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BIS Certification for Zigzag Sewing Machine Heads

calendar29 Mar, 2023
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BIS Certification for Zigzag Sewing Machine Heads

A Zigzag Sewing machine head is one of those common types of machinery found in most Indian households. They are best known for their precise stitching ability and long-lasting service life. Since these types of equipment boast several delicate components, they undergo various testing requirements for quality assurance cited under IS 15449.

As per this standard, every sewing machine maker must secure the BIS registration and affix ISI marking on their products. This article will let you know everything about the BIS certification for Zigzag Sewing machine heads in India.

Notable Requirements Under the IS 15449 for Manufacturers

This standard pens down the quality requirements for zigzag sewing machine heads commonly used in households. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) adopted this standard to derive marking, testing, and sampling norms for the grant for BIS certification. Every applicant firm seeking this certification must pass all such requirements.

  • This standard seeks to standardize the open-type shuttle race fitting as well as function with other machine mating parts.
  • Sewing machines that fall under this standard should be a single, twin, or both needle designs, supported by a mechanism that provides for a two-thread lock stitch.
  • Sewing machines must boast a mechanism that provides for feed dog’s feeding action to reverse backtrack stitching.
  • The stick regulator should curb the feeding direction that can be changed while the machine is operating.
  • Each machine should boast a thread tension arrangement for lower and upper threads that is changeable to the tension intensity required to achieve optimal stitching.
  • The zigzag sewing machine head must undergo quality assessment for accuracy, sewing ability, and durability cited in parts 3, 4, and 5 of the IS 15449 respectively.
  • As for marking and recognition, each machine must have a nameplate that reflects the maker’s name, model number, ISI mark, and trademark if any.
  • The manufacturer should secure a BIS registration from the BIS to use the ISI marking. The grant of the license shall depend on how the applicant firm performs during the assessment conducted by the BIS[1] officials.

Paperwork for BIS Certification for ZigZag Sewing Machine Heads

  • Factory license
  • Fire NOC if applicable
  • Trademark registration if available
  • Business registration
  • List of machinery used for sewing machine production
  • Production flowchart
  • Details about the Quality assurance lab and machine used for testing
  • Authorization letter permitting an agent to act on the company’s behalf for application filing
  • Details of standard(s) being used for production and quality

Process for Securing BIS Certification for Zigzag Sewing Machine Heads

Post arranging the aforesaid paperwork, your next step should be securing the BIS certification for Zigzag Sewing machine heads. The section below shall help you with the same.

Step 1: Head to the BIS portal

The BIS portal will let you access the BIS license application, which requires you to fill out details concerning the business, standards being followed, testing capabilities, products, and so on.

Post this, you are required to upload the documents and submit the standard fee on their portal itself. Be mindful of the format while uploading the paperwork. Adhere to portal guidelines for the same.

Step 2: Comprehensive Vetting of premises and dossiers

The next step is all about the inspection of the application and on-site resources. Here, the authority will keep eye on any non-conformity while examining the paperwork.

As far as the on-site vetting is concerned, it shall be performed by the designated BIS officials. This vetting procedure involves the assessment of the following:

  • Production process
  • Standards being followed
  • Quality control
  • Testing capabilities

Upon performing these undertakings, the officials will head to the production lot(s) to pick up some samples for lab testing.

Step 3: Sample testing and Report preparation

The samples selected by the officials will then be tested for quality. These tests shall be performed by the certified lab and in line with parts 3,4, and 5 of the IS 15449.

After ascertaining the performance of the sample(s), the lab will prepare the report. The lab report shall be in the prescribed format and highlights the test result of the samples along with the findings of the lab on quality.

Step 4: Lab report review and grant of BIS license

This would be the last step in the process that involves the review of the lab report performed by the BIS officials. Based on what is mentioned in the report and testing feedback, the authority will either refuse or accept the request for the BIS certification for Zigzag Sewing machine heads.


After securing the BIS certification for Zigzag Sewing machine heads, the applicant firm shall become eligible to use the ISI marks on their product. Bear in mind that the use of the ISI mark should be in line with the Standard’s guidelines. The incorrect or illicit use of ISI mark shall incur severe penalties for the defaulters.

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