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Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj Tyagi
About Pankaj Tyagi

Pankaj has a diverse experience of writing research papers, blog, and articles during his college time. Earlier, he was working as a tax consultant in a financial firm, but his interest in writing drives him to pursue a career in the writing field.

CDCSO Extends the Application Submission Date of License for Medical Devices

In relief to importers & manufacturers of medical devices, the apex regulator CDSCO, i.e. Central Drug Standard Control Organisation, has extended the date to furnish the application form for license to June 30, 2022.The decision was taken as the manufacturers & importers of medical devices and equipment have failed to comply with the requirement of […]

Relaxation for Drug Manufacturers as MoHFW Confirms the Grant Of Deemed Approval

Through the latest gazette notification, the GOI has added a provision related to the deemed approval of a license to produce the drug for examination, analysis or test, if the concerned authority does not respond in 7 working days from the date of receipt of the form (application). This decision came to effect to get […]

The glance of Jagran Prakashan Ltd. vs. Telegram FZ LLC & Ors

Advertising grows rapidly with the advent of new technologies. Technologies like radio, television, direct mails, newspapers, and magazines are boons for the users. Also, E-Newspapers are a regular source of information and entertainment that had finished physical distribution in various parts of the country during the lockdown. A piece of news triggered in the case […]

Impact of Agritech startups on the Indian Agriculture Sector

The ever-evolving startup ecosystem in India has been proactively playing its part in disrupting the agriculture sector. Agritech startups are functioning in a key market with a projected potential of US$24b by 2025. India’s digital sphere is seeing sharp growth on account of affordability and availability of speedier internet connections & maturing digital content ecosystem.  […]

M/s ITC Limited vs. Nestle India Limited

Using generic words as a trademark is a complex play and these words are not protected by Trademark law. In the trademark suit between ITC Limited vs. Nestle India Limited, the court has settled the issue by declaring that nobody has absolute right over the generic expression. Also, the court, in this case, held that […]

ISKCON Temple Vs. ISKCON Apparel Private Limited -Trademark Infringement Case

In recent times, we continued to evidence some action-packed case updates that have taken place in India in the field of Intellectual property Rights (especially Trademarks) related. In this Trademark infringement case of ISKCON Temple Vs. ISKCON Apparel Private Limited, the Bombay High Court, has declared ISKCON the registered trademark of ISKCON temple to be a […]

Government Declared 80% Fee Cut for all Education Institutions Seeking Patent Registration

Intending to strengthen Intellectual Property rights laws in India or Abroad, Commerce and Industry Minister announced an 80% fee cut for all Recognized education institutions applying for patents. In this write-up, we will discuss, How Commerce and Industry Minister announced an 80% fee cut for all recognized education institutions applying for patents. Key Highlights – […]

What is a Non-Government Organization and how does it work?

The Non-Government Organization, in common parlance, are the associations involved in carrying out extended activities for the benefit of needful people and the society at large. As the name makes known, NGOs work independently, without any financial aid from the government. Although, they may work in close interaction with the government agencies for carrying out […]

Is it necessary for a private company to comply with the ROC compliances post-incorporation?

Running a private company with all requisite compliances is equally intricate as running a Public Limited Company. Over the years, the company incorporation process has been made simpler. It encourages the companies including Private Company to meet all the Compliance post-incorporation. To enhance transparency, every Company including a private company registered under the Ministry of […]

Ford and General Motors Trademark settlement over trademarked driver-assist technology

In July, the counterattack for legal conflict began when General Motors sued Ford for violating its trademarked driver-assist technology. General Motors said we were taking measures to protect our Super-Cruise brand and Cruise, the name of its self-aspiring associated Cruise LLC, after Ford in April renamed its Co-Pilot360 automated driving system as Blue Cruise. In […]

Commercialization of Patents-A way for inventors to regain their initial investment

Every invention is precious, and one can obtain the full reward for their inventions when it starts bringing out monetary benefits. Now it is up to the inventor to use the absolute rights of the patent successfully to his advantage. The commercialization of a patent is not mandatory, but if a person waits for too […]

IP accelerator program launched by Amazon in India

Securing a business name is a critical component, and it is wise to secure the name through trademark registration. It is essential to secure your Intellectual Property rights. If a business fails to secure the Trademark, they run the uncertainty of another company using the name. This can result in creating confusion among customers and […]

Delhi High court has settled IP dispute of Hero Group

Recently, the Delhi High Court settled the disagreement Intellectual Property disputes in the case of Pankaj Munjal-led Hero Cycles and Vijay Munjal-owned Hero Ecotech limited. The dispute was between the Munjal family groups over the trademark ‘Hero’. In this blog, we will discuss how the Delhi High court has settled the IP dispute of Hero […]

Farmer Producer Company Registration Process: Explained

Producer Company serves as a corporate body that specifically deals with the production, procurement, cultivating, grading, and marketing of the primary product with the aid of its members. Farmer Producer Company also aims to facilitate financial aid to the said members via extended credit facilities.  Such companies don’t work for the public domain as their […]

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