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CDSCO Registration for Nephrology and Renal Care Medical Devices – An Overview

There is an assortment of medical devices used in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney-related diseases. The devices that fall under the class A and B risk categories will now come under the ambit of CDSCO. The registration of such devices has been made compulsory by the authority, which will become effective from 1st Oct […]

Copyright for a Mechanical License: All You Need to Know

Copyright registration ensures legal protection for a creative work of an artist that appears to be unique in every aspect. Creative works relating to literature, cinema, education, music, and so on qualify for Copyright protection. Copyright-protected works are not easy to replicate or reproduce in any aspect because doing so can attract penalties for the […]

BIS CRS Certification for Self-ballasted LED Bulb: Explained

The demand for Light-emitting Diodes Bulbs has seen a significant spike in the past few years. They are durable, thermally efficient, and pocket-friendly as compared to traditional bulbs. The overall service life of LED bulbs is relatively higher than what a conventional bulb offers. Owing to their amplified performance, LED bulbs are used prominently across […]

CLRA License Renewal: Paperwork and Process

CLRA License Renewal is as important as applying for a brand-new license. The registration and renewal legalities fall under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970[1]. In the status quo, the CLRA Registration is compulsory for the establishment that hires 20 or more labourers on any day of the FY as contract workmen. Also, […]

BIS ISI Certification for Rubber Hoses: Legalities Explained

Rubber hoses are referred to as hollow tubes utilized to transfer fluid or fluidized solids within a set pressure or temperature rating. Rubber hoses have rampant applicability, both in commercial and domestic spheres. Essentially, a rubber hose comprises three layers, with the inner layer made up of synthetic material. The inner tube entails various reinforcing […]

CLRA License in Tamil Nadu: Norms, Process, and Documentation

Any company or principal employer whose business mode meets the CLRA Act criteria must secure CLRA registration. Similarly, the contractor must obtain a CLRA license from the relevant authority before commencing their work. The CLRA (Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition) Act came into effect in 1970 after receiving the approval of the nation’s higher house. […]

CDSCO Approval for Drug Manufacturing in India: Process and Paperwork

Essentially, CDSCO Approval for Drug manufacturing in India serves as a mandatory legal permit. The drug manufacturing license is accorded by the Central License Approving Authority (CLAA). Those lacking a production facility can secure a loan license to outsource the drug manufacturing drugs to a third party. The validity of the drug sale or manufacturing […]

Documents Required for Trade License in Telangana – An Overview

A Trade License is one of the mandatory licenses for businesses operating in commercial areas. Adhering to this license’s norms implies that the company will never breach the code of conduct nor pose any risk to the nearby residents. The application for a Trade License in Telangana can be filled out online on the portal […]

BIS ISI Certification for Transparent Float Glass: Process and Paperwork

Transparent float glass has become a high-priority material for the automobile and construction sector in India. The cost of production for transparent float glass is relatively lower than that of glass and sheet glass. Also, the optical clarity of the transparent float is on the higher side. The Indian Standard 14900:2000 has penned some mandatory […]

BEE Registration for Distribution Transformers: Explained

A distribution transformer is a general form of an isolation transformer. The fundamental role of this transformer is to alter the high voltage to the widely-accepted output like 240/120V to apply in energy distribution. The full-fledged distribution system leverages different forms of transformers, such as single-phase, pad-mounted, three-phase, underground, and so on.  A distributor device […]

FSSAI’s New Labelling Norms for Breadmakers – An Overview

The apex food regulator FSSAI has rolled out FSSAI’s new labelling norms for the bread manufacturers operating pan India. The new norms shall come into effect in May 2023. This decision will come as a relief for health-conscious masses. It will be interesting to see how unorganized bread makers, which constitute 80 percent of the […]

Music Performance License for Live Performance in Restaurants and Hotels

Getting into the waves of your favourite soundtrack is a mind-relaxing experience. Music unites everyone, repairs the broken soul, and keeps us alive no matter what the situation is. The enduring impact of music also encourages hotels and restaurants to use it to their advantage. Oftentimes, they arrange live performances of popular bands to ensure […]

WPC Certification Procedure and Requirements for Wireless Speakers

WPC stands for Wireless Planning and Coordination. It is a legal body working under the Department of Telecommunications and serves as the National Radio Regulatory Authority. It aims to oversee the frequency spectrum and grant licenses to the eligible applicant. WPC accords WPC ETA license for IT and Electronic equipment that adhere to the demands […]

Start a Textile Business in India: Scope and Legalities

India is among the leading apparel exporter in the world. Before you unpuzzle how to start a textile business, you must get accustomed to the ground reality behind it. The textile sector is thriving like never before, making it a perfect destination for aspiring business minds. The demand for Indian apparel has kept on rising […]