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BIS Certification for Food-Grade Hexane: An Overview

calendar18 Apr, 2023
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BIS Certification for Food-Grade Hexane: An Overview

Hexane is a non-coloured solvent. Food-based hexane is specifically used in edible oil extraction. That is why the purity level of hexane matters a lot. Plus, its handling, storage, and transportation should be of the highest standard to avert any mishaps. Hexane also plays a big part in the production of rubber adhesives and sealing compounds. Given the impact this product has on human life, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it mandatory for manufacturers to secure a BIS registration. The BIS grants this license after performing a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant’s facility against underlying standards. Let’s take a brief walkthrough of what these requirements are all about and how to obtain the BIS certification for food-grade hexane with minimal hassles.

What is the role of Indian Standard 3470:2017?

IS3470:2017 pens down the specification concerning sampling and testing of food-grade hexane used as a solvent for extraction of the oleaginous materials. Hexane also plays a big part in the production of rubber adhesives and sealing compounds. The Special Cut Naptha is a primary sourcing material for this product, which undergoes extraction and purification to match the required specification.

Mandatory Tests to Qualify BIS Certification for Food-Grade Hexane

The following test must be conducted by the manufacturer to make their product compliant with the BIS norms:

  • Density test
  • Distillation test
  • Refractive index
  • Sulphur content test
  • Non-volatile residue
  • Aromatics test

Packing and Labelling Norms for BIS Certification for Food-Grade Hexane

Packaging and labelling of food-grade hexane should be performed as per the IS 3470:2017. Each container containing such a product must reflect the cautionary label stating ‘FLAMMABLE,’ and a symbol highlighting the nature of the good.

If the manufacturers prefer smaller containers or drums, the labelling and packaging must be carried out as per the standard.

The standard mark (ISI mark) must also be affixed to the container. But its usability will depend on whether or not you qualify for the BIS certification.

Paperwork for BIS Certification for Food-Grade Hexane

Following is the paperwork that serves as a mandatory annexure to the BIS certificate application:

  • Factory license
  • Fire NOC if applicable
  • Trademark registration if available
  • Business registration
  • List of machinery
  • Production flowchart
  • Details about the lab and machine used for testing
  • Authorization letter permitting an agent to address application filing formalities
  • Details of standard(s) for production and quality (if any)

Process for Securing BIS Certification for Food-Grade Hexane

The BIS registration process is mandatory for products that fall under the Compulsory registration scheme (CRS). To apply for the BIS certificate for food-grade hexane, you must follow the given steps:

Step 1: File the Application on the BIS Portal

Since the advent of the BIS web portal[1], the application filing process has been shifted to online mode. This portal will give you access to the e-form concerning the BIS certification in which you are supposed to fill out the following information:

  • Business and Applicant Details
  • Standards  being followed by the entity
  • Testing capabilities
  • Product description for which BIS ISI license is required
  • Equipment present in the plant

Once you are done, proceed with the dossier uploading in a format recommended in the form. And lastly, head to the payment section to furnish the application fee.

Step 2: Vetting Performed By the BIS Officials

Once the BIS officials receive the application, they will vet the same for error or non-conformity. Any mistake flagged by them will be shared with the applicant for correction. For this, an ample timeline shall be provided.

If the paperwork passes the vetting procedure, the official will proceed with the on-site inspection in which they will take a closer look at the following parameters:

  • Production process
  • Standards being followed
  • Quality control
  • Testing capabilities

Once getting assured that the above parameters are in the complaint, the officials move to the next important step- Sample collection. Under this, officials will select some samples (for which a BIS ISI license is required) for lab testing.

Step 3: Sample Testing

In this step, the certificated lab shall be provided with the samples collected by the officials in the preceding step. The lab shall perform the following tests on the samples to affirm whether or not underlying quality standards have been followed by the manufacturer.

  • Density test
  • Distillation test
  • Refractive index
  • Sulfur content test
  • Nonvolatile residue
  • Aromatics test

Soon after conducting these tests, the lab will prepare a comprehensive report which encloses test outcomes. This lab shall be forwarded to the lab after being collected by the applicant for the final review.

Step 4: Inspection of the Lab Report and Grant of BIS License

Finally, the last step arrives in which the BIS evaluates the report and finalizes whether to grant the BIS certification for food-grade hexane or not. If the applicant is awarded the certification, he will become eligible to use the ISI marking on their product packaging.


The BIS certification for food-grade hexane falls under the compulsory registration scheme, which makes it a must-have certification. It’s noteworthy that not having to choose this certification can put you in the penalty zone. So, grab this license as soon as possible to avert such mishaps. If you face any issue in this regard, feel free to get abroad with Corpbiz and let our experts deal with the legalities. We ensure peace of mind for our clients seeking prompt obtainment of registration with zero hassles.

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