application.

How to Secure the BIS Certification for Fabricated PVC-U Fitting?

Applying for a BIS license involves various complicated steps. However, the section below will strive to make things easier for you.

Step 1: Go To the BIS Website to File an E-Form

This will be your first step. All you need is to head to the BIS portal and fill up the application that allows for ISI registration. While filling up the e-form, you would come across various fields relating to business, products, standards being followed, production, and testing capabilities.

Do not miss out on these details and thus fill them out with legit detail to avert any chance of cancellation. Once you are done with this, proceed to upload the paperwork as cited in the section above. And lastly, submit the application fee to complete the filing requirement.

Step 2: Checking Of Paperwork and Premises Inspection

This step shall begin with the inspection undertakings performed by the BIS officials. The documents shall undergo thorough inspection for any non-conformity. Upon scrutinizing the paperwork, the officials will inspect the premises where production takes place.

The vetting of the production facility shall be performed with respect to methods cited in the standard. The inspection process will come as soon as the officials pick some product samples (fittings in this case) for lab inspection.

Step 3: Samples (Fittings) Testing And Lab Report Generation

The onus of performing standardized tests on samples shall be on the certified lab picked by the BIS officials. The lab will technically conduct the given tests for quality assurance.

  • Opacity Test
  • Type Test
  • Short-Term Hydraulic Test
  • Production Routine Test

Upon completion of these tests, the lab will proceed with report creation in which they will enclose their observations and findings concerning product quality and performance.

Step 4: Grant of Certification

Based on the lab report, the authority will take the decision concerning the grant of the BIS certification for fabricated PVC-U fittings. The certification shall only be awarded if the samples passed underlying testing requirements.


In conclusion, we can say that the BIS certification for fabricated PVC-U fittings revolves around plenty of legalities that cannot be overlooked. Make sure to have an in-depth understanding of the applicable standard before applying for this license. This way you can avert any chance of non-compliance which leads to the application’s cancellation.

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